Empty Stocking Fund Donations

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Previously acknowledged $65,890.22

Merry Christmas! Larry and Peggy
Carson $20

John Nikander $100

Pamela Oblanc $50

Lloyd and Linda Young $75

In loving memory of Dora Rose
Villemain and William L. Martin $100

In memory of J.D. $25

Richard and Maureen Bravo $50

In memory of Terry Gordon Lunceford $25

In memory of Lawrence J. Shamley
from Cynthia and Mark Shamley $25

Jane and Bill $100

Anna Lowe $25

In honor of our great granddaughter
Noel Kane from Bob and Joyce
Duggar $50

In memory of Dickie Grice $100

Lt. Col Nancy Sanchez, USA, Ret.
and Aida Sanchez $25

In memory of Dr. Henry C Gorman $50

In loving memory of Cindy from
Mom, Dad, Son $25

In loving memory of our Daughter
Lynn by Ellen and Arlie Mansberger $250

In honor and memory of my mother
Jo Christian by Carole C. Bailey $100

Carson and Herbert Elliott $200

In honor of our four grandsons $15

Merry Christmas, From my
grandbuddies Will and Joan Banks $35

Merry Christmas Bill and Georgia
Kozel $100

In honor of my grandchildren Murphy,
Matt, Hamilton, Mary Beth, Maggie,
Martha Kate and Will $100

Total today $1,645

Total this year $67,535.22

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