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ABOUT THE 4-H staffer who was found not guilty of molestation: The whole case sounded like a modern-day witch trial. A troubled kid with wild accusations and a person’s life ruined. Well, at least they won’t burn the defendant at the stake.

I HAVE BEEN missing the Sego Middle School crossing guards on Peach Orchard. They did a great job.

I FIND IT TOTALLY ridiculous that the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office does not help the citizens of their community. I would think that if someone had a dead battery that you could extend a little courtesy to jump them off. I thought that their oath was to “protect and serve”... I guess not. However, I would like to give a shout out to Columbia County for always helping out their citizens in an efficient manner and still managing to have kind words and smile to offer.

THE DECLINE in violent crime is directly proportional to the rise in concealed weapons permits. Might be a cause and effect; might not.

I WOULD LIKE to thank the woman and her family at Fatz who paid for our lunch. I will pass it on. May God bless you and thank you very much.

MY NEW MOTTO for all these politicians who are causing me to lose everything that I have worked a lifetime for: “If you are in, you are out.”

IT APPEARS that our government has forgotten who they work for. They work for us, the people, not themselves. Maybe they need to remember that and either get past themselves or get out of office.

THIS IS A rave to the guys that helped me change two of my tires at the Circle K on the corner of Belair and Cox roads in Evans. It really meant a lot to me. I didn’t get your names, but I really do appreciate it. My faith in humanity has been restored. Or at least my faith in local people.

RANT FOR THE women complaining that their food stamps have been cut back. They should cut them back more. The baby daddies should be supporting the babies, not the hardworking, tax-paying citizens of America. Cut your cellphones off, too. Trade your Escalade in for a Ford or Chevy.

THE HEADLINE in the paper states that “Nearly 1,000 Iraqis killed in September.” We really have left a mess over there. Don’t tell me that the war was worth it and our mission was a success.

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LillyfromtheMills 10/18/13 - 03:53 pm
Thanks Sean - sorry to bother you

Must have been WOW - it's back up and running

Sean Moores
Sean Moores 10/18/13 - 04:02 pm

I'll take the credit for that.

dichotomy 10/18/13 - 08:57 pm
1. $172 million Starbucks 2.

1. $172 million Starbucks
2. $115 million Rockwood
3. Walgreens
4. 3 acre commercial site next to Walgreens
5. Five Guys
6. Dunkin Donuts
7. Firehouse Subs
8. Hampton Inn hotel

countyman.....Starbucks and Rockwood are what I call Industrial and, while a plus for the county, they are a ZERO on the quality of life scale in South Augusta/Southeast Richmond County when it comes to commercial development. And the Hampton Inn is stretching "quality of life" too. All the rest on your list ARE commercial development but as far as I am concerned they are vaporware until they are shoving burgers across the counter that I can sink my teeth into. And even then they are all fast food/junk food. Not a "sit down and have a steak" joint on the list or even in the countyman dream stage. And not a retail store on the list. Not one.

No countyman, NOT EVERY area of the county is making significant progress. Not even a drop in the bucket compared to what we have lost to Consolidation and Section 8 in South Augusta. So go ahead and toot your "Augusta" trumpet.... and you might be right about some areas of the county.....but it just ain't so in South Augusta. Oh yeh, I wouldn't crow too loudly about disposable income. There are some on here and also in Southeast Richmond County that do pretty well. But you can bet I dispose of it somewhere other than Richmond County when at all possible because there nothing to buy on the Southside. There used to be....but that was before Consolidation and the downtown clowns deciding to commit fratricide on fellow county citizens who had no means of defending themselves, all of the money being blown on downtown redevelopment, and Section 8 relocation to the Southside.

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