Families fundraise costs for international adoptions

Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 8:06 PM
Last updated Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014 9:17 PM
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Beth and Ryan Drafts’ last name was misspelled in Saturday’s edition of The Augusta Chronicle.  The Chronicle regrets the error. 

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Beth and Ryan Drafts have four children - Pryce (from left, clockwise), 11; Colin, 13; Maddox, 4; and Mason-Kate, 7 - and are adopting a fifth from China. The Drafts have used fundraisers to help with the high costs of adoption. An iPad Mini raffle raised about $10,000, and they will benefit from a 5K race Saturday in Evans.  JON-MICHAEL SULLIVAN/STAFF
Beth and Ryan Drafts have four children - Pryce (from left, clockwise), 11; Colin, 13; Maddox, 4; and Mason-Kate, 7 - and are adopting a fifth from China. The Drafts have used fundraisers to help with the high costs of adoption. An iPad Mini raffle raised about $10,000, and they will benefit from a 5K race Saturday in Evans.

Patiently waiting to meet their fifth child, Beth and Ryan Drafts have tapped into their creative side.

The Drafts have raised the entire cost for their third international adoption, a resourceful approach that several Augusta-area families have taken to cover the expenses necessary to bring home a child from China, Ethiopia or other faraway nations.

“So often, I meet families that say they really want to adopt but that it’s too expensive,” Beth Drafts said. “Think about creative ways to fund it.”

The Drafts started fundraising for their third Chinese adoption with a raffle for an iPad Mini. The raffle raised about $10,000, which a foundation matched. Pro­ceeds from smaller fundraisers were also matched by grants.

Three families, including the Drafts, will receive portions of proceeds from the fourth annual Trot to Adopt 5K race Saturday at Blanchard Woods Park. The event also benefits the Village of Hope in Grabouw, South Africa, which cares for orphan children infected by HIV and AIDS.

Jennifer and Jeff Drake will use funds from the race to help cover the costs of trips to Ethiopia, where they are adopting a 2-year-old boy named Dawit. The couple, who have three biological children and a girl adopted from China, also need to pay the children’s home that has cared for Dawit.

“He has no family. His parents are deceased,” Jennifer Drake said.

Millions of children need homes with loving families, she said. Adopting is a difficult process, but the financial burden can be lessened with support from the community, she said.

“We want other people to realize this is something not only rich people and celebrities do,” she said.

The third couple benefiting from the race are adopting their first child. Jamie and Leigh Hobson, of Grovetown, have three biological boys and are trying to adopt a child from China.

For families who can’t adopt children, the fundraiser race is a way to help support other families, Jennifer Drake said.

“That’s their part – to help our families and take some of the financial burdens off of us,” she said.


WHAT: Trot to Adopt 5K race and 1-mile family fun run and walk

WHEN: 10 a.m. Saturday; registration begins at 9 a.m.

WHERE: Blanchard Woods Park, 4600 Blanchard Woods Road, Evans

COST: $25 per person for the 5K; $25 per family for fun run

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iaaffg 01/25/14 - 06:43 am
wants and needs: people

wants and needs: people should learn what the two words mean and apply it accordingly to their lives. you want to adopt, but do you need to adopt, particularly when you don't have the money yourself to do so? in any case, it should be illegal to hold fundraisers in order to buy children, especially children from foreign countries. why can't these families adopt orphaned american children? surely there are a two or three out there in the wilds of america who need a loving home. oh, but that's right, one has to actually go through all the red-tape and the investigations here in the usa to adopt, unlike foreign countries where, it seems, all one needs is a great big checkbook and a flawless american smile in order to purchase the latest, hottest, trendiest kids from china, africa, the ukraine, and any other greedy country willing to sell their kids for a little profit. and btw, are there any taxes owing on this fund-raised money? is fund-raised money exempt from taxes, and if so, why? why should people get free money from other people (who have probably worked hard for that money and paid taxes on it already) just to realize a 'dream'? you want to adopt foreign kids, go right ahead, but you should have to earn the money yourself, save up, get a second and third job, if you want to do this, not beg from others. if you can't afford it, maybe you shouldn't be doing it.

corgimom 01/25/14 - 08:42 am
People like foreign adoptions

People like foreign adoptions because there's no chance that the mother or father will want the child back, unlike American adoptions. Can't say that I blame them.

dsterling9 01/25/14 - 09:36 am

I think it is extremely sad our government and citizens have made it so difficult to adopt children born in the United States. Our representatives need to intervene and make laws stating once a child is given up for adoption the natural parents cannot reverse the decision and implement procedures to reduce the cost of adoption with the United States. There are government agencies and lawyers making a fortune on adoptions.

Truth Matters
Truth Matters 01/25/14 - 03:26 pm
I am not sure how it is that

I am not sure how it is that American adoptions are so costly.

All our adoption cost us was:
1) court and lawyer fees ---not expensive but it helped to use a family attorney
2) be employed with demonstrated means of support and a place to live
3) pass character/background check

After the placement was certified, the other costs were the same as with any child: Food, clothing, medical, college and the rest.

corgimom 01/26/14 - 03:15 pm
TM, some adoptions are quick

TM, some adoptions are quick and easy, some easily cost $20,000.

A lot depends on the state and the birth parents.

What really needs to happen is for the states to have uniform laws, and facilitate adoptions, instead of making it difficult. In their zeal to protect kids, they make it so difficult that people don't even want to try.

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