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AFTER ATTENDING the recent Arts in the Heart festival, I can understand why the city of Augusta is classified as a slum. The streets were filthy, the stench was terrible, the sidewalks had not been cleaned in weeks, trash was everywhere, especially in the doorways of the many vacant storefronts, and the graffiti were embarrassing. Wake up, Augusta; you’re turning into another Detroit.

WHAT IS HAPPENING to Americans? This question resonates continuously in my mind. Here I am, doing my master’s degree but unable to gain employment because when an employer reviews my application, the focus is my felony, not what I have accomplished since or that it is 12 years old or that there is no other blemish in my criminal record. Is having a felony going to be a lifelong persecution?

NO ONE SHOULD be able to starve unless he is psychologically too troubled to reach for all the freebies around. Free breakfasts and lunches for kids! Several free soup kitchens. Free handouts of not only foods to eat but also clothes, shoes and other items. Thousands of items available at virtually no cost in Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. A great many giving folks who set up food and other giveaways right from their homes. But we still don’t need to send so much money and other items out of country until we help out here first.

HOW ON EARTH do people drive new automobiles, have cellphones and fine clothes and still get food stamps? I work full time and don’t get a thing but a tax bill to pay for food stamps. Something major wrong with that.

IT’S ABOUT TIME that those historic buildings at the Wrightsboro Road VAs are finally authorized for rehab to use for those homeless vets in town.

IT IS TIME OUR elected officials wake up and face the destruction they are doing to our country. You have to believe that both houses have no idea what they are doing – these people are playing with people’s lives and don’t seem to care.

HUGE RANT TO WRDW for advertising and listing the Jets game and then showing bull riding.

RANT TO WFXG. On Sunday afternoon, the fourth quarter just started in the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles game. Next thing you know, we are watching the Dallas game.

IF AUGUSTA can be designated a slum, why doesn’t D.C. get honest and designate the U.S. Capitol and the White House slums?

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corgimom 10/11/13 - 03:10 pm
By the way, perhaps to that

By the way, perhaps to that ranter- if your rant is any indication of your personality, no employer will hire you, because you don't want to take responsibility for your own actions. Perhaps that is what they see. The job market is terrible, there are way too many people out there that are just as qualified as you are and who DON"T have a prison record. As for getting your record expunged, don't bother, don't waste your money- arrests are public record, and now with the Internet, you can't expunge your arrest. Sorry, you're going to be carrying this around with you for the rest of your life.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 10/11/13 - 03:12 pm

I went downtown today to run several errands. The first was in the marble palace then on to a couple of businesses and finishing up with lunch in the high-traffic restaurant district (10th, 11th, 12th Street blocks on Broad). In all that I had plenty of free parking spaces to choose from all over town.

Things were hopping down there, too — Greek Festival and Hispanic Festival going on simultaneously. There was some kind of outdoor activity going on at Davidson Magnet School, but I don't know what it was.

Of course, the TEE Center was dark and shuttered.

nocnoc 10/11/13 - 05:32 pm

Augusta - October 12-13, 2013
I-20 East 190 way Blvd.(just past the Walmart Supercenter)for 1/8 mile. Next to YMCA.

Columbia County Exhibition Center, 218 Gateway Blvd, Grovetown, GA, 30813.

I-20 to Exit 190,
south on Hwy 388 to Gateway Blvd.(just past the Walmart Supercenter)for 1/8 mile.
Next to YMCA.

Saturday 9AM to 5PM and Sunday 10AM to 5 PM
Adults $10.00 - Under 12 free.

Coins, stamps, rocks, bottles, bumper stickers, baseball cards, jewelry of any kind other than American Indian.

The Eastman shows are family events.
NO Pornographic materials or items with obscene language or graphics including t-shirts, magazines, videos, bumper stickers, or other items considered to be offensive to families are not permitted.

GnipGnop 10/13/13 - 07:10 pm
I thought you never put opinions on here?

You cant really expect us to believe you talked to 70000 visitors and got their opinons????

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