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FOR EVERYBODY WHO thinks having more and more children will get you more and more food stamps and welfare money, I hope that God will be with you because soon none of us will have a penny left for anything. We taxpayers can barely make ends meet and feed our own children, much less yours. God help you, and God help us all. Please pray for the United States.

YOU GET WHAT you voted for. You voted to put President Obama back in office, so live and deal with what is going to happen to this country. You think it was messed up before? Congratulations. It’s like putting Clinton back in.

YOU CONSERVATIVES who insist on comparing voter ID with an ID required to get a free turkey show your lack of information about the rights of an American citizen. Every citizen has the right to vote. No one has the right to a free turkey, and the people giving out the free turkeys can use whatever criteria they choose for qualifying a person for that free turkey.

WHY DO ALL THESE single women have a house full of kids? Instead of welfare, they should be giving them birth control pills.

I SAY REOPEN SOME OF the department stores downtown on Broad Street and help Broad Street come back to life. Also, put more deputies on the street.

BESIDES HAVING THEIR own officials, Alabama has Mark Richt on their side, too. Every big game, he mismanages the clock. If you look back over the big games that Georgia has lost, our head coach has mismanaged the clock at the end. Mike Bobo needs to be the head coach. Mark Richt needs to go.

A RANT FOR PRESIDENT Obama. Even before his next inauguration, he is out campaigning at taxpayers’ expense. Don’t be surprised if he tries to change Amendment 22 of the Constitution so he can run again. He has seen how Putin and Cha­vez did it, and he will try the same thing.

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Little Lamb
Little Lamb 12/14/12 - 12:04 pm
More License Plate Miscellany

Here is just a sample of Georgia specialty plates:

Hummingbird — we'll need equal treatment for all the other bird species out there

Dog & Cat Sterilization — we'll need one opposing sterilization; we can call it "anti-mutilation"

Low Speed Vehicle — gotta have a high speed vehicle plate

Rotary International — where's the equal treatment for every other civic organization in Georgia?

Atlanta Falcons — Austin Rhodes needs a Pittsburgh Steelers license plate

Share the Road (bicycle safety) — a "Hog the Road" license plate would be fun

Sons of Confederate Veterans — we'll need equal treatment for the Union

HenryWalker3rd 12/14/12 - 01:16 pm


Some teacher is totally ticked off to the -enth degree....But hey....it is what it is... you reap what you have sown.

Great post Little Lamb.

soitgoes 12/14/12 - 06:40 pm
don't feel sorry for Rice

not one bit. Didn't trust a word she said.

msmoh2 12/14/12 - 07:05 pm
Education "so called" voice of reason

I am the wife of the man you are speaking of. I strongly advise you not to go on hearsay before making accusations like the one you made. It is quite obvious that you do not work at Langford because you would have known that he was just helping our principal out in a time of need. People like you are the reason that this county is having problems. You are too busy worrying about a promotion rather than the children. My husband and I go above and beyond for the children we teach, and for you to bring up his prior CRCT scores is childish and inaccurate as well. The only questions about his scores came from other teachers at his school that claimed that "those" kids couldn't possibly do that well, but he has proven himself time and time again. Just to let you and everyone else know, my husband has no aspirations of becoming a principal because he loves the classroom, his children, and teaching, so the next you feel the need to come on here and put our business out for the world to see...Make sure you have all the FACTS!

QwertytrewQ 03/21/13 - 08:53 am


PUPPYMOMMA 12/14/12 - 11:02 pm
Throw some more dirty laundry

Throw some more dirty laundry on the line,educators. This is getting good.

itsanotherday1 12/15/12 - 12:53 am
Positive ID abridges the

Positive ID abridges the right to vote? How? How many "eligible to vote" people in this country don't have a proper ID? Very, very, few I wager; and those very few have been offered many ways to obtain that ID. I just don't get it.

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