Georgia takes back tax refunds

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ATLANTA -- The state Department of Revenue deposited 2010 tax refunds into Georgians' accounts in the last few days then withdrew them, leaving people with strings of bank charges for overdrawn accounts.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution said one man called the department and was offered no explanation of how or why the money was taken back.

"They just said there may have been an error," he said.

And they told him he could appeal his overdraft charges resulting from the withdrawal to the state.

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onlysane1left 01/25/11 - 06:05 pm
Gov. Deal needed to money to

Gov. Deal needed to money to pay off some debts!

oldfella 01/25/11 - 06:07 pm
I am among those who assumed

I am among those who assumed that when my refund went in, it was mine. They never yanked it back since I moved here in 2004. Hopefully we won't be pulling teeth to get reimbursed. Trust me, when I do get reimbursed, I will yank that money out the second it goes in. They FUBAR a simple thing once, they may do it again. But I did get some explanations when I called- here are two:

Since the earliest Federal refunds won't be deposited until 28 Jan, Georgia wanted their refunds to pretty much follow that model. Apparently they had defective calendars.

Explanation two is they are trying out a new system, and it had a glitch they needed to correct.

My question is this - why didn't they try it out on their own employees first? But being government, they have so many layers of insulation and "buckpassery" we'll never know who FUBARed this.

I doubt if the Dept. of Revenue will learn from this....but I sure did!

rj1960j10 01/25/11 - 06:22 pm
I contacted my bank and got

I contacted my bank and got everything straight. I think what needs to happen is all the people who received refunds and had them taken back should file a lwasuit against the state. This is pure criminal, i never gave them permission to take only to deposit, now its going to take a week or more to get MY money.

CABoatright 01/26/11 - 08:17 am
Criminal is absolutely

Criminal is absolutely correct! Overdraft fees at $30 a pop really sucks & you can bet they won't be answering that 1-800 number in the AJC! Who gave them permission to put their sticky little fingers in our accounts anyway & what's next-maybe just take our money off the top before we even file taxes for the year???

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