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Man armed himself to catch thief, police say

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A North Augusta man armed himself with a shotgun and a pistol Tuesday in hopes of catching whoever stole his motorcycle, a North Augusta Public Safety report states.

An officer was sent to the 600 block of Hutchinson Drive around 7 a.m. to investigate the theft but was told en route that a man carrying weapons was walking the street.

The officer said he saw Kevin Franklin, 25, holding the loaded guns outside his house. Franklin dropped the weapons at gunpoint after several orders from the officer, a report states.

Franklin said he was hoping to catch the thief who took his motorcycle, according to a report. He was charged with presenting a firearm.

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nadps53jrt 09/29/10 - 04:53 pm
flipa, I didn't want to

flipa, I didn't want to retire. But I had to. I took 3 gunshot wounds from a .357. Bullet proof vest stopped the first round. I then took one to the left side of my head taking my hearing from my left ear and equalibrium problems. I took a shot to my left hip area causing artheritis in my back down to my left knee.
I was able to return fire killing the suspect.
With equalibrium problems, if you give me field sobriety test, I would fail.
If you were shot and it disabled you, then you should be allowed to retire.

TakeAstand 09/29/10 - 06:00 pm
Kevin, probably your only

Kevin, probably your only mistake was walking through the neighborhood, had you came through the woods like you had said this probably never would have never happened and even the police probably would have had sympathy for you, but I think the situation was just a little scary for everyone involved. I understand what you did and I know many people who would have probably gotten fed up and done the same and they are good people not looking to hurt anyone, but tired of feeling so violated and helpless, but probably stayed closer on their property. I am truly sorry this had to happen to you. I understand your frustration. Thanks to the bleeding hearts, more and more we have to protects ourselves and our property, no one else will do it and we shouldn't just have to live in terror because of lowlife thieves attacking us and never knowing when they may just come in your home and get violent too. The justice system definitely won't do it and that is a fact!!!! We have to get tough!!! They steal a lot more from you than just your property when they come on your property and take your things. You seem like a good and logical guy, who just made a little error in judgement in the heat of the moment, but completely understandable. I wish you the absolute best!!!

nofrillls13 09/29/10 - 06:56 pm
Kevin- I think I would of

Kevin- I think I would of done the same thing, I am just sorry they didnt take a proper report on your bike. I am also sorry that a broke down shotgun scare the heck out of people. What they should be scared of is how many dangerous people they come in contact with everyday and we have people like you willing to give up their own time to protect your neighborhood. The charge even sounds trumped up. What the story failed to report is the fact at any time if you had made any hostile actions towards the police the charges would be felony and you would still be in jail. We need a way to share info between the neighborhood watch groups so we can help locate stolen cars and motorbikes that show up in our neighborhoods. just a thought. again my hat off to you Kevin.

fatboyhog 09/29/10 - 10:14 pm
Maddog says, "You catch

Maddog says, "You catch someone stealing your property and shoot them, it's not murder."
Maybe Austin Rhodes has rubbed off on you and you believe the drivel he the laws on protecting property and when you can use deadly force. Then read the laws on Murder. I don't know about Carolina, but in GA, you CAN NOT kill someone for merely stealing your property. If you think that you can, and if you ever shoot and kill someone, your relatives will be visiting you in prison

flipa 09/29/10 - 10:17 pm
nadps53jrt wrote; "flipa, I

nadps53jrt wrote;
"flipa, I didn't want to retire. But I had to. I took 3 gunshot wounds from a .357. Bullet proof vest stopped the first round. I then took one to the left side of my head taking my hearing from my left ear and equalibrium problems. I took a shot to my left hip area causing artheritis in my back down to my left knee.
I was able to return fire killing the suspect."

Now that you mention it i did see your vest. WOW! Thank God you lived through all that & thank God i got hit in my Bone headed-head or i coulda got hurt. ha ahah It just punched through my Helmet a little. It was in one of those NON-WARS no one ever hears about. Have to admit when I joined the Guard up north even though it was a “secret base” crawling with delta and every other alphabet I was a little shocked when about all I heard for 8 years was “Get on de plane” “Get off de plane”, “Get on de other plane”. Guess I was just a little too good at what I did and they couldn’t find another S-U-C-K-E-R. Did get popularly nominated National Guard of the year out of it, at least. Thankfully some in the Justice Dept walked through the same hell with gasoline drawers as i did and we keep in touch. Would you do U.S. all a favor and put in a good word for our Citizen here? He sounds legit, I think he was just “in the moment”, and he IS one of the Neighborhood watch Guys we’ve been buggin everybody to be, right? My Brother was a cop, my nephew was a cop my Granpa was a Marshall, and I KNOW cops look out for others. Put in a good word for him from your direction and I’m gonna try to do anything I can from mine. Maybe we can clear up some court time for the REAL bad guys, OK?

maddog 09/30/10 - 08:09 am
Fatboyhog, if anyone comes on

Fatboyhog, if anyone comes on my property in the wee hours of the night and tries to steal my property, and I catch them, they will never live to see me in jail.
I know several people in law enforcement, and most do their job well. I respect them for what they do. I know a few that have no business having any part of law enforcement, and those bring a bad name to the rest.

dwb619 09/30/10 - 04:42 pm
As said before, you can not

As said before, you can not use deadly force in the protection of property. One must be extremely careful in their statement to law enforcement if ever involved in such a situation. This is for the state of South Carolina, where I have held a CWP for several years.
I only mention the CWP because 4 hours of day long class and 90% of the written test are based on the law of deadly force, and the "tenet of retreat".

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