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IF WE CONTINUE TO be PC like the TSA, we will continue to have problems downtown.

DUH – DO we think there might be a correlation??? Columbia County shows respect for education by balancing the budget without requiring furlough days for students and teachers AND their schools surpassed state averages across the board. Then, we have Richmond County’s plan to shorten the school year by three weeks in the hopes this will allow them to budget for their top-heavy administrators. According to Superintendent Frank Roberson, a shorter school year will not have any effect on student performance. Of course, Richmond County schools lagged well below state averages and are once again at the bottom.

WHO IN THE WORLD wants a man like Wayne Frazier to be over their children? Wayne Frazier has cases pending against him. The only people that would want him are those that like drama! I’m sure the staff does not want him back the way he treated them.

TO THE PERSON ALWAYS complaining about the mayor of Blythe. Now, is it the sidewalks, the library, which is it? Really, are you a sore loser? Ask not what the mayor all by herself and no one else on city council can do for you. What do you really want? What can you do for Blythe other than complain in Rants & Raves?

IN LIGHT OF ALL all the recent violent attacks in downtown Augusta, where are the police officers to keep the peace? At least it’s good to know that “Rolling Thunder” is bringing in some revenue for Richmond County

AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF, Obama can put a stop to the rape of women in the armed forces right now. What we need is a protective avenue for women to report the abuse and once reported swift action needs to take place. It’s disgusting to find that this epidemic is allowed to happen with little or no consequences. Please stop talking about it and take strong action!

HOW MANY MORE companies and associations are going to be ripped off big time by criminals like Laurie Wainwright Vanover. Her take was a whopping $267,663.08. That’s not small change! Simple steps need to be taken (e.g. audits) to prevent such occurrences elsewhere. Let’s make it harder for these criminals to succeed.

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Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee 05/25/13 - 09:20 pm
HELP Richmond County Board of Education

The Richmond County School System must be close to bankruptcy. The Board of Education has asked Dr. Roberson and his Assistant Superintendents on the last day of school to direct Principals and Directors of all Departments to cut the operating cost of their schools and departments by 7%. For the smallest school in Richmond County that is at least 100,000 dollars. The largest cost is personnel, so that means people are going to lose their jobs. ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE BOARD MEETING THE BOARD MEMBERS VOTED OVERWHEMINGLY TO SPEND 78,000 ON A PERSONNEL SOFTWARE SYSTEM TO DETERMINE WHO SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR PROMOTION for TEACHER LEADERSHIP POSITIONS AND LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this decision? They are going to put people out of work, but recklessly vote to purchase a computer system as Frank Dolan stated to help prevent cronyism and identify the most qualified candidates. Somehow I don’t think that is going to go over well with the employees of RCSS. Why are we paying Norman Hill the Director of HR and the Assistant Superintendents over 100,000 not to mention the Superintendent much more than 150,000 to select the best candidates? This expensive and unnecessary computer program requires candidates who are interested in moving up in their careers to take a series of timed test and make a certain predetermined score to make it to the screening process. So I guess advanced college degrees, experience, and hard work means nothing in Richmond County. Maybe the citizens of Richmond County should require that our Richmond County Board of Education and City Council Members take a competency test before they can run for office.
Board members why are you so intent on keeping such an antiquated and ridiculous policy of requiring that anyone who wants to work as an upper level administrator live in Richmond County? Mr. Barnes at the May committee board meeting you were breathing and shouting fire and brimstone. Why are you so insistent on keeping this policy in place? Doesn’t the Constitution give us the right to the pursuit of happiness? For a lot of people that means living where you wish to live and can afford to live. What gives you the right to take that away from the employees in RCSS and our opportunity to advance in our careers? People who work in New York City commute as far away as New Jersey, people who work in Boston often commute two hours away, simply because they chose not to live in New York or New Jersey or because they cannot afford to live in New York or New Jersey. Even closer to home, there are people who live in Augusta but drive to Atlanta or Macon to work every day. Most people who work in Atlanta can’t afford to live in the better or safer neighborhoods or simply don’t like living in a large cities. A lot of people from Burke, McDuffie, and Jefferson counties, who drive to Augusta, North Augusta, and SRS to work because there aren’t many jobs in the small counties where they live.
So should the cities of Augusta, North Augusta and Aiken create a policy that prohibits anyone who doesn’t live in their cities from working in their cities? The last time I checked there weren’t any hospitals or major malls in Columbia County. If you live in Columbia County you have to come to Richmond County to go to the hospital, and if you want to do any major shopping you have to come to Augusta Mall which is located in Richmond County. Columbia County residents spend a great deal of money in Richmond County. I hope this is not about race, because your White employees are not the only employees that live in Columbia County, you have Black and Hispanic employees that live in Columbia County too. It is very interesting that this policy only applies to the Assistant Superintendent and cabinet administrator jobs at the very top of the Superintendent’s cabinet; it doesn’t apply to lower level jobs. It’s okay to live in Timbuktu if you are a teacher, lunchroom worker, principal, or custodian. If paying taxes is your argument, Richmond County has a high poverty level, so a great deal of the residents of Richmond County don’t pay a great deal of taxes, and people such as yourself that are over the age of 65 don’t pay taxes that support the school system. If I am qualified and I come to work every day, why should it matter where I live? Considering the pitiful academic and financial state of our school system, except for Dr. Ashe who was grandfathered in before the board adopted this policy, everyone else including all the board members live in Richmond County there is not any positive data to show for continuing to uphold this unfair and ridiculous policy. You are creating not only a glass ceiling but a glass wall for a lot of talented and qualified employees in the Richmond County School System.

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