Immigration bill is OK'd by committee

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ATLANTA --- A Georgia Senate committee on Wednesday approved an altered version of a House bill that aims to crack down on illegal immigration but kept intact many provisions similar to those in a tough law enacted last year in Arizona.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill sponsored by Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, but the version that cleared the panel is a hybrid of Ramsey's bill and a similar measure sponsored by Sen. Jack Murphy, R-Cumming. A House committee on Monday had gutted Murphy's bill and substituted the text of Ramsey's bill.

The version of Ramsey's bill that was approved by the Senate committee still would authorize law-enforcement officers to check the immigration status of certain criminal suspects and penalize people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants.

The new version also retains language that would require employers with more than four workers to verify the immigration status of new hires using a federal database called E-Verify.

The new version does not include a section that would have allowed individual citizens to sue local governments and agencies that don't use federal databases to check the legal status of new hires.

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copperhead 03/31/11 - 05:55 am
Oh the hatred and racism.

Oh the hatred and racism. That is their ONLY motivation. They think of nothing but hate and racism. Why would they want to stop these poor people from coming to the land of the free? The free education,the free meducal care,the free housing? Racists and haters one and all.

Labatt 03/31/11 - 08:57 am
Copperhead.. Nothing is free.

Copperhead.. Nothing is free. Has nothing to do with racism or hatred. We, the tax payers, cannot afford to support these folks any longer. They want to live the "American Dream" but not pay for it like the rest of us (well some of us anyway).

Runner46 03/31/11 - 09:26 am
I hope this bill goes all the

I hope this bill goes all the way. It's time to make a stand against the illegal invaders! We are a country with borders. There is a right way and a wrong way to enter this country. There is absolutely no excuse to hire undocumented, illegal laborers, especially when there are so many U.S. citizens looking for employment. The tide is turning and taking illegal aliens back from where they came!

rbndawn 03/31/11 - 12:14 pm
This is all wrong! Who's

This is all wrong! Who's fault is this situation? The goverment, they just don't get it! They can save all the expenses this is going to cause by just going after the employers that hire them, let the police go after the real criminals... How about all the American Citizens that are abusing the system by receiving assitance while they are sitting at home doing nothing? At expense of all of us taxpayers! The un-employed that really want to work will do those jobs. Minimum wage is better than no wage. Illegal alliens came here to work (most of them)and if there is no work they have nothing to do here, they will go back were they came from without us having to pay for it!!!! Trust me they will...
As long as goverment keep on supporting people that doesen't deserve it and start forcing them to get to work, somebody else will do those jobs. Guess who? People don't want to make minimum wage???!!! Somebody fail to teach them that this can be avoided by staying in school getting an education.

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