Empty Stocking Fund donors list

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Previously acknowledged: $3,110.20

Aldersgate Methodist Church O’Neil S.S.Class $25

Suburban Garden Club 100

In the names of Jeff, Elizabeth and Will 50

Joe and Shirley Mongold 50

Darren and Diane Lopardo 20

In memory of Matt Harlan 100

Nat, Brennan and Christopher 50

Anonymous 50

Eleanor Gochenaur 10

Charles and Edith Mayer 50

William and Martha Grayson 10

Tjomas and Jennifer Bovitz 25

In loving memory of my grandson Ryan Howell from Dagmar Howell 50

Marion and Charles Livingston 25

Harold and Maryanne Bourne 200

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hootman 100

Lincoln and Marjorie Adams 50

C.W. Kranenburg 10

Bennett and Mary Howell 25

Howard Deaderick 10

Charles and Eunice Calkins 25

George and Carolyn Ogles 25

Edward and Barbara Stapleton 20

Dorothy Jens 50

Concerned Women Inc. 25

Effie McTier 10

Robert and Betty Daniel Jr. 15

Alexander Mura Jr. 30

Sreelekha and Partha Mukherjee 25

Cecelia and Richard Stuhler 50

In memory of Richard Sconyers 100

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester 50

Anonymous 100

Jean Bowles 50

Julia Crowley 50

David and Laverne 50

In loving memory of my dad Ronald Perry 50

Anonymous 10

Nobuko and Bob Webb 10

Marita and Dennis Moberg 200

E.J. and Shirley Holgate 25

Frank and Maureen Maurer 25

Bill Wagner 25

In loving memory of Greg Benjamin 200

William and Janet Phillips 25

George and Marthe Odell 50

Walter and Marilyn Moore 200

Anonymous 100

In memory of Charlotte Wiggins 30

In memory of Dr. Herbert S. Harper 200

In remembrance of Pat Cowan, SFO 120

Lloyd and Carol Lewis 50

Buffy Conklin 15

Stanley and Barbara Nurnberger 50

Ed and Joan 50

In memory of John Pierce Blanchard 35

H AND D 20

Charles and Georgia 25

Phyllis Thompson 100

Mack and Kathie Reid 100

With gratitude for our 6 grandchildren 60

Anonymous 200

Helen Coleman 20

Constan Magoulas 20

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert McCoy 25

W.F.K. and C.A.K 15

Gracie and Michael Joyce 25

Anonymous 50

Robert and Helen Baisden 100

Billy Mitchell 50

Joyce and Robert Humphries 25

Theodore Kolhek 25

William Harrison 50

Anne Cato 50

Connie and Joseph Johnson Sr. 30

Robert Kirkwood 500

“In honor of Cal and Hayes” 100

Brandy Sanders 20

Earnestine Howard 25

Bruce and Pat Pirnie 40

Bud and Grace Holton 100

Kathryne Lee 100

Ella Mae and Rex Thomas 10

B.D. and Suzanne Payton 50

Marilyn Ferrara 10

In memory of John 100

Gregory and Judith Harshfield 100

In memory of Ethel G. Harrison and Dr. and Mrs. “Pepper” Martin from Dianne M. Harper 50

Hannelore and Clifton Srygley 100

In honor of our grandchildren: Elizabeth and Sam Gaston by Julia and Sonny Gaston 30

Ruby Lewis 50

In memory of Emory E. Bargeron 100

Gerald and Marilou Jilbert 25

“The Boerner Family” 100

Lewis Bohler, Jr. 25

In memory of George and Martha Shiveler 20

In memory of Hazel G. Patton, loving mother and grandmother, Love Larry, Kay and Brant 50

Gerhard and Lois Cremer 100

“In memory of Truffle” 150

Margie Ivey 10

Total today: $6,110.00

Total this year: $9,220.20

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