Vogtle reactor shutdown reported

Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 8:46 AM
Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013 10:54 AM
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One of Plant Vogtle’s reactors was shut down Saturday after a malfunction.

According to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission notification issued Saturday, Unit 2 was at full power when the turbine tripped, causing an automatic reactor trip. Control rods were fully inserted, and nothing unusual was noted.

The unit is stable and at normal operating temperature and pressure. A forced outage response team has been formed to determine the cause of the turbine trip and determine restart criteria and time of restart.

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dichotomy 10/21/13 - 06:33 pm
"What danger would their be

"What danger would their be if all of the safety interlocks functioned, which apparently did?"

HA.....just poking fun at their standard statement. Seems like no matter what happens at a nuclear reactor, even when they vent radioactivity into the air, when it finally is made public they always seem to end their statement with "and there was no danger to the public". My question is...do they mean this time or does that cover cumulative over 40 years and 20 leaks.

nocnoc 10/22/13 - 06:37 am
OK it is running 50/50 on notification opinions

I agree
Yes it was a safe shut down.
Yes US Nukes are safer that 90% in world wide operation now.
Today we have backups to the backups in many critical cases.
and YES I am PRO-Nuke energy.

Having worked at Plant Vogtle in the 80's, I personally know the extra redundant QA / QC steps taken to insure operational safety.

But 1 thing that sticks with me, is that we were repeatedly told over and over, was the plant would be operational about 25 years and then shutdown and decommissioned.

Unit 1 went active: June 1, 1987 2013 - 1987 = 26 years in operation

Unit 2 went active: May 20, 1989 2013 - 1989 = 24 years in operation

Yes I understand technology improvements can extend that number may years. But metal is metal and metallurgy is clear on wear and fatigue issues.
I checked and the $660 Million project that ended up costing us $9.2 Billion, now has an official NRC operational license end date of:

Unit 1: January 16, 2047 or 2047 - 1987 = 60 years.

Unit 2: February 9, 2049 or 2049 - 1989 = 60 years.

almost 2.5 times the original projected life.

It would be a good story to revisit
When NRC publishes the event report

Given the NRC Event numbering system the NRC event report will likely be listed between 49451 - 49457 when it is available.

So Yes
When any NUKE Plant has an "emergency" abnormality safety shutdown, I'd like to know about in a timely manner of .

ConcernedTaxpayer 10/22/13 - 08:15 am
I wish people that don't know

I wish people that don't know anything about Nuclear power plants would just keep their opinions to themselves. You just make yourselves look like fools. I was a Nuclear operator for 8+ years in the 60s & 70s on Navy submarines and surface ships and have no worries about nuclear power plants. When not working in the plant, I slept less than a hundred feet from the nuclear reactor and received 1/8 of the minimum safe amount radiation that was allowed. In fact, I received less radiation than I would have received had I been riding a tractor in the sun on a farm. Some of the remarks here are just hilarious and ridiculous.

nocnoc 10/22/13 - 06:24 pm
CT - food for thought

SA audits & reviews of EBY at Rotten Groton, Newport and Mare.

Principle rule laid down by SUN TZU
Know the terrain that you do battle on.

nocnoc 10/23/13 - 07:26 am
NRC Event Number: 49461

KUDO's to the operators.
It must be a boring job 99% of the time.


"At 1144 EDT, Vogtle Unit Two was manually tripped in response to lowering Main Condenser vacuum. The Unit 2 Bravo Main Feed Pump was tagged out for scheduled maintenance and the casing was being removed when condenser vacuum started lower due to isolation valve not holding pressure. Main Condenser vacuum lowered to less than procedural limits for continued plant operation.

"All systems operated correctly in response to the reactor trip. All control rods fully inserted. AFW was placed in service to control Steam Generator levels. System response allowed for an uncomplicated reactor trip response. Plant is stable in Mode 3 while performing a cause investigation.

"The NRC Senior Resident Inspector was notified and at plant site."

The plant is in a normal post-trip electrical line-up. Decay heat is being removed via the steam dumps to the Main Condenser.

Unit: 2
RX Type: [1] W-4-LP,[2] W-4-LP
NRC Notified By: KEVIN ____
HQ OPS Officer: DONALD ______
Notification Date: 10/22/2013
Notification Time: 13:18 [ET]
Event Date: 10/22/2013
Event Time: 11:44 [EDT]
Last Update Date: 10/22/2013
Emergency Class: NON EMERGENCY

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