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The recovery of Hope

Victim refuses to attend hearings

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Jennie Hope said the man who beat her Sept. 1, inflicting injuries that put her in the hospital in critical condition, told her he would not only kill her, but burn her body.

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Kimo Zamarron, Jennie Hope's son, is managing Lotto Express while his mother recovers from the Sept. 1 beating.  RAINIER EHRHARDT/STAFF
Kimo Zamarron, Jennie Hope's son, is managing Lotto Express while his mother recovers from the Sept. 1 beating.

Police would later charge Franklin Wright in her attack, and would also identify him as the suspect in the Aug. 11 deaths of 75-year-old Yana Schenker and 28-year-old Shalamar Byrd in Aiken County. Both of their bodies were burned.

To Hope, he had been a friendly face who had stopped in at Lotto Express, at 1302 Broad St., to play Keno for about two years. He often talked to Hope and others in the store about his military career.

When he stopped by the store Sept. 1, he told her his car had broken down. Hope, who had closed the store, said she let him in to wait on a ride.

When officers found her several hours later -- unconscious in a back room -- they first thought she had been shot in the head because of the pool of blood.

She suffered fractures in seven parts of her face and hemorrhaging. Doctors had to work to save her left eye. Her store had also been robbed.

Thursday, about two weeks after her release from the hospital, she said she's taking recovery one step at a time. She walks slowly, and with help.

"(Doctors) said it will take about six months to get kind of back to normalcy," said daughter Jennifer Hope. "Then probably for the next year she'll be having memory lapses, bouts of dizziness and sudden migraines."

Jennie Hope said she still isn't used to the healing face she sees in the mirror. On Thursday, she declined to have her picture made.

"We really thought in the hospital from the way she looked that she was going to pass," Jennifer Hope said.

Although it isn't the first time she's been attacked, this one was the worst.

In the four years she has owned the business, it has been burglarized twice and she has been robbed three times.

Once, a masked man followed her from the store to her home nearly 30 minutes away and robbed her at gunpoint in her garage.

The store, which is seeing significantly less business now, is the family's main source of income. Jennie Hope's husband, a Vietnam War veteran, is unable to work. In 2002 he was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has only one lung

"My money is completely out now," Jennie Hope said.

Although doctor bills are mounting, the family is closing the business. They would like to be gone by Nov. 1, but are finding it difficult to get out of their lease.

Jennie Hope's son currently manages the store but closes earlier, to be safe. She stops in to visit once a week after doctor appointments.

She said it hasn't bothered her to revisit the scene of her attack.

"It's all in the past," Hope said. "There's nothing you can do about the past."

Hope said she couldn't bring herself to attend Wright's court appearances. Seeing his face would bring back too many painful memories, she said.

The homeless who Jennie Hope opened her heart to still stop in to ask about her progress. It wasn't uncommon for her to offer cups of coffee, hot dogs and refuge from the heat and cold to them.

Her daughter said several have been moved to tears when they see the battered woman sitting behind the counter.

Want to help

Donation tubs have been set up at numerous locations around Augusta. Jennie Hope's children are accepting donations at

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johnston.cliff 10/08/10 - 07:40 am
The property manager is

The property manager is giving the family difficulty in getting out of the lease? Who is the property manager/owner?

mable8 10/08/10 - 10:52 am
What a coward the perpetrator

What a coward the perpetrator is; wonder if he feels like superman after he's done his wicked deed. Perhaps a jury of his peers, after finding him guilty, will provide him with a permanent place in the big house.

Quack Quack Quack
Quack Quack Quack 10/08/10 - 11:17 am
I Pray that Ms Hope continues

I Pray that Ms Hope continues to recover from this terrible crime. I'm just thankful that this "man"/ bum, didn't kill her. I also hope that he gets everything coming to the fullest extent of the law.

recoveringaddict 10/08/10 - 12:54 pm
Thanking God for Ms Hope's

Thanking God for Ms Hope's recovery. I'm so glad she's alive. I am a person that was once homeless. Ms Hope was so kind to me three years ago by giving me cold drinks and a place to sit out of the heat. She is truly a special person.

RAWR 10/08/10 - 01:36 pm
Animals like this should be

Animals like this should be executed immediately.

CricketSeranade 10/08/10 - 02:53 pm
According to the GIS map

According to the GIS map located on the county's website, the property is owned by Osbon LLC so I seriously doubt that a corporation would care anything about what she went through. The only thing they care about is the money.

Farmboy 10/08/10 - 04:58 pm
I'm very happy that this lady

I'm very happy that this lady survived, and I hope she makes a full recovery. As for that thing that committed the crime, forget it.

seenitB4 02/06/11 - 01:33 pm
Comments about Ms Hope....the

Comments about Ms Hope....the attacker gets his 2 cents already..
Good luck Ms Hope.

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