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FOLKS, STOP WHINING about high prices until you trade in your trucks and huge worthless SUVs. Stay home. Visit with your kids. Or maybe call your parents!

ON THE RANT and rave about the lifetime politicians. The only way we're ever going to get them out of office is demand it be on the ballot that we vote for term limits for all politicians. If the president of the United States has term limits and only can serve for eight years, all congressmen, senators and local government should have a term limit.

A HUGE RANT to the "no good" who brutally beat a lady in south Augusta recently. I have personally known this fine lady all my life and my heart goes out to her and her family. I wonder if she will ever be able to recover physically and emotionally. The "no good" deserves to rot in jail.

HEADLINE: "Tax will increase gas prices by 3 cents." Over the years, professional politicians have learned to pass laws that later will automatically trigger raising taxes without those politicians having to vote for it, thus the pols claim they didn't raise our taxes. Georgia even has a "fiscal economist" (Heaghney) who says, "The state didn't vote to raise taxes." Of course, previous pols DID set the whole scam up; and it is a SCAM. And the whole story never mentions one name of a politician other than Gov. Deal and he's only mentioned in an offhand way. Who are the bums passing such automatic tax increases? News media, name some names!

S.C. DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS claim that for a voter to PROVE he is a legit voter by producing an easy-to-get document "supresses turnout by minority, disabled and elderly voters." Then they argued that "... supplying a free photo ID will be expensive." Life ain't free to anybody but politicians and communists!

WE ARE QUICKLY approaching the economic condition known as "stag-flation" where prices continue to rise even though supply exceeds demand. The only other time in our nation's history that we experienced this phenomenon was when Jimmy Carter was in office. He wasn't a good president, either.

THIS IS A RANT to my principal who didn't congratulate me or allow a small party in honor of me winning the Golden Apple Award. Maybe you're just jealous. No one ever nominated you for anything other than the fly in the ointment!

I THINK HALLS OF FAME should be funded by those who are famous. Why should taxpayers have to pay to honor rich and famous living people? I'm sure museums are doing enough as it is to educate people about the arts and sports as well as history. So why don't we throw the money to museums, where there's more of a draw for diverse crowds? Our local museums do a top notch job of it with limited funds as it is.

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Dudeness 04/28/11 - 09:20 am
Great idea. I'll just go take

Great idea. I'll just go take on a new car payment with higher insurance rates and tag fees so that I can save on gas until 2012 when hopefully some common sense will be elected into office.

ZenoElia 04/28/11 - 09:39 am
Well, how 'bout dem storms? I

Well, how 'bout dem storms?
I trust everyone got sufficient rain w minimal damages otherwise.
It's Thor's Day, so whaddya expect anyway? Sprinkles on yer do-nuts? Hope the hammer didn't hit ya.
Now on wi' de show...

1) When I trade my truck in, I'll be out of business...sorry, Charlie-ain't gonna happen.
2) Yeah let's keep electing folks who know nothing about gov't and turn them loose in our monster bureaucracy...I'm sure they'll figure it out. How about we get rid of lobbyists and the MIC?
3) Agreed. Glad she survived. Hope the thug doesn't.
4) Just elect someone else next time. We already covered it.
5) Time for the mark of the beast. Chips anyone?
6) Yeah let's blame the economy on THIS president. Why aren't Bush and Cheney in jail for war crimes and conflicts of interests, insider trading, shady bank bailouts, and insurance schemes, racketeering?...I could go on...
7) Let another praise you. Why should you be shamed by your own ego and prideful remarks? Be glad someone recognized you at all.
8) I think Augusta tries too hard to impress others outside the area and neglect their own more than they should...it's all about attracting investors.
Well, that's my 2¢ worth. It's still the day the Lord has made. Be glad and rejoice with me that you are alive and breathing and have another opportunity today to better yourself by helping the less fortunate.
Give until it hurts, because the blessings will overtake you like a slow moving storm, and you will be glad you gave beyond anyone's expectation.
"...the measure you give will be the measure you get..."
God bless n G'day.

daphne3520 04/28/11 - 10:41 am
Rant # 7: KUDOS to you!!!!

Rant # 7: KUDOS to you!!!! These principals and their assistants let their little authority go to their heads!

kmb413 04/28/11 - 10:50 am
Got some big hail this

Got some big hail this morning in Grovetown. About golf ball size. It woke me up hitting the roof. I hate getting up earlier than I have to.

ZenoElia 04/29/11 - 12:52 am
My point was the same as

My point was the same as yours, TNT, that we move on. I simply made the same accusations that the popular myth purports in all the media sideshows we get bombarded with daily. Re-hashin' the past only opens wounds not yet healed and festers the same divides we are experiencing.
Don't lose faith in humanity; love will wax cold, and the days will be shortened, so that a remnant of humanity is preserved.
I am confident of that.
And we should make our voices heard at the polls come next election if this group keeps playing politics as usual. Like you said, we need solutions, not complicating current issues or playing the blame game which does nothing.
I'm on your side, not against it.

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