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THEY SHOULD MAKE a video and call it “Government Gone Wild.”

RAVE AND THANK YOU to The Augusta Chronicle for your great coverage of the Masters. I appreciate it very much.

I HAVE A RANT FOR all the people who think things are better under Obama. If you work or live off Social Security, as I do, you would know things are a lot worse. The cost of living is way up ... gas is up; medicine is up ... So tell me what is better.

RAVE TO The Augusta Chronicle. I love how we can have serious debates online and no one knows who you are. I can be debating with someone sitting in my office and would never know. Especially, the “Rants & Raves” that is where I love to “hang out” in the mornings.

WE REALLY SHOULD not be using taxpayer money to pay for any private schooling. People need to pay for it on their own. Where are their tithes going to otherwise?

SORRY, AIKEN, but we are glad more people visited Augusta areas direct than heading out of the boundaries.

THAT’S VERY ridiculous belief that religious people should be free of crime. I know plenty of people who “praise the lord” with one breath but can steal and lie like anyone else.

ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT, anti-gun people claim that the number of times Americans use guns in self-defense tells us we need fewer guns. But that’s a purposefully incorrect take. What counts is that when criminals and criminal politicians KNOW that Joe Citizen is armed, the crooks will not go after them. Thus, the more good guys are armed, the more often bad guys will avoid attacking the good guys. It’s the knowledge that people are armed that stops the bad guys before they even start.

THE FEDS STARTED the Aiken Mox plant eight years ago and it’s only “half-finished.” We were told it would cost $1.7 billion, but now they say up that to $7.7 billion; and now they may abandon the project. Who can invent a better way to steal taxpayer money and throw it away?

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Riverman1 04/21/13 - 05:47 pm
Countyman said, "Riverman..

Countyman said, "Riverman.. What is a city development person? I don't work for the city of Augusta, and you can talk to people living in the Midtown area of Atlanta who helped start a vibrant gay community."

Most of the development authorities, etc. are not officially ran by the city, but I'm simply saying you are someone who promotes Richmond County development. Am I wrong? As far as going to Atlanta and talking to the gay community there, I think I'll pass and take your word for it.

itsanotherday1 04/21/13 - 06:30 pm

I expect GOB is like I am; doesn't mind the presence/company of gay folks, he just isn't thrilled to hear about their relationships, lifestyles, etc.

itsanotherday1 04/21/13 - 06:32 pm

You're getting old my friend. The decay of education has been going on for 40 years by my ciphering.

hoppy 04/22/13 - 02:25 pm
Commenting on taxpaer money for private schooling

"WE REALLY SHOULD not be using taxpayer money to pay for any private schooling. People need to pay for it on their own. Where are their tithes going to otherwise?"

If that's your opinion, then does that exempt the person from paying taxes? People who send their kids to private school pay just as much to the tax system as the person who sends their kid to public school. I don't have kids and I pay just as much as anybody to the school system. Surely you don't think that only people with kids in public school are paying that tax.

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