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A MAJOR RANT to the person who defended Charles Gorrell. Give me a break. What I do know is because of Charles Gorrell’s crime, he created the victim’s widow, the victim’s two surviving children and the victim’s future grandchildren. There is no justice for Charles Gorrell’s crime.

RAVES TO “In the Mood” at the Imperial Thea­ter on Valentine’s Day. The music was superb. What a treat to have this show come to our little corner of the world!

WE CAN STOP Social Security from being a pain any more. Give back every single penny that currently living people have paid into it. Just refund it in one check. Let people handle their own retirement, which is the only responsible way. Then the government will have to figure out other money to really “hand out” to those who don’t have money in it anyway.

RIDICULOUS THAT the career criminal got out 55 other times. Glad he is going to have to be in at least 12 more years. Maybe by then he will be too old to want to commit any crimes.

BIG RANT. What are stop signs for? Why are they even there if people never stop at them? I watch my camera pointed at the stop sign in front of my house or sitting outside, and out of 40 cars one stops.

A RAVE TO TWO employees at Kroger on Wrights­boro Road. They were so helpful and went above and beyond helping me with a Valentine gift for my granddaughter. Thanks so much, Lawrence and Simeon. Bless you both.

IN REGARD TO THE RANT about Charles Gorrell and his nephew Tim Grooms. First of all, I am appalled The Augusta Chronicle even posted this. Second of all, how dare you be so ignorant to submit a rant like this when you don’t know the facts? A family is suffering from the loss of a loved one. How can you be so disrespectful?

RANT FOR THE Rich­mond County Sheriff’s Department. Until you get out on Highway 56 and start writing some tickets, nothing is going to change.

SEE WHAT OBAMA is doing to us with Obama­care – forcing us to buy his insurance while taking money out of our pockets.

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dichotomy 02/25/13 - 03:32 pm
countyman.....I know full

countyman.....I know full well what mixed-use means when the dowtown crowd refers to the South end. I am living in the middle of it. In the case of South Augusta and South Richmond County it means closed restaruants, boarded up businesses, increasing numbers of Section 8 renters, light and heavy industry, and thousands of acres of vacant land zoned and taxed as Residential when it NEVER will be residential. That's what mixed-use means in the real world on the South end.

As for "the $20 million high school, $1 million Marshalls office, new tag office on Peach Orchard, millions in order to relocate Hyde Park residents, new precinct on Hwy 56, bus depot off Lumpkin rd, etc.", I do not see one thing there that makes me want to jump for joy as a quality of life issue. Most of that is just ordinary county business. Schools and police buildings. I guess relocating the Hyde Park folks is good for them but I don't live in Hyde Park......and I understand some of them did not want to be relocated.....and that the county dragged it's feet until some other folks could buy up enough of the property to make a tidy sum reselling it to the county. But that's another story.

I would love for Regency Mall to be redeveloped....into some shopping or restaurants or something. But if your idea is to tear it down and dig a hole for a pond....well, that will just be a thug hangout and a convenient place for the people who ruined Regency Mall in the first place to dump the bodies. Besides, the Regency Mall problem is only being looked at because it's at the tail end of the 15th St. plan and that is still downtown as far as I am concerned. The bottom line is there are no "plans" for South Augusta or South Richmond County and that we are an afterthought with the "hope all this other stuff attracts some folks to South Augusta". Meanwhile, keep sending in your taxes.

dstewartsr 02/25/13 - 03:59 pm
Off topic,

... but how bad does an Obamessiah idea have to be that even the Daily Worker --or as it's known here, USA Today-- runs an editorial against it? But, unbelieveably, that's just what happened today: An editorial calling the huge increase in the minimum wage poorly or not thought out!

Hitler musta got a slurpee today.

countyman 02/25/13 - 04:55 pm
Dichtomy.. The number of

Dichtomy.. The number of large exisiting mixed-use developments in South Augusta is zero. The perfect locations are between South Augusta and the city limits of Hepzibah.

1. Peach Orchard between Brown rd & Hwy 88
2. Mike Padgett between Brown rd & Goshen rd
3. Deans Bridge rd near Tobacco rd & Fort Gordon
4. Mike Padgett near Old Waynesboro rd or Tobacco rd

The Village at Riverwatch and Carmax area(formerly Wheeler Town Park) in West Augusta should become great examples. The developer of the VAR is proposing residential, and commercial developments. The upscale apartments next to Carmax began construction last year.

KSL 02/25/13 - 04:58 pm

Not just USA Today. I read where other Obama supporters were saying the same thing.

seenitB4 02/25/13 - 06:06 pm

Jase sent a message ...said to give it to you too....:)


Im headed to Hollywood, wish me luck, we are going to be on Jimmy Kimmel and Larry King tuesday night. Im mainly going to be Si's bodyguard or maybe Hollywood's, either way. I do not know the details, even though I did at one time, my bad. Ill let ya know how it goes.

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