NAACP to feds: Probe shootings by Charleston cops

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Civil rights officials in Charleston on Wednesday said that the U.S. Justice Department should investigate a series of police shootings, saying that some law officers seem to think that it is OK to use excessive force against black suspects.

Dot Scott, local president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, says that Saturday’s fatal shooting of Derryl Drayton by Charleston County sheriff’s deputies is one of four police-involved shootings since March 2012 that demand a closer look.

Deputies shot and killed Drayton, a 51-year-old black man from James Island, after he cut an officer with a knife.

Investigators said Drayton first swung at deputies after he refused to stop and be questioned. Charleston County Sheriff’s spokesman Maj. Jim Brady has said deputies chased Drayton and shot him with a Taser twice to try to get him to stop.

Sheriff Al Cannon has said Drayton fought deputies’ efforts to handcuff him, and deputies fired about nine times. Investigators found six wounds on Drayton, but Cannon said it’s possible that some of the injuries were from bullets exiting his body.

As is typical in officer-involved shootings, the State Law Enforcement Division is investigating, and the deputies involved have been placed on leave. But the Rev. Nelson Rivers III, an NAACP vice president, says SLED has a “dismal record” for investigating police-involved shootings, rarely if ever finding fault with officers who kill black men.

Scott has reviewed 911 calls and dash cam video from the moments leading up to Drayton’s shooting. Though police have a right to defend themselves, Scott said, officers who have declared “open hunting season on black men” need to be removed from law enforcement.

“The question needs to be asked: what went well? What could have gone better? What could have gone different?” Scott asked this week. “Because I believe that’s where there lies an answer.”

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geecheeriverman 10/17/13 - 04:35 am
one way street?

Where is all the vitriol when black people kill white police officers?

myfather15 10/17/13 - 05:36 am
"But the Rev. Nelson Rivers

"But the Rev. Nelson Rivers III, an NAACP vice president, says SLED has a “dismal record” for investigating police-involved shootings, rarely if ever finding fault with officers who kill black men."

Just because the results of their investigation don't comply with YOUR beliefs "Reverend" doesn't mean their record is dismal!! Maybe your opinion is dismal!!

Fact is, race baiting "Reverend" Sir; in the majority of shootings, whether the suspect is black or white, the police aren't found at fault!! Because most, if they have to shoot; did so to protect their lives or the lives of others. Unjustified shootings do happen, but are very rare!!

So basically, Mr. Race "Reverend"; police officers are rarely found at fault in ANY shooting, not just the shooting of "Black men".

Take your racist jargon and save it for your racist congregation, "Reverend"!!!

JRC2024 10/17/13 - 07:26 am
Amen Myfather, I am immune to

Amen Myfather, I am immune to that type of comment. The person should have never pulled out a knife and cut any one. His fault for all that happened afterwards. Nelson Rivers is just full of it.

seenitB4 10/17/13 - 07:37 am
Had a knife & used it

When the knife came in to play that is when he lost any chance of blaming the police..

Get over THYSELF Rev.

nocnoc 10/17/13 - 08:18 am
As will all shootings they should be

independently verified.

Just like we do in ARC by using the GBI when RCSO has a shoot.

Is the N2ACP saying when a knife welding suspect slashes a person, refuses to put the knife down, is tasered and still fighting and suspect continues to stab at police officer, its racial?

I'd would have Capped his butt also.

On the surface and given the Political climate right now,
I feel there is a sub plot driving this timed release inflammatory charge.

Also SLED should just release the Dash Cam videos.

Pops 10/17/13 - 08:24 am
Not gonna win with the NAACP

According to the Charleston paper the victim's own sister called the police because he was causing a disturbance at her house. If the police had not responded and he had hurt or killed a family member the Rev would be saying police do not respond when black people are involved. These leaders have it covered both ways.....

itsanotherday1 10/17/13 - 08:46 am
Is the very black Ruben

Is the very black Ruben Greenberg still the Chief of Police in Charleston?

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