Empty Stocking Fund donations

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Previously acknowledged $32,957.81

In Loving Memory of my husband, Joe Wheeler by Doris $100

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Gordy $25

Anonymous $100

Donald and Joan Wanner $25

Hal and Doris $100

Conner Ray Parrish $20

Miriam Atkins $100

Joseph Knight, Jr. $50

Paige Waller $25

Anonymous $100

David and Kathy Huskey $25

In Honor of Great Grandchildren Evan, Addi, Liam, and Mobley Jane $100

Anonymous $25

In Honor of Meg Byar’s Birthday and In Loving Memory of Claudi and Taddy from A Friend $25

Deavidene Mays $20

Fred and Margaret Williams $100

Peter Crawford $20

Raymond Richards $100

Marian Harelik $20

John Biddlecome $10

Nathaniel and Elaine Kruskol $25

In Loving Memory of our grandparents, Hattie and Harry Pund and Lelia and Erby Carlton $100

In Honor of the staff at Publix on Washington Rd $100

In Honor of our Grandsons Matthew, Thomas and Palmer $200

In Loving Memory of our Opa from Brandon, Lauren, Ryan, Michael and Courtney $25

Merry Christmas! Ron and Carolyn Snider $30

In Memory of Dr. Albert Ayers Carr from Nancy Carr $100

Karlette Butler $20

James Menger $50

James Bell $20

“In Memory of Mary Ellen Bryan” $10

Ann Adams $10

In Memory of Debbie Peabody Huntress given by Alex and Joyce Fillingim $100

Robert and Sue Caldwell $25

Robert and Katherine Coull $25

Anonymous $50

Kathryne Lee Pessa $150

Dr. and Mrs. James Hawk $25

Jean Bowles $50

Ingrid King $10

William and Yvonne Hollingsworth $30

Anonymous $60

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everett $20

In Memory of John Pierce Blanchard $35

Gene and Barbara Frazier $50

In Memory of my Sister-Vera Whitener by Richard E. Bailey $100

In Memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $50

In Memory of my lovely grandmother Nancy Curtis Shields Trowbridge and Mother Mabel T. Blount $25

In Loving Memory of my parents Mamie and Calvin Fowler from Mamie Dye $100

In Memory of my husband Samuel Campbell, Sr. and my son Richard Davidson $15

Fred and Barbara Rucker $25

In Memory of Sheba and Rowdy $100

In Memory of Herman T. O’Tyson $25

In Honor of Sander and In Memory of Truffle $150

Joan and Michael Boos $100

Roy and Barbara Keller $100

Mildred Wheat $100

Blanche Riley $10

In Honor of Tommy Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $400

In Honor of Tom Dozier from Gold Mech, Inc $400

In Honor of Tom Dozier, Tim Brown and Rick Pinnell from the employees of Gold Mech Services $200

Total today $4,310

Total this year $37,267.81

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AU professor doing research on Gulf War health disparities
An Augusta University professor is being funded to do research on the health disparities of female veterans involved in the first Gulf War compared to their male counterparts.