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All of this reorganization of Augusta city government is a con job being put over on the taxpayers. The city government is trying to make it look like they are saving $1.5 million from eliminating positions. They are rehiring the same people at higher salaries. The group of commissioners who object to reorganization are needed in this scenario so that there will be turmoil and confusion. As long as we have conflict, then taxes can be raised and both groups can point fingers at each other. Sounds a lot like Republicans and Democrats bickering with each other and then the taxpayer ends up being hurt, just like always.

Rant: Obama Administra­tion Education Department's decision to "bail out" Morris Brown College for misappropriating $9.6 million. The perpetrators get off paying $500,000. How many pre-K kids are now denied this benefit by budget cuts would have been helped with $9.6 million to this private school?

A rave to Bill Kirby at the Augusta Chronicle. I always enjoy reading his articles and his style of journalism -- wit, humor and down-home writing.

My child came home and informed me that a substitute teacher/coach at Hephzibah Middle placed a child on the wall and called her stupid because she could not remember the date and then made another child do push-ups for being stupid. How are we to build self-esteem in our children if the grown-ups in charge are continuously knocking it down? Some people have no business working with our kids.

I am saddened that Frank­lin Graham has gotten into the fray about President Obama's declaration that he is a Christian. It doesn't help the cause of Christ and is not the right Christian pastoral influence on government. His father learned this hard lesson after his fiasco with President Nixon.

This is a rant for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. Another accident on Mike Padgett Highway. Until you people start enforcing the law and writing some tickets, it's going to continue to be a death trap. I followed a Richmond County policeman up Highway 56 today. I was doing 65 and couldn't even keep up with him. He turned onto Brown Road, as I did. I lost sight of him. I went up to the Pine Hill Grocery and, lo and behold, there he was, buying lottery tickets. So how can you expect to stop the accidents and slow people down if you're not obeying the law?

It's not the highway. It's not the truck drivers. It's the people who don't want to wait. They pull out in front of these trucks. If they took the phones out of their ears and paid attention and quit pulling in front of these tractor-trailer trucks, it'd be a lot better on Highway 56.

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ZenoElia 04/30/11 - 07:37 am
It's here again. Sunshine, no

It's here again. Sunshine, no rain, heat and humidity. Now that's a perfect Southern day. And watch out for Saturn opposing Venus. Keep yer money in yer pockets and wait for a better day. Keep yer tongue in cheek and don't say it. You'll be glad you didn't.
ON wit de show...

1) Any entity that 'reorganizes' is usually saying they have financial woes...just like always.
2) When is the govt gonna bail out the student loan corp?
3) Ha-ha. Next.
4) The teacher should be made to sit on a bar stool w a dunce cap on in front of the BOE for a week and forced to tell every passer-by they are stupid.
5) Any religious leader has an obligation to speak the truth in love. If the President is offended, he should forgive as any good Christian would, or else admit the leader is on track. You will know they are Christians by their love.
6) Good cops and bad cops. Everyone has them. You found one of the loafers that day. Did you think to get his name and badge number and inquire if he was on duty or not?
7) Stupid drivers cause most accidents.

Well....it's the weekend. Get up and enjoy life today. Tomorrow is never promised. Do your best to give beyond what anyone asks or expects. Surprise yourself. Give until it hurts. Have a super day off.

OldschoolGeezer 04/30/11 - 09:40 am
All of this brewhaha in the

All of this brewhaha in the city/county council is getting rediculas. Seems like one faction is trying its best to see that they can't do any business. First they don't want to approve a new handbook that protects the taxpayers from fraud, abuse, and unscupulous employees and in the end saves Govt funds; now they are barking about the move to the new Govt Center.

If I had any idea of the problems with the political climate of this "fine old Southern City" when I moved here, I wouldn't have even concidered it.

daphne3520 04/30/11 - 11:18 am
Rave # 3: Wake UP and smell

Rave # 3: Wake UP and smell the coffee!!!!

Last comment: Too bad more citizens don't agree with your CORRECT assessment. Trucks cannot stop on a dime and give you nine cents change!

cissy 05/01/11 - 08:54 am
My child was the one called

My child was the one called stupid and placed on the wall for not knowing the date. She also said she was called retarded. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!SHAME ON YOU! I will not tolerate any kind of abuse to my child. Not one of those teachers in that school would tolerate me saying that to one of their children. What makes it right to say it too mine?????

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