Immigration bill now targets identity fraud

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ATLANTA --- A state lawmaker who has sponsored a bill that would crack down on illegal immigration in Georgia is adding an identity fraud provision to discourage the use of false documents when applying for jobs.

State Rep. Matt Ramsey plans to present a revised measure at a House committee meeting Monday. The Peachtree City Republican said in an interview Saturday that the biggest change was prompted by testimony at public hearings on the legislation.

"Through the hearing process, we kept hearing from folks about the problem caused by people who are seeking to gain employment and passing fraudulent identification on employers," he said.

Ramsey looked at the identity theft statute and worked with prosecutors in the state to craft a provision that would make it a felony to present fraudulent identification documents or information for the purpose of gaining employment, he said.

The stiff penalty -- one to 15 years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000 -- is meant to help protect employers who don't always recognize false documents and might sometimes find themselves unknowingly hiring illegal immigrants, he said.

Despite testimony from many groups and individuals expressing concern about a proposed requirement that all employers with more than five employees verify the immigration status of new hires by using a federal database called E-Verify, Ramsey said he's not willing to budge.

"Illegal employment is clearly the root cause of illegal immigration, and if we don't take a serious step in this state toward addressing illegal employment, we're not going to ever get substantially at the problem," he said.

The revised bill does address concerns that were raised about the potential for frivolous lawsuits that could stem from part of the proposed law that would allow individual citizens to file lawsuits against local governments or government agencies that don't comply with requirements to check the immigration status of new hires or applicants for public benefits.

The new version of the bill provides for a "notice and cure period" so that local governments or government agencies that are unknowingly violating the requirements have a chance to bring themselves into compliance before litigation could begin.

Ramsey said he's spent a lot of time working on the bill and hopes the House Judiciary Non-Civil committee will vote on it Monday.

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copperhead 02/27/11 - 06:40 am
Here's a hint- If you need a

Here's a hint- If you need a translator for a new employee, he is probably illegally in this country.

Runner46 02/27/11 - 12:40 pm
What about the 1099

What about the 1099 "employees who are not checked by E-verify? You know, the employees who are "independent contractors"! This is the latest scheme whereby employers hire workers and bypass E-verify. I would hope our legislators will include some language to address this situation as well.

Brittanicus 02/27/11 - 07:00 pm


Those States that remains unconcerned to The People's need for relief from sustaining illegal foreign families, will be doomed to higher taxes, spiraling crime and the thin residue of liquid cash in State treasuries. The prime example we have seen is the quandary of the Grand Canyon State of Arizona, where illegal immigration has been eroding Public benefits for years. But Arizona has started the long road back, by pioneering immigration policing laws. The states that have just sat back and watched their States deteriorate through neglect are going to pay the Piper, the rigid way. Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals are deserting Arizona, heading to other States unknown. Has--YOUR--State enforced its immigration laws, or is your State a target?

Every State that wants to defend and protect its legal populace needs to mandate nationwide policing laws E-Verify, 287 (G) and Secure Communities (Fingerprint check for illegal alien criminals and re-entries) and some form of national Whistle-Blower program for protection of jobs, to safeguard America's people jobs. Enrollment in E-Verify has grown from 3,000 companies to 82,000 since it was expanded nationwide in 2003, but participation remains voluntary and is not mandated; covers 1 percent of an estimated 6 million U.S. employers and about 11 percent of annual hiring.

E-VERIFY SHOULD BE MANDATORY AND STRICTLY ENFORCED NATIONWIDE. The only answer to businesses hiring illegal alien labor, is to lock the employers-up and throw away the key? On the law books is "Citizens Arrest,” so it emerges as common sense for the American people to become whistle- blowers and do your civic duty to report to ICE, anybody business, organization or groups, which is aiding and abetting illegal alien workers. Be vigilant as it could easily be your job their taking, specifically if it’s in the construction, service and entertainment industries. The protection of our workforce must be a priority, which seems to be overlooked by every administration; even prior to the 1986 Ronald Reagan amnesty.

THE IS A NATIONAL WHISTLE BLOWERS CENTER FOR MOSTLY CORPORATE FRAUDULENT IRREGULARITIES. SO WE NOW SHOULD NOW ORGANIZE A WHISTLE BLOWER PROGRAM FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION REPORTS. California the Sanctuary State and Sen. Harry Reid's Nevada have been extremely vulnerable, as they have some of the largest populations of illegal aliens in the Sunshine State govern mostly by tax-spending Democratic-Liberals. The employers are comatose into thinking they can escape any risk of being caught, but in the last few months "Howard Industries' of Mississippi were caught red-handed and fined over $2. 2 Million dollars In a statement 600 illegal alien workers were detained by Immigration and Customs Services, with many reentries after being deported before.

My guess is human resources manager Jose Humberto Gonzalez was scapegoat for much bigger fish, when corporate originally stated that no foreign nationals were working at the plant. U.S. Attorney John M. Dowdy Jr. said Howard Industries' hiring practices took jobs away from American citizens who needed them and encouraged illegal immigration."The unlawful actions by companies like Howard Industries in this case contribute significantly to the problem of illegal immigration in the United States." But as always nobody is going to prison, or is there any word of business asset being confiscated? A second time the business should go to the Federal court Steps to be sold. Want to learn more about illegal immigration? Go to NumbersUSA website and fax the Washington lawmakers and fight back against the open border fanatical corruption.

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