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STATE BUDGET CUTS force more layoffs at GHSU. Yet state funds were wasted on an ignored survey and are being wasted on an unnecessary lawsuit in order to satisfy greed, arrogance and egotism. How many more jobs will be lost?

MIKE BOOTH’S LETTER to the editor cites an excellent list of criteria that shows the advantages of hiring senior citizens. Unfortunately, not all seniors can meet the listed criteria, but it’s something that one could evaluate before hiring.

IF YOU PRAY for it and it happens, your prayer was answered. If you pray for it and it doesn’t happen, it’s God’s will. If everything is according to God’s omniscient will, what, then, is the point of prayer?

THE PLACEMENT OF a historical marker to a Yankee officer in Augusta is an example of our ridiculously “politically correct” society. This man seized Gen. Lee’s wife’s property in revenge for his service to the South. Are there markers to Confederate soldiers in the North? I doubt it.

PRESIDENT OBAMA said that there will be consequences if President Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons on his people. I wonder what these consequences will be? Probably he will just send a letter to Assad telling him to stop it. That’s what you call strong leadership.

FINALLY, GEORGIA Southern got on the front page of the sports section after advancing to the semifinals in the playoffs. GSU was on Page 7 while UGA dominated all the pages, even though the Bulldogs lost.

WHO’S FOOTING THE bill for the formal $150-per-person gala for the new sheriff? Better not be us taxpayers.

I’M GLAD THERE was a nice private fete to Sheriff Ronnie Strength. I just wish there was a nice public one that more of us could attend.

I CAN GET OVER the fact that Obama was re-elected; you have to get over the fact that my criticisms are due to a disagreement with hi philosophy and not due to racism.

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seenitB4 12/21/12 - 01:40 pm
Teen boy killed

A teen was killed here in Gwinnett county...police are saying it was to get his TENNIS SHOES!!!

We are sick---sick--we have to start raising kids like our parents did...what was rare years ago is now common place ....

seenitB4 12/21/12 - 01:47 pm
Now B4

Now B4 someone sucks the nice out of me (hahha) I'm leaving to get gifts wrapped---maybe get some eggnog with "sumthin" in it.....a toddy for the body as they say......:)

Should we all pitch in & get Sean a Christmas gift of some kind...tell me what yall think...... what kind of gift would he like I'm wondering.....post if yall know.....later!

Riverman1 12/21/12 - 01:48 pm
Just Thought of Something

What state has two unmarried U.S. Senators?

dstewartsr 12/21/12 - 03:42 pm
"...Kerry threw his medals

... over the fence at the U.S. Capitol in protest of the Vietnam War..."

Sorry, RM1, but it came to light later that even then he was an archetypal liberal: He threw SOMEONE ELSE'S medals. Just like today, because of tax laws he wrote, he can pay for votes with someone else's money. And not his wife's, either.

dstewartsr 12/21/12 - 03:54 pm
Worst cities for men

Mens Health magazine published a list of the best and worst cities for men in terms of air quality to unemployment, cost of living to death rates, factoring in crime and commute times and the ratio of single men to single women. Augusta didn't make the list, (Countyman's phone must have been off the hook) but Atlanta is in the top 40 at number 35, while Columbia SC is number 93. Didn't see that coming.


daphne3520 12/21/12 - 04:01 pm
Rant #4.....I wonder...just WHO

won that War???????

CobaltGeorge 12/21/12 - 05:18 pm
Here's An Another Issue That So Many Are Not Aware Of.

From: Rand Paul
Date: 12/21/2012 12:54:59 PM
To: George ********
Subject: They are spying on you

Dear George,

Would you want government agents listening to your phone calls? Looking at your email? Spying on your online activity?

Chances are they have, and you didn't even know it.

The 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was originally designed to protect American citizens from having government wiretap their phones and eavesdrop on their conversations.

But in 2001, the Bush Administration amended FISA through the Patriot Act to allow warrantless wiretapping.

In 2008, the Obama administration further loosened these restrictions.

Today, we have a federal government that can go through citizens' private communications-telephone, email, Facebook-you name it.

We know that the federal government has looked at over 28 million electronic records since the FISA Amendment Act.

We know it has gone through 1.6 million texts.

When I was given a classified briefing this summer to investigate the extent to which the federal government is spying on citizens, I was required by law not to disclose the discussion.

But in determining how many times this has occurred, I can give you a fictitious number-gazillions.

This is not hyperbole. I can assure you, it is quite accurate in describing the number of times government has snooped though American citizens private information.

We now have a federal government that is unrestrained by law.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is looking to ram through FISA reauthorization before Christmas.

He has made it clear he certainly expects it to be done by year's end.

I don't want FISA reauthorized before Christmas. I don't want it reauthorized before the New Year.

I don't want FISA reauthorized-period.

If Reid intends on making sure government cronies can spy on private citizens without a warrant, I am intent on introducing the "Fourth Amendment Protection Act," which states:

The Fourth Amendment right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures is violated when the government acquires information voluntarily relinquished by a person to another party for a limited business purpose without the express informed consent of the person to the specific request by the government or a Warrant, upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

It is amazing that I even have to introduce this as an amendment because it already is an amendment-to the Constitution of the United States.

And make no mistake-the Fourth Amendment is every bit as important to preserving our freedoms as the entire Bill of Rights.

I hope you'll join me in fighting Harry Reid and Barack Obama to protect our right to privacy.

We can't have government stepping into every aspect of our private lives without some level of judicial restraint.

This has been a core principle of American freedom and individual rights for as long as there has been an America.

It is a basic value that has long defined who we are as a nation and has separated us from less free nations.

Will you join me in helping to fight FISA reauthorization?

Neither Senator Reid nor anyone else has the right to take away the constitutional protections that have always been our birthright.

The current FISA Amendment gives a blank check to government to spy on any American, at any time and for any reason.

It goes against everything this country stands for.

It goes against every principle we fought a revolution for.

It goes against the Constitution every one of my Senate colleagues took an oath to protect.

For freedom's sake, FISA cannot stand. It should not survive.

I hope you will join me in fighting to defeat it.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is looking to ram through FISA Reauthorization before the end of the year.

You and I can't allow the trampling of our Fourth Amendment rights to continue!

harley_52 12/21/12 - 05:58 pm
John Kerry and Jane Fonda...

Two peas in a pod.

What Cabinet post will Fonda be given?

rebellious 12/21/12 - 07:04 pm

I just opened the door on the underground "BUNKA" and realized we are all still here. Yea, I know there are 6 more hours to the day, but a good sign so far. I do wonder what the Athiest did today, if anything different!

KSL 12/21/12 - 09:44 pm
Lol, rebel

Did you see the Oreo cookie comparison? If not I will send it to you.

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