Reduced schedules planned for 2,000 SRS workers

Monday, March 4, 2013 5:28 PM
Last updated Tuesday, March 5, 2013 1:02 AM
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About 2,000 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions workers will be placed on reduced schedules April 1 over sequestration concerns, and others will be given “full furloughs.”

The announcement was made to employees Monday in a memo from Dwayne Wilson, the president and CEO of the largest contractor at Savannah River Site.

Workers whose schedules will be cut from 40 to 32 hours per week will be notified by March 15, Wilson said, and workers chosen for furloughs will be notified next week.

“Due to the uncertain and potential fluctuating amount of funding which may be available to SRNS, further furloughs may be necessary,” Wilson said. “We recognize the difficult financial implications of any furlough and we will make every effort to keep you informed.”

The specifics of the budget-cutting measures are still being worked out, with no specific time span determined for the furloughs, company officials said, adding that the reduced work schedules are designed to possibly lessen the impact and duration of furloughs.

The Fluor Corp.-led management contractor is the largest employer at Savannah River Site, a Department of Energy operation, and oversees facilities including Savannah River National Laboratory.

The federally imposed sequestration cuts came as no surprise.

In a Feb. 13 report by House Appropriations Committee Democrats, analysts said the impact at SRS would fall mainly on environmental management and nuclear waste cleanup programs and cause the furlough of more than 1,000 workers for about four months.

Potential consequences at SRS could include suspension of plutonium processing at H Canyon, further delays in the disposition of liquid waste in underground tanks and a halt to radioactive waste shipments from South Carolina to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico, the report said.

The issue revolves around a missed March 1 deadline to resolve a congressional budget stalemate.

The Office of Management and Budget now must sequester $85 billion in fiscal year 2013 spending as mandated by the Budget Control Act, which comes on top of $1.5 trillion in discretionary cuts already enacted, the House Appropriations Committee report said.

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Darby 03/05/13 - 05:28 pm
With a 2.2% DECREASE over the proposed INCREASE...

over last years budget, there remains an overall INCREASE in the budget. So someone smarter than me please explain why there has to be any reduction in services or layoffs of any kind??

The increase is still greater than last year's inflation rate, unless Obama is lying about the inflation rate as well.

The proposed increase (even after sequester) is also greater than what SS recipients and military retires will get this year. So who's screwing who and who is telling the truth?

What is needed is the elimination of the so-called "baseline" budgeting process where anything less than what is asked for OVER LAST YEAR'S budget is considered a CUT!

chascushman 03/05/13 - 05:38 pm
The Chicago thugs that are

The Chicago thugs that are running the Obama administration will do everything they can to make the red states like SC & GA suffer as much as possible. The evil people that are running the Obama administration will stoop as low as necessary to achieve their goals.

Shortcomment 03/05/13 - 06:51 pm
Not buying into the Doom and Gloom sequestration hype

This is the same political group that brought us Global Warming now climate change, emptied the mental wards to increase the homeless numbers, spotted owl lies, Snail Darter, 170 million will be unemployed because of the republicans and etc..

Besides SRS was already announced MOX layoffs weeks ago remember? Or don't some people actually read the paper?

They just aren't selling me on this sequestration panic.

GiantsAllDay 03/05/13 - 11:00 pm
Nasels: I had no problem

Nasels: I had no problem whatsoever. Working at SRS is one of the best gigs in the CSRA. I don't blame anyone for working there or even wanting to work there. I just wanted to be honest about how things work out there. I was thinking that there might be some folks out there who didn't understand how the payroll works. Don't get me wrong, there are some great people out there who work very hard and put in an honest day, every day. I am privileged to call some of them my friends. However, in my estimation, based on 23 years of experience, I would say that 10% of the workforce does 90% of the work.

SCEagle Eye
SCEagle Eye 03/06/13 - 12:41 pm
Socialism in Aiken?!

It's always so very puzzling, isn't it, why some in the Aiken area think that big government will always pump huge volumes of our money into the area. It's a shade of socialism, for sure, but many locals have frozen themselves into an entitlement mentality. Guess that's just the way the 47% that Romney warned us about thinks. Or not?

Darby 03/06/13 - 06:49 pm
I'm just sitting here waiting....

for Obama to announce that the planet is about to be destroyed by a huge asteroid. But that if Republicans cave in to his demands, it can be stopped by firing rockets full of tax dollars at it.

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