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I DREAD THE Super Bowl every year. When it is over that means there are no good sports until spring training. Basketball and hockey are lame, lame, lame.

YAY FOR FOX getting rid of Sarah Palin. Now to get Bristol and baby daddy off, too. Then we can start evicting the Kardashians from TV, and news media and clean up the atmosphere and morals more.

THIS IS A RAVE for the person who found my car keys at Augusta Mall. Thank you so much and God bless you.

I FOUND IT ODD THAT President Obama referenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his inauguration address. King was a Republican; he was against abortion; he was pro-Constitution; and he believed in personal responsibility for actions. Obama isn’t like King in any of these areas.

PEOPLE WHO GET welfare and other free services should be asked to clean up paper and other trash in the streets. I hope 15th Street is cleaned up before the Masters because it looks terrible.

I WAS TROUBLED when I heard that Beyonce was lip-syncing. They ought to make it illegal or at least let the people know that you are lip-synching.

THE COMMERCIAL says there is a gun and knife show … in downtown Augusta. I don’t understand. What is wrong with this picture?

I AM SO GLAD TO SEE that Sloane Stephens beat Serena Williams. Especially because of her attitude on the court because of a missed play. It is time our young people quit looking to people like that and look to parents as role models instead of these stars that have nasty attitudes.

MICHELLE OBAMA looked beautiful. I don’t care for the bangs, but her fashions are absolutely beautiful and she wears them a little bit below the knee, as women should. I don’t like the knee showing.

AS I WATCHED THE inauguration speech, I kept thinking, “Where is our nation going, and why are we in this handbasket?”

JAN. 21 MARKED the official death of objective, unbiased journalism. The reporters from the mainline media giggled and blabbered like a bunch of tweens at a Bieber concert while covering the inauguration.

RANT TO LOWELL Greenbaum for again craftily pointing the finger of shame so richly deserved by self-serving Democrats for adding billions of unrelated, pork-filled dollars to the Hurricane Sandy rescue bill at Republicans for rejecting it, accusing them of insensitivity. Politics, far and away, outstrips prostitution for the most odious profession award, and Democrats are best at it.

MARK IT DOWN: When a Democrat uses the phrase “common sense solutions,” the solutions offered will not make any sense.

OBAMACARE IS GOING to get really bad.

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OpenCurtain 02/05/13 - 07:47 pm
KSL tkank you for the prefect intro to my last posting

Lessons Learned Posting and Readung the Augusta Chronicle.

Sean is balanced,He hates all comments that violate his EULA.

The posters are divided into 4 basic camps:

The Blind to Facts Left Wing

Those Blind that some movement left of Right Wing is needed from time to time

Those that love to shake up a hornets nest and watch the results.

Those that just love exchanging view points.

Some people when faced with facts that conflict with their beliefs, attack the commenter.

Some people look for a name and vote it up or down without reading.

Most People cannot be swayed no matter what the facts say.

Logic has little to do with viewpoints.

Abortion supporters and GOD Believers are seldom in the same political camp.

Liberals love to use children to guilt trip people into agreeing or being quiet.

The typical progression of scandals. Deny everything, blame the press, shoot the messenger, discredit the source, admit to a much lesser charge or that it was someone else.

If your candidate is the person accused of the scandal, deny it and accuse the other persons candidate of greater scandles.

A person can be pro-abortion but can go ballistic if a child is killed to support other agendas.

Government has mastered the Demand the Mile, get and inch
then later go back for more inches, until they get their original demand over generations.

We will never see a balanced budget in Washington DC. It cuts out too many votes for each party and $$$ their kick backs.

Neither Political Party represents any voter 100%, it is more like 70%. An Voters are willing to put up with a the bad to get some good.

There are some people that want everything, but just do not want to work for it. These same people think it is justified to take $$$ from people that earned it , so they can have. At the street level this is called Robbery, that the Government level it is called taxes and redistribution of wealth.

There some people that believe that blacks can't be racist, and some believe that black only events is just another form of racism.

Some believe that the civil rights movement has been highjacked for greed, power, personal fame, and political gain. Some people can't wait to protest and demand more.

Many minorities have forgotten that Democrats they support, just 40 years ago were calling for the use of dogs, fire hoses,shotguns and lynchings.

Some Right Wing people forgot that Liberal ideas against a king are what started our great nation.

Some liberals have forgotten that Morals have justified reasons in any society. Without morals some people just around killing people.

There are kooks on both sides of the aisle and each side has its share.

Socialism without understanding business and human nature is a disease.

Capitalism without social responsibility is a breeding ground for revolt.

Government feeds off people and will only grow bigger without voter intervention.

Even a paranoid is right sooner or later.

Trusting Government to do the right thing is believing the yahoo you help get elected is honest and looking after you.

Change can be good, bad or neutral, Too much change too quickly is seldom accepted quietly or willingly.

Newsprint is on the way out of style and has become cost and environmentally unjustified.

We are called middle class because both end of the economic spectrum come to us to support their wants and demands.

As long as the middle class is divided between 2 parties we are screwed.

If you divided up all the wealth in the USA equally ,a small group would have the money and power again in a few generations. Because not everyone is truly equal or as savvy as each other.

Face it some people are sharper tacks, but some people are dull witted as moss have learned to be chameleons and say the right things to get supported.

No one likes being lied to but, they'll never admit if it is their political party.

It is easier to blame others and past elected officials than it is to truly fix what you said you would do if elected.

Democrats and Republicans have common ground. America and proud of it.

Socialists and far left liberal feel America is to blame for everything and it must be taken down and rebuilt their way.

America gets into too many wars and should be providing a common DEFENSE and Well Being of the USA, not every country.

War is big $$$ business for both parties.

To everyone and including the AC staff it has bee fun, but now I must give some much needed attention to upcoming family events.

SEAN, if you read this far... Thank you,

Considering the topics we covered, I believe only had 4 or 5 abuse letters. Was very understanding on your behalf.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 02/05/13 - 07:58 pm
Blessings on you, Open

Blessings on you, Open Curtain, always a gentleman.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 02/05/13 - 07:59 pm
Harley, say you'll never

Harley, say you'll never leave me.

KSL 02/05/13 - 08:04 pm

Drop me an email ever so often. And you need to plan to be at the waterfall ribbon cutting.

Willow Bailey
Willow Bailey 02/05/13 - 08:40 pm
And OC, that was an awesome

And OC, that was an awesome post. Stick around and let's take each category and discuss them one, by one. P. S. You left one out... Those who are .... I'll email the rest of the comment to you:)

harley_52 02/05/13 - 09:47 pm
"The best things said come last....

....People will talk for hours saying nothing much and then linger at the door with words that come with a rush from the heart."

-Alan Alda

Sean Moores
Sean Moores 02/06/13 - 08:47 am
@ OC

Thank you, and I hope you come back. Let me know if I can do anything for you in the future.

rebellious 02/06/13 - 01:17 pm
rebellious 02/06/13 - 01:35 pm

I knew I should have spell checked that one....

But I always call a Cherade a Sherade.

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