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WONDER IF OSAMA bin Laden will replace Elvis as the most frequently spotted dead guy in history?

THE APACHES NEED to take a break. The use of "Geronimo" is a compliment to them since it was used by U.S. military groups to signal it's time to attack; thus it's a positive word. Also, while there was a famous Apache named Geronimo, the name is not Apache; it's Spanish. And the Spanish aren't getting upset.

WHY DOES RICHMOND County continue to pay $75,000 per year per school to have the program known as America's Choice? We do not get anything from America's Choice except two or three visitations by a representative per year. We are not given textbooks, reading books, plans, helpful aids, Web sites, forms, or interventions. Let's get rid of it and use the Pearson Reading program that we already have. This program was purchased several years ago, and it provides us with all the standards and assessments that are required at no additional cost per year.

WHEN A TEACHER at Freedom Park gets up at 5 a.m .and waits in a traffic line for over two hours to enter Fort Gordon, she does not need for her principal to berate her and ask why she is late. These dedicated teachers are all arriving early and attempting to get on post, but the lines for screening each car are very long and not all teachers are able to get to school on time. The substitutes just look at the lines and turn around and head back home. Where would this principal be if her teachers all just decided to stay home?

THE LEFT WANTS THE Bin Laden photos kept from publication to prevent insulting folks. The right and many Muslims want photographic evidence the terrorist icon is indeed dead ... Meanwhile, folks in the middle are stuck with high gas prices, high food prices, an unsustainable federal debt, high unemployment, higher taxes on the horizon, cutbacks in services to include police, teacher and firefighters, higher costs for medical benefits, the pending possibility of a double-dip recession, and the immigration just can't work its way to the political front burner. Instead of solving problems seems like Washington just creates more problems for the public to deal with.

THIS IS A RAVE for all Richmond County school bus drivers who have almost completed another safe driving school year. In spite of all the shortages of drivers and adversity mentally they have to face every day. It's a rant, also, for the director of transportation. I've never once read anything positive he's had to say about his drivers during this time of shortages and the problems they were having with the system.

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ZenoElia 05/07/11 - 01:35 am
G'mornin' on a great Saturn's

G'mornin' on a great Saturn's Day in May; an early Happy mom's Day to all those who are mothers, and know the value of their jobs. I pray we all celebrate them and show them our love on the special day.
Now how 'bout dem udder tings...

1) Already w the jokes...comedians.
2) Some folks are just way too sensitive about insignificant things.
3) Have you properly submitted your suggestion to the authorities who can make the change happen? Sounds good to me. Telling us here won't get much done.
4) So, I'm wondering, was the principal on time? Is that how she knew you were late? Maybe she has a valid complaint. After all, she made it on time.
5) This is a bait comment filled with controversy and political aggravation...not gonna say any more.
6) I think we see this one every year...while it may be true, your posting it here doesn't seem to be making anything better.

That's all ya got? It's my day off to work around the house.
Ya'll enjoy yer family.
Spread the love.
God bless n G'day.

Asitisinaug 05/07/11 - 03:53 am
This administration has taken

This administration has taken one of the best things to happen for American Freedom and completely ruined the moment. In their rush to get the information out they have repeatedly changed their stories regarding Bin Laden, given conflicting stories, and provided information that should have remained classified.

The Obama Administrations need and desire to get as much face time on TV surrounding this good news has turned into one of the worst clusters for America and shows once again how naive they really are.

We now have our own allies questioning us and some even condemning our actions as well as questioning the legality. This administration has done nothing as they promised to "restore relations with other countries". In fact, Obama and his team have made matters far worse than they were when he took office. None of our enemies like us any more than before and our allies have been much less supportive. His policies of trying to be nice with our enemies and stern with our friends have resulted in us losing some of our friends and making us look very weak to our enemies. None of this is good for America and is the opposite of what Obama campaigned to do for our country.

I hope Obama is happy with all of the left wing loons as well since now many in the world and even the US to include many left thinking college professors are now saying the raid was illegal and the killing was illegal as Bin Laden has now been confirmed as unarmed. This administration’s policies and how he has handled this is a disaster in the making.

Human rights groups, lawyers and academics have suggested, among other things, that this could violate an Executive Order that forbids the U.S. government and its employees from engaging in 'political assassination'. REALLY? Mr. President, you really enjoy hanging with these type of idiotic individuals? Political Assassination? America is at war with Al-Qaida, period. The US taking out the leader of this organization is simply an act of war, nothing more, nothing less...those who say we should have brought him to trial have really lost their minds.

What exactly is the difference between determining that terrorists are in a certain location and then dropping a bomb from above? This type of action is certainly considered legal and appropriate although often civilians are killed and are simply considered causalities of war. In this case, the only individuals that were killed were those who are at war with us and in the heat of any battle, you shoot first and ask questions later. Our military should not be second guessed during operations such as this because we should be thrilled that they ALL came home uninjured vs. hesitating for a second and us losing one of our soldiers.

Police have to deal with these left wing nuts all of the time and it has made many officers slower to react which has resulted in more and more police officers being killed every year. We as a country need to learn to fully support RIGHT and be completely against criminals, terrorists and our enemies and support those in actions having to make split second life or death decisions instead of sitting behind a computer screen criticizing their actions due to the freedom in the USA that our military and police are providing for us each and every day.
We as a country don’t need to rejoice openly in the death of anyone. However, it is certainly acceptable to rejoice in our successes in reducing terrorists within the Al-Qaeda network or any progress that we make in winning this war.

wondersnevercease 05/07/11 - 05:32 pm
poor barry He just couldn't

poor barry He just couldn't keep his mouth shut..........................his ego is too big.

daphne3520 05/07/11 - 09:35 am
"Telling us here won't get

"Telling us here won't get much done."


dani 05/07/11 - 02:01 pm
It does help to have a site

It does help to have a site where we can vent our frustrations...
Yes, even if it is the same thing all over again.

ZenoElia 05/07/11 - 04:52 pm
Daphne and Dani, that's the

Daphne and Dani, that's the irony I was attempting to express. Thanks for both of you making my point.
As it is in Aug...Somehow I don't think you were ranting against Obama, but trying to defend him in spite of his mistakes and that you really are a secret Dem...
As for any of us repeating what wonderz said, well, it might border on insult to do so.
I'd rather not go into it more...there are word police everywhere.

fftaz71 05/07/11 - 10:04 pm
Freedom Park teacher...did

Freedom Park teacher...did you call to say you would be late when it became apparent that you were going to be late? If you didnt have proper ID then yes, you would have to wait in line and be searched...but I would think that you either have a dependent ID card or a civillian DOD employee ID in which case, it sounds like you didnt go through the right gate. Ive gone on post 2x now since heightened security and even at 1pm when everyone is trying to come back on post from lunch I didnt wait more than 15 minutes. Sounds to me like you waited until the last minute to try and get on post and are trying to use heightened security as an excuse...in which case, the principal is legit in scolding you. Btw....my husband leaves for work at 530 from Evans and he has been on time every day this week.

shamrock 05/08/11 - 03:13 am
fftaz71 ... you've got to be

fftaz71 ... you've got to be kidding me! So many people were late (some over two hours) during the past week, due to heightened security, that special arrangements were made for no loss of pay (or no use of leave time) in many instances ... and these are people with DoD stickers and IDs. The congestion is in the mornings ... not at 1 pm! You also assume this teacher had a cell phone with them!

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