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I WENT TO GET my car registration renewed today. I could have left my car running on Laney-Walker; I was in and out of there so fast. Why don’t we make the tax commissioner, county administrator? Based on a solid record of improved public service we should promote. Who else in our government can say that? No wait a minute: If we do that, tag registration might go bad again.

COLUMBIA COUNTY Tax Commissioner Kay Allen should resign at once.

RAVES TO THE nurses at GRU Cancer Center.

RAVE FOR Platinum Marine customer service! With several factory mistakes not fixable by the dealer, they immediately picked the pontoon up and returned it to the factory for them to repair. This all at no cost. Plus, they did several significant things I wanted done at no cost to repay my inconvenience.

PERHAPS THE most shameful legacy of the Obamas is they did nothing to promote young people obtaining an education, getting a job and getting married before having babies. They make a perfect example of how to succeed and they have unprecedented influence.

A RANT TO OUR judicial system: Kill a dog and you go to jail, molest a 6-year-old girl and you get probation. Is this backward or just wrong?

THIS IS A RANT against Operation Thunder and Sheriff Roundtree for requesting it to return. This is all about money. If it were truly about crime suppression/prevention? Then they’d have a similar operation in our high-crime areas.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Sheriff’s Office must be desperate for more money, because they seem to be lurking around Farrington/Highpoint Estates trying to single out black drivers to harass them. I can’t even come in or come out of my residence without getting pulled over just because you cops think you all can do whatever you want to. Find some real crimes instead of pulling my people over asking dumb questions. This shows how not busy the sheriff’s department really is. These cops are a joke.

IT IS A GOOD thing Gov. Nikki Haley doesn’t have a child in the Richmond County School System. She’d be banned from the school.

POLLS ALREADY SAY Hillary Clinton and Gov. Chris Christie lead the party picks for the next presidential elections. If those are the best the pols have to offer, freedom is doomed.

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corgimom 01/08/14 - 02:27 pm
Your doctor is several years

Your doctor is several years behind the times, Harley, that's been the case with my doctors for several years.

If someone tells them they are broke and can't pay, they are subject to rescheduling to when they can pay or they will be directed towards the nearest emergency room.

The doctors are running a business, not a charity, and they have every right to make that policy.

It works very well.

justthefacts 01/08/14 - 03:17 pm

harley, whose paying? Al Gore???

ColdBeerBoiledPeanuts 01/08/14 - 03:46 pm
Intelligent Life

Proof that there is no intelligent life in space or on any other planet. We haven't sent them Obama phones, EBT Cards or public housing!!

nocnoc 01/08/14 - 04:10 pm
Countyman - using your list

How MUCH is ARC taxes being returned to the South Side not listing
projects using GA State $$$$ and federal $$$$?

South Augusta
1. Windsor Spring widening GADOT$$

2. Mike Padgett improvements GADOT$$

3. Marvin Griffin road improvements ????GADOT or ARC

4. Butler Creek Greenway ?????

5. Hyde Park relocation (Not what we really call SOUTH SIDE)

6. Diamond Lakes HOW MANY YEARS AGO WAS THIS? 10+

7. Regency Mall lake/Rock Creek drainage HOW MANY YEARS AGO WAS THIS? 15+ An the place is been an eye sore since what 1999?

8. New tag office/utility building. Explain how collecting TAXES helps the South Side residents?

9. Bus depot - WOW that sure helped the economy out here -- NOT

10. Doug Barnard Landscaping BY THE AIRPORT OOOHHHH!!! I need to take the Grand Kids to see this 1/2 mile strip of grass and some tree.

Your actually pointed out my point,
NOTHING MEANINGFUL is being done for the South Side with the property tax $$$$$$ that comes from about 48% of the ARC residents.

Give us a list of what is being done Downtown and compare it
$ for $
% of $ for % of $.

harley_52 01/08/14 - 04:06 pm

It's probably impossible to find out who's really paying, but I can pretty much guarantee you two things....

1. It isn't Algore.
2. Taxpayers (somewhere) are footing the bill.

Riverman1 01/08/14 - 04:49 pm
The Riverwalk Couple

SeenIt brought up days ago that we should all give to the couple who were beaten on Riverwalk and who now plan to marry. Let's all follow her suggestion and send them something.

justthefacts 01/08/14 - 05:19 pm
I know

I will send him the card of the lawyer I used........

countyman 01/08/14 - 06:02 pm
Nocnoc... At the moment

Nocnoc... At the moment nothing is being done in the CBD except for the municipal building renovation($18 miilon approved) and the IT building..

The Butler Creek Greenway will connect the new park, Lombard Mill Pond Trail, Phinizy Swamp, Fort Gordon, and Savannah River..

The city of Augusta is behind the $8 million Marvin Griffin road improvements..

The Diamond Lakes park might have opened years ago but they continue to build new amenities... The phase 1(8 acres) of the new campgrounds was approved back in September 2013..

The $3.5 million for the Rocky Creek drainage/Regency Mall lake was included in the last splost...

The new tag office will provide better service and help renovate the Bilo shopping center on Peach Orchard.

harley_52 01/08/14 - 06:38 pm
"The $3.5 million...

....for the Rocky Creek drainage/Regency Mall lake was included in the last splost..."

Is the city buying the Regency Mall property, or just building a lake on somebody else's property?

KSL 01/08/14 - 07:16 pm

I have Never been asked to pay a co-pay upon checkout by any of the doctors I have seen. And that is with signs posted saying co-pays are due on checkout. Same for my husband. Went to a doctor this morning. Pretty sure I will get a bill from them since it is too early to have met the deductible.

itsanotherday1 01/08/14 - 08:53 pm
Same here KSl

Went to a NEW doctor Monday and was told "we will send you a reminder for a follow up visit, have a good day."

happychimer 01/08/14 - 09:40 pm
If your insurance has a

If your insurance has a co-pay, then your co-pay is due at your visit.My dr requires co-pay at sign in. We have had the same dr since 1991, and that has been a rule all along. Medicare has no co-pay, so my dr sends a bill. My podiatrist (foot dr) also sends a bill.

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