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I HAD TO USE the services of the emergency room at Doctors Hospital three times in the past 30 days. Each time, the men and women who cared for me were very professional, compassionate and quick to make me comfortable. I have been a volunteer at Doctors for 14 years and am proud to say I am a part of such a great institution.

WHO SAYS THE Republicans and Democrats don’t work together? They are working together to ruin this country.

IT APPEARS THAT our government has forgotten whom they work for. They work for us, the people, not themselves. Maybe they need to remember that and either get past themselves or get out of office.

PRESIDENT OBAMA and our Congress were elected to make things happen for the good of our country; instead, we get controversy. Washington is acting like a group of children. Why can’t they work together to accomplish something good for the country? Opposing views, hard-core liberals, middle of the road reps and staunch conservatives can’t find anything in common. I think it all boils down to leadership, which we have none of.

I CAN’T BELIEVE that in this day and age anyone who’s on a system such as EBT would think they would go without. There are so many places that give out foods, clothing, etc. A guy on the bus noticed that I had two small holes in my shirts and immediately told me of some places to get some clothes and food for free. I made sure to forget the info because I never want to get tempted to even think of going to those places but to try to spend as little as possible and to save as much as possible. I just love how Bi-Lo is willing to give me 5 cents per cloth shopping bag I use.

I RECENTLY WENT to Augusta Mall. They should change the name to Thugusta Mall. I suggest you do something to get a hold on the out-of-control thugs or people will start staying away!

A BIG RANT FOR WAGT for showing an infomercial at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night. Come on, is that all you have to show? I see enough of this late at night, but 7:30 is totally ridiculous.

I DON’T KNOW WHY we have to pay for Georgia Power repairs. They make enough with the high rates we already pay. No wonder they make so much profit – they have no expenses.

NO EXPENSIVE government airplanes flapping around Daniel Village? That’s OK. Just bring on the vendors and the other things.

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nocnoc 10/26/13 - 07:08 am
I usually do not have much to say good about Mall Teens

But on our last visit we found better manners exhibited by the male teens to young adult males, than the young adult females.

Several gentlemen held doors for us while we push our aging mother-in-law in by wheel chair. The Handicap Open Door buttons were broken.

1 young man helped us get her wheel chair up the curb to the side walk. The Food Court on has 1 small rough ramp. an it was blocked by an empty van.

Finding a Food Court Handicap Parking space was a fruitless effort. The Augusta Mall only has 2 handicap parking spots for the Food Court entrance. Am I mistaken, didn't there use to be a 10 spaces where the TAXI STAND is now? But I guess Taxis stands are important also?

Overall on our Last visit (Tuesday) the teens were well behaved, reasonably and neatly dressed.

Our only real complains this trip are:
* Food Court Entrance area is FAR FROM Handicap Friendly.
* Needs additional parking lot handicap ramp access.
* Need More than 2 Food Court Handicap parking spaces.

Because with tight parking spaces and a wheel chair bound person it just can't be safely done. Unless you park your mother in the street to unload or leave the wheel chaired person alone while you find a parking space.

AUGUSTA MALL - You were once better than this, what happened?

nocnoc 10/26/13 - 07:08 am
Surprise today we learn something new about Obamacare

Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is an Executive at the company that built the Obamacare website.

Given this,you'd think the Liberals and socialists have their own version of a Halliburton albatross hanging around their neck.

The website under development for 4+ years that does not work.
The website that cost over $.6 Billion so far.
The website that will likely cost another $.3 Billion to fix.
The website that the President was never told wasn't ready.

Now they also have "Friends" making $$$$$.

Who says The Liberals are so much better than the RINO's.

justthefacts 10/26/13 - 07:57 am

"But Walter Serpit said he had no choice. The Columbus, Ga., man made sure all six adults and two children made it outside safely when smoke filled the family’s living room Thursday afternoon. Then, he went back in to get his beer." AJC.

deestafford 10/26/13 - 08:47 am
It's easy to understand why our government in DC is so

disfunctional. When you have one party that wants to turn the country into European socialism on steroids and the other wants to enhance individual freedom and responsibility, shrink government, and reduce taxes you will never get them working together. It's like having a mongoose and cobra in a cage and expecting them to get along. They want because each has a different goal in life.

CobaltGeorge 10/26/13 - 12:20 pm
Good Morning "1775" America

The only corrective action that America has to undo the "History Repeating Itself" episode that is now plaguing this once great nation.

The billion's of words written on this blog and million of others daily, just will not destroy the ruling enemy.

seenitB4 10/26/13 - 11:57 am
Even the Dems want out...


All sanity has left the building...the place we once called the USA...

daphne3520 10/26/13 - 12:46 pm
Georgia Power.....

I BET if a crew is sent out after "normal," working hours to repair a pole down, etc., they are on Per Diem!

RoadkiII 10/26/13 - 01:35 pm
Don't like the infomercial?

Don't like the infomercial? Change the channel. Simple really.

Riverman1 10/26/13 - 02:53 pm
RK, they should bend the

RK, they should bend the aluminum foil hanging off their rabbit ears and see if they can pick up another free channel if they don't like the infomercial.

happychimer 10/26/13 - 04:00 pm
I never have problems at

I never have problems at Augusta Mall. I find many young people there are polite and open doors for me.

KSL 10/27/13 - 04:20 am

You have a very pleasant visage. That goesa long way.

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