6 Georgia-based soldiers die in Afghanistan

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ATLANTA — A Fort Stewart spokesman says six soldiers based at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield have died this week in Afghanistan.

Defense Department officials said Wednesday that Staff Sgt. Rex L. Schad, 26, of Edmond, Okla., was killed Monday by small arms fire in the Jalrez District, west of Kabul. Fort Stewart spokesman Kevin M. Larson says Schad joined the Army in 2006, served in the 3rd Infantry Division and was on his second deployment.

Larson said five other soldiers, all of whom died in a helicopter crash Monday, were also based at Fort Stewart. The Defense Department has yet to release their identities.

The crash outside Kandahar City brought the number of U.S. troops killed Monday to seven, making it the deadliest day for American forces in 2013.

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JustSpeakingMyMind 03/14/13 - 03:16 pm
God, please bless these

God, please bless these families!

GiantsAllDay 03/14/13 - 03:33 pm
True Americans and true

True Americans and true heros. Thanks isn't enough to offer to them or their families.

rmwhitley 03/14/13 - 05:16 pm
Use H-bombs

on afghanistan, pakistan, n. korea, iran and somalia.

Darby 03/14/13 - 10:08 pm
A "crash" indicates it was not due...

to hostile action.

No warrior wants to die, but if he must, he would prefer that it be in combat. Especially if you are on the other side of the world from your loved ones.

That may not make any sense, but I thought I'd throw that out there for what it's worth.

May their families find the peace they seek now.

itsanotherday1 03/15/13 - 10:38 am
Bring our young heros home.

Bring our young heros home. What we are doing in Afghanistan isn't worth it. I'm not a peacenik nor pacifist; but we would be better served investing our resources in intelliegence and intervention rather than trying to kill them on the ground.

Think about it. If we put the hundreds of billions into intelligence gathering, infiltration, espionage, etc; rather than a ground war that the locals don't even appreciate, we could protect the homeland. Screw the Afghans, let the Taliban have their way with them if they don't want Western democracy. One American life isn't worth the whole lot of them in my book.

Gather intelligence, make targeted air/drone strikes against key people and targets, and get our men and women the heck out of there. (and everywhere else too).

Darby 03/15/13 - 12:08 pm
"Gather intelligence, make targeted...

air/drone strikes against key people and targets, and get our men and women the heck out of there."

That's exactly what Bill Clinton was doing leading up to the attack on 9-11. Didn't work did it? It only increased Bin Ladin’s determination to attack America.

Still, we may have reached the point where cutting and running has become our only option. Without a determination to win, then defeat is the only plausible outcome. That's where we are now. Obama’s goal from the day he first took office four years ago was never to win, but to get out.

Now, with Afghan president Hamid Karzai working against the United States objectives, it's time to admit that victory and/or stabilization in that country has eluded us.

Could we have succeeded? Yes, if we had established a mission and devoted resources to that end. Unfortunately, Obama’s idea of “victory” is to get out of this situation that is diverting scarce funds from social programs at home.

Let me make four predictions:
(1) Karzai will flee his country and his people, taking with him the tens of millions in U.S. dollars that he has skimmed from American aid.
(2) Al Qaeda will quickly move back in from Pakistan and reestablish the training bases that Bush had destroyed, effectively returning us to the year 2000.
(3) Afghani women will be forced out of society's mainstream and back into their previous status as literal slaves to Muslim men.
(4) Tens of thousands of Afghani men who worked with American forces will be rounded up. Many will be tortured and executed, others placed into labor and reeducation camps. Thousands more will attempt to flee with their families to the United States as did the Vietnamese boat people, becoming a burden on the US taxpayer.

Still, given our lack of resolve and a penchant for instant gratification, this scenario is almost certainly inevitable.

If we keep this up, we will destroy the moral and integrity of our fighting forces. If only our politicians took their oaths as seriously as do our warriors.

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