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YOU THINK THE new pope will ask for a pay raise after 30 days on the job?

SINCE IT’S JUNK MAIL and tax, utility and credit card bills, three day per week mail delivery would be perfect.

SEEMS TO ME THE wrong university president left town. I bet Dr. Shirley Kenney would have done a wonderful job in reviewing and taking the correct necessary actions regarding the merger of MGC and ASU. As a former student at Augusta College, GRU does not exist in my mind.

MOTORCYCLES should be outlawed in neighborhoods where there are children and older people. They don’t need to hear these motorcycles.

THE ST. PATRICK’S DAY parade was great, but the people with dogs pooping everywhere should not have been allowed.

MY EARS, NOSE, throat and eyes know it is spring even if the thermometer doesn’t!

ROMNEY WAS RIGHT – 47 percent of the people think they are victims and are dependent on the government. They live in Augusta.

RANTS FOR THE men loudly socializing and the beeping cell phone at church.

WHY IS IT SO important to put an overpass at the Convention Center instead of a crosswalk? There are lots of busy places that have crosswalks. Put the money where it is needed.

I WONDER IF Pope Francis defines “poor” like we do in the US: big flat screen TVs, free housing, food stamps, welfare, free education and free health care. Somehow I don’t think this is exactly the cause he is championing.

IF GOVERNMENT CAN redefine historically clear words like “marriage” government can redefine anything. Sunshine can be rain and love can be hate. Then what?!

GOOD LEADERS should take care of their people. If you take care of yourself but not your people, then you will have problems.

WHAT RIGHT DOES Shirley Strum Kenny have to tell Azziz what to do? She was only there about a month. What does she know?

I’M SO HAPPY for the selection of the pope. I’m Messianic, but I think this pope is for the people. He understands the poor. It’s just wonderful.

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justthefacts 04/01/13 - 04:32 pm
Sean and AJC

If Sean saw the, ah, let's call it passion on the AJC comment sections, he would have cardiac arrest. It's pretty much no holds barred.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 04/01/13 - 01:27 pm
Frozen To Death

You would think the animal rights activists would be all up in arm about this flea circus owner who let all his entertainers die from exposure:

Frozen Fleas

Where's the outrage? Where are the picketers? They need to throw the book at him for animal cruelty and neglect.

allhans 04/01/13 - 01:51 pm
CBS NEWS "Pastor slams

CBS NEWS "Pastor slams religious right at Obamas' Easter service...."

They just don't quit...

harley_52 04/01/13 - 02:19 pm
"They just don't quit.."

Neither does Obama. He seems to seek out ultra-left haters as ministers. First Jeremiah Wright, now this bozo with his known ultra-left agenda.

harley_52 04/01/13 - 03:29 pm
While The President....

...attends Easter service with an ultra-left agenda, that same ultra-left agenda plays out in the streets of his home town.


CobaltGeorge 04/01/13 - 04:07 pm

What is needed is a community organizer, I think I know one.

dstewartsr 04/01/13 - 04:19 pm
"... good leaders help create an atmosphere

... where people that want to can take care of themselves".

Good leaders help lead, and craft a government where people HAVE to take care of themselves, or rely on charity from others- others who are NOT forced to support them.

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