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WE ARE NOT banning people from owning guns. We are trying to ban guns from owning people.

HOW IRONIC THAT a ranter calls people opposed to Obama’s grossly wasteful spending “ignorant.” It is, alas, the ignorant who both elected and re-elected Obama, who continues to push the same, and worse, moves that have already driven us into debt to above $12 trillion. It’s the ignorant who believe you can spend money you don’t even have.

BOTH BIG PARTIES in Washington are responsible for the disastrous federal debt fiasco. The House of Reps is supposed to control ALL spending. So, CONTROL IT! Don’t let maniac Obama get near it.

A ‘REVIEW’ FINDS security faults in the Benghazi tragedy, but rather than blame it on the top dogs, those who are supposed to be responsible – namely Obama and Hillary – it blames their underlings.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED to traffic light programming for Columbia County? It’s horrible. Appears none of the in-ground sensors are working. Many of the cross walk lights work.

RANT ON RICHMOND COUNTY who never helps the many whites who are also poor and need help. However, Richmond County always helps the black community. The whites are overlooked. I am sure it is because of the many blacks that are ruling over us. Maybe we ought to go on TV or down to town hall and protest.

CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN to me how two deaths of teenagers could be considered a misdemeanor vehicular homicide?

TO THE PERSON COMPLAINING about the placement of the historical marker, obviously you haven’t been to Gettysburg, where there are many markers honoring Confederates.

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Bantana 12/31/12 - 12:00 am
so right happychimer

we have become an unforgiving lot, full of anger, distrust and lacking any shred of empathy and humanity. so sad. perhaps the prophecies of our resident hardcases here will come true and god will wipe all humankind, right, center and left from this earth. there are many times when i believe that would be for the best. in the meantime, i will pray for the full recovery our secretary of state.

OpenCurtain 12/31/12 - 09:38 am
happychimer - I don't do much Hillary reading.

Seriously I haven't read up on the latest ...

Where was the blood clot?
Did the NEWS Release directly state it was related to the concussion that may have happened days ago, just before her scheduled testimony on the Libya incident?

Was it a Deep vein thrombosis caused by of long-haul flying?
Or a Pulmonary embolism, too much flying and fatty food lifestyle?

BTW: Any word yet if Obama, or Her, plan to announce the much leaked by W.H. Staff, SOS cabinet change yet in 2013?

This would be the political easy out for both. Citing "Americas immediate needs in such a volatile world." smoothed over, and face saving way out.

It is no secret.
Obama doesn't want or need the Clinton's in his agenda, the next 3 years he is in business.

happychimer 12/31/12 - 12:22 pm
Read the news story and it

Read the news story and it will answer your questions. Yes the blood clot is realated to her concussion.

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