Empty Stocking Fund donations

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Previously acknowledged $16,537.90

Donald and Donna Hallman $50

Elizabeth Pond $100

Perry and Leona Marvin $50

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester $50

Suzanne Pritchett $25

Joan and William Pullum $25

W.R and P.O. Backus $25

In memory of Mr. Allen F. Moore $25

Dr. and Mrs. Charles McGahee $100

In memory of Grandson Kevin
Brown and Daughter-in-Law Rebecca Brown $25

From Mr. and Mrs. James A.
Blissit in memory of
Barbara C. Blissit $100

In memory of Mildred Hefferman $100

Edgefield Dental Clinic $100

In memory of Mr. L.W. and
Dot Pruitt by Linda Pruitt
Carstarphen $50

John Mahaffey, Sr. $50

Mary Lee $100

Joseph Jackson $5

Richard and Denise Cadle $25

In honor of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren from James E and Carolyn J Parker $100

On behalf of Manav Mohanty our grandson, who is 4 years old.
Let there be peace on earth $25

Jack Tudor $25

Mike and Julie Newman $30

David and Jacquelyn Hogan $100

Janet Newman $25

In memory of John S. Tyson III
and Elliott Horton $50

Ronald Owens $50

Robert and Helen Baisden $100

Mary Kelly Cox $20

Gordon and Carole Meek $100

In memory of Lonnie and
Evelyn Mallard $50

“LB and me” $50

In memory of our Sons Andrew
L.J. Layman and Edward J.
Layman III $25

Robert and Cheryl Smith $15

In loving memory of our
Son Jose Albino $25

Roy and Barbara Keller $100

Anna and Ronald Osborne $50

John and Janice McDonald $25

Total today $1,970

Total this year $18,507.90

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