NSA complex targeted for Cyber Command growth

Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 6:09 PM
Last updated Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014 2:46 PM
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Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story did not adequately explain the building plan.

The Army’s latest projections show that building new facilities on Fort Gordon for additional cyber and intelligence units will cost more than $225 million in construction and renovations, which officials said could include expanding parts of the National Security Agency’s complex.

Potential new construction has been set at $170 million.

If approved, the project would be in addition to $56 million worth of renovations planned for a Cyber Com­mand headquarters, a center of excellence, additional Army intelligence units and growth to existing Navy and Air Force operations.

By 2019, the new units are projected to add 2,600 military, 900 civilian and 200 contractor jobs to the Army post’s workforce. The Cyber Center of Excellence will boost the post’s student population by about 500 service members annually, figures show.

In all, the estimated growth will result in 5,620 military, civilian and contractor family members moving to the Augusta area, based on Army modeling projections.

The total includes 2,150 spouses and 1,800 children, two areas of growth that officials believe will greatly raise the demand for off-post housing and schools.

“Other than a very small number of houses to accommodate senior personnel assigned to these elements, there is no additional housing construction planned for the installation,” Mathews said. “Virtually all these new personnel will reside in the local community, and since no additional housing will be built on the fort, it is likely that virtually all school-age children will attend schools in the off-post community.”

The lack of additional on-post housing has led a Philadelphia-based education consultant to suggest to the Richmond County Board of Education that it authorize a new K-8 school for the west Augusta area. Consultant Bill Montgomery said the school would accommodate the expected growth from the Cyber Command and support a population shift to west Augusta over the past decade. Montgomery said that there is also new construction in that area and that more building permits have been pulled for two-and three-bedroom apartment complexes.

The timeline for the new K-8 school is unclear, because the Richmond County system would use money from the next phase of special purpose local option sales tax to pay for it.

All the new schools and renovations in the past 10 years have used the tax money.


2014: 1,460

2015: 500

2016: 700

2017-19: 520

Total: 3,700

Note: About 540 jobs have already been created through existing Navy and Air Force operations and increases in Army intelligence missions.

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countyman 02/03/14 - 09:44 pm
Top priorities for the RCBOE...

The RCBOE should have decided to build the new school a couple of years ago.. The growth on Jimmie Dyess, Belair rd, and Gordon Highway between Jimmie Dyess/Harlem didn't appear overnight.. The best location is somewhere on Gordon Hwy between Jimmie Dyess and Robinson Avenue..

1.)They need to change the name of Langford middle immediately, and then increase the size of the new IB program over the next few years.. The IB program at Richmond continues to attract many of the kids from the nearby wealthy neighborhoods(off Walton Way). The RCBOE should be constantly advertising the new options available to the neighborhoods zoned for Langford..
2.) Complete overhaul at many of the schools including teachers and principals.. Langford middle school is surrounded by $1 million homes, and the RCBOE is not taking advantage of the demographics..
3.)Promote the magnet programs(Arts Infusion and IB) at Warren road, Garrett, and Lake Forest Hills elementary schools..
4.) Create new magnet programs at Sue Reynolds, A Brian Merry, Tutt, Westside, Pine Hill, Garrett, Hephzibah middle, Goshen, Hephzibah elementary, Mcbean, Blythe, Willis Foreman, and Hephzibah high(target growth areas)..
5.) Build a new high school in Southwest Augusta..
6.) Demolish and rebuild Spirit Creek middle school(change the name).. Create a new magnet program to help increase the demand for new homes on Willis Foreman in South Augusta.

corgimom 02/04/14 - 02:53 am
"The IB program at Richmond

"The IB program at Richmond continues to attract many of the kids from the nearby wealthy neighborhoods(off Walton Way)."

How do you know this, Countyman?

You don't. And how stereotypical to assume that poor kids couldn't handle an IB program, that it has kids from wealthy families in it.

For all you know, Countyman, every kid in the IB program could qualify for free lunch.

corgimom 02/04/14 - 02:54 am
"Complete overhaul at many of

"Complete overhaul at many of the schools including teachers and principals.. Langford middle school is surrounded by $1 million homes, and the RCBOE is not taking advantage of the demographics.."

So what are you saying, that rich kids deserve a better education than poor ones?

corgimom 02/04/14 - 02:59 am
But you know, I'm very

But you know, I'm very confused.

I was under the impression that magnet schools took students from large zones or even the whole county, and not just from the immediate neighborhood.

Magnet schools are usually put in disadvantaged schools or schools that have de facto segregation.

Is there something that I'm not grasping?

Is it the job of RCBOE to sell houses for developers?

If so many people are flocking to South Augusta as you claim, Countyman, why would the RCBOE have to put in a magnet program?

Since the RCBOE is in a dire situation (their words, not mine) financially, and they are about to lose the Race to the Top funds, how do you propose they put all these magnet programs in place, Countyman?

countyman 02/04/14 - 04:47 am

The 2011 Augusta Exchange Club Youth of the Year was the daughter of a federal judge..

''You might say Elizabeth Hall was the last to know. At noon Thursday, she sat in a room at the Academy of Richmond County, devoting all her attention to her International Baccalaureate exam, a requirement for graduating seniors studying in the program.''

Nearly every single neighborhood zoned for Langford Middle is either wealthy, upper middle class, or middle class.. Many of the wealthy and upper middle class families are choosing EDS instead of Langford..

Magnet schools(Davidson, AR Johnson, CT Walker, and RC Tech) and magnet programs(Richmond, Cross Creek, Langford, Garrett, Warren rd, & Lake Forest Hills) are two different things.. The splost funds will pay for the new construction at the local schools.. All of the students living in RC can apply for the new magnet programs no matter the zone..

Augz79 02/04/14 - 04:53 am
NSA expansion

Since Deke said we should be on our best behavior, does that mean I can't greet them at the airport with pro-Snowden signs and banners?

seenitB4 02/04/14 - 08:06 am
Lordy Lordy

Countyman reminds me of a chicken scratching in some new growth....gotta get that new growth in Richmond county...yeh..

jimmymac 02/04/14 - 09:55 am

This will bring much needed jobs and economic growth to the CSRA. Many of these jobs will be high paying resulting in sales for stores, restaurants and businesses. This is great for all of us.

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