Jefferson County revises fishing ordinance



Be careful where you fish in Jefferson County.

After a public hearing Wednesday, the Jefferson County Commission passed a revised ordinance disallowing fishing from all public roads and bridges, except for a road’s right of way, which extends 40 feet from the yellow line or center of the road. The right of way varies on county roads of different sizes.

Last month, the commission approved a preliminary version of the ordinance that would result in pulling up all county-owned “no fishing” signs, outlaw fishing from all bridges and roads but allow residents to cast their lines from county-owned right of ways.

The problem that opened the discussion involved Clarks Mill, a private pond bordered by a county right of way. Residents who leased the property and owned memberships in the pond were upset that others were fishing in the spillway and from the bridge without permission.

Two people who lease the fishing rights asked the county to enforce the county-owned “no fishing” signs at the bridge. One man said he was concerned about potential confrontations between the people leasing the pond and members of the public, who have been fishing in the pond’s spillway for years.



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