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IF YOU VOTE for Romney … he will win. But you must vote. Do not listen to the polls. Your vote counts! And while you are voting for Romney – vote for Anderson, and Sanders.

BIG RANT TO THE person or persons who speak for “we readers” against the editors of “our” newspaper. There is nothing illogical or slanted when editorials are backed up by facts. You want illogical: a survey of 60,000 households shows over 800,000 people found jobs, bringing unemployment below 8 percent? Really big families or bad math?

RANT ABOUT Mi Rancho’s downtown and its outdoor karaoke: I was trying to listen to an excellent performance by a local singer/songwriter (Kyle Smith) who was playing at The Cotton Patch. Unfortunately, he was nearly overpowered by the loud karaoke and lessor performances, about a block away. Be respectful and turn it down.

ROMNEY WAS RIGHT when he said he would cut funding to PBS. Now we find that Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 in compensation in 2008. Let’s vote for Mitt Romney to stop all of this nonsense.

ANOTHER STORY INCLUDING TERMS like “costly tax cuts” and “tax cut costs city millions.” Cutting taxes NEVER costs taxpayers anything; it merely gives less to politicians for them to waste or steal.

A RANTER CLAIMS Lee Anderson should not be voted for because he is “not a politician.” I’d say what we need in office are more NON-politicians.

USED TO BE DECENT PEOPLE were ashamed to be on welfare and food stamps. Now it seems everyone is proud of the fact.

WHAT DO YOU THINK THE media would be doing right now if a Republican president was in office and our embassies were overrun and our ambassador was killed and there were accusations they had asked for more security repeatedly right before an election?

JOHN BARROW ONLY votes with the Republicans when his vote is not needed for the Democrats to win. When there is a tight vote, he always votes with the Democrats.

PAUL BROUN SAYS evolution, embryology and the big bang are lies from the pit of hell. I say they show that our God is an awesome God.

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Nats Mom
Nats Mom 10/14/12 - 07:59 pm
Unsolved...Murder 2003

although I no longer live within the county of Richmond; I spent many years. I am not a politician by no means; but I am hoping that some folks will read..think bout WHO they vote in as the Sheriff of Richmond. I had the misfortune of being introduced..to Rountree. My daughter was murdered in 2003..I got this arrogant...self centered man who could not find his way out of a paper bag. Trust me people of Richmond County that is not the kind of man you want and need as the Sheriff. As for his qualifications..I know them..or lack of them..Just where do folks find his qualifications. NOT any!! He was not a decent investigator...even though he would like for all the voters to think he was topdog. My daughter's case is cold..and kept in a drawer..I am never to know her murderer until I meet her in heaven. I was treated like the criminal in this case; because I wanted to find the wrong. Rountree was a joke. Now I have known of Freddie Sanders since the 60's...He is very qualified...smart...interested in the welfare and training of the deputies...would keep their morale up. Freddie Sanders is qualified...to be an excellent Sheriff for the people of Richomond County. Maybe after years and years of poor law enforcement...Richmond County could come up to standards in protecting You the Voters.

rebellious 10/14/12 - 09:57 pm

I know Nat's Mom, and I knew Natalie. She was an incorrigible youth, wildly tossed about, loudly opinionated, loved life, and was my son's best friend. She would waltz into my home, unannounced, in a pair of pajama's, plop her butt down after hugging us , and then commence to tell us what was bothering her. We loved her and she was a part of our family.

I got a call on a Saturday morning, she was dead. Had taken pills to commit suicide while her mother and step dad were out of town. I rushed over to the house with my wife. They explained the police surmised she had taken a bunch of pills to commit suicide, then must have had second thoughts. In her struggle to get to a neighbor's house, they figured she had knocked over plants and made smudges on the windows and doors of the florida room. She was found facedown in an old sandbox when they got there. Call at the scene was suicide.

So we did what family and friends do. We cleaned up anything that would remind them of her struggle with her decision. Straightened out furniture, cleaned smudges on windows.

After a long Saturday, we were back to comfort them on Sunday. I took the call from the Sheriff's Office...They said "please ask everyone to get out of the house, we are on our way" We complied, confused about what it meant. When the CSI team arrived, they explained to the family that when the body was cleaned of sand from the sandbox, it became clear Natalie had been suffocated, or choked to death. Bruises around her neck and sand sucked into her lungs were the evidence. She had been brutally murdered, and we had been unwitting accomplices by eliminating every fingerprint left by her and the murderer.

Her mother was devastated, and remains so to this date. The marraige gradually dissolved. The mother has been battling Cancer on top of this grief. I only tell you this to give you the total affects of a lackluster investigation into a death.

Natalie's file was one of those found in Richard Roundtree's vacated apartment which made the news. My son was interrogated afterwards. My whole family had to get fingerprinted, to add to the appearance that they were doing their job, although we knew we had cleaned all fingerprints from the scene.

Help tell this story, in which Richard Roundtree was a prominent figure as Investigator. He is not fit to be on the force, much less our Sheriff.

fedex227 10/14/12 - 11:14 pm
I found it interesting ...

when asked during the debate, the question about cutting spending the very first thing that Mr. Romney noted was cutting funding to PBS which received $350 million per year (with a CEO earning a $956 thousand dollars a year salary as the ranter noted). It's a shame that the first thing that didn't pop into his head was Exxon Mobile which receives $4 billion dollars a year in taxpayer subsidies and has a CEO making over $5 million dollars a year. Maybe it's a math thing. Or perhaps it's just a matter of where his priorities lie.

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