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HOW STUPID DOES (the sheriff’s office) look for naming the deputy who was fired for cocaine use as Deputy of the Year? You knew what he was doing and still went forward with giving him the award, and one week later he is fired and all of this comes out. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life.

I’M GLAD MY diploma reads, “Augusta State University” and was signed by Dr. Bloodworth.

DAVID BROND SAID that “Augusta” was omitted because of confusion it would create. Also that the costs to change the signs to add “Augusta” will be negligible. He is dead wrong on both counts. Brond came to Augusta from Delaware and Azziz from California. What they both know together is really negligible. Also, I would suggest that together they pay the additional costs for adding “Augusta” to the signs out of their own pockets… especially since it’s such a negligible amount.

CONCERNING THE useless war in Vietnam (I am a Vietnam vet) that President Eisenhower started. After we lost billions (of dollars) and tens of thousands of brave soldiers over more than 10 years and (two) Democratic presidents we would eventually leave and things would revert not to what they were, but the communism we fought against. I bet the Democrats really don’t want to talk about such things. Is that why the Democrats now in office have told the VA to push Vietnam vets’ care to the back of the line and bottom of the pile?

IN 1917, WORLD War I, President Woodrow Wilson called for “peace without victory.” This is the same Marxist dunce who started our present income tax.

I GUESS BETTER late than never – “Augusta” will get put back on the signs, thank goodness. Do they think all the fuss and furor will really die down and out? Let’s see how small or large the letters will be first.

I CAN’T BELIEVE they let Marion Williams rant on and on with all that nonsense and disrespect. So people are talking like they did 200 years ago? Williams thinks the commission attorney doesn’t know what he is doing? And another commissioner dares to think that since other commissioner requests are answered, why not Williams’ hard-drive one? Don’t trust any names and personal data in the hands of Williams.

RAVES TO THE job our emergency workers do.

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countyman 02/01/14 - 09:34 pm
''No, they aren't, I was just

''No, they aren't, I was just there, normal people don't brag about a food store coming to their area.''

I actually here live in Augusta, and talk to many of the residents of Columbia County daily..

How can a resident of Charlotte come back to Augusta and talk to every single resident of Columbia County?

Do you really want us to believe nobody in Columbia County is bragging about Whole Foods? Look at the number of CC tags who shop at the Costco already..

Many people are very excited over the news of Whole Foods..

JRC2024 02/01/14 - 10:03 pm
Corgi, why do you always bash

Corgi, why do you always bash Augusta. Maybe you need to talk about Charlotte. I like Augusta and always have. I lived in Columbia County in Woodbridge at one time for 7 years and it was nice but too far away from the jobs in Richmond County. The neighborhoods around me are nice and as Countryman says no house in Conifer is under $400000.00. A house built across from me is north of $875000.00 and one being built on Aumond Road has to be over a million. I know this is not representative of all but it is just as nice as anything in Columbia County or Charlotte and close in to everything I do.

corgimom 02/01/14 - 10:37 pm
"How can a resident of

"How can a resident of Charlotte come back to Augusta and talk to every single resident of Columbia County?"

I haven't talked to every one. Never said I did. Have you?

They are "very excited" about Whole Foods? Why? The Fresh Market has been there for years, it's not substantially different.

Who would BRAG about a store, I have never, ever met anybody that brags about a store being in their town except for you, Countyman. Normal people are focused on their lives and their families, they brag about THEM, and don't waste their time bragging about a food store. There are food stores all over the place. They might like the idea of having a particular store, but they don't find it something to brag about. Why would they brag about it? What's so special about Whole Foods? They are a business, just like all the others.

And many people, like myself, don't care if they are there or not, because they refuse to pay those outrageous prices for "natural" and "organic" foods.

There's Whole Foods where I live. So what? I've never been there, I went in one in California because I wanted a sandwich to eat, and there wasn't one to be had. I have never been back since.

I also have never, ever wasted my time looking at license tags in parking lots. I guess that's a pastime of yours, but no, I will never be in any parking lot, looking at car tags. I'll leave that to you, Countyman. Good luck with that.

Because I also believe that in just a few years, Costco will build a CC store and an Aiken County store and abandon that one. They came in there because it was easy to penetrate the market- they would have been 50 shades of dumb not to, with the concessions that RC gave them, they had very little risk- and once they have a foothold in the market, they will leave that site. It's not the best site for them.

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