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KKK plans rally for Aiken ballpark in April

AIKEN - The Ku Klux Klan plans to hold a rally in Clearwater on April 3.

Tim Bradly, Grand Dragon of the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said Wednesday he is trying to make a reservation to use Harrison-Cavers Park's ballpark.

Assistant County Administrator Todd Glover said the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department has not received notice of the rally, but there are no restrictions on what type of group can hold a rally, festival or other event at public parks.

April's rally will focus on immigration issues and the Obama administration, Bradly said.

The Aiken County area has about 85 Klan members, and there are about 220 members in the state, he said. The organization's last local rally was in Burnettown in September 2000.

Man gets 7 years for hospital burglary

A man suspected of breaking into a University Hospital office building and causing $284,000 in damage pleaded guilty.

The Richmond County Superior Court jury trial for James M. Allen, 50, was set to begin Monday afternoon.

Allen pleaded guilty to burglary and received a seven-year prison sentence to be followed by 13 years' probation, Assistant District Attorney Adam King said. Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. also ordered restitution. Allen admitted he broke into Professional Office Building One on May 19, 2007. Extensive water damage was caused after he plugged a sink and left water running.

Allen's arrest came through a DNA match, King said. Allen left behind an unfinished bottle of soda, and his DNA was collected from it, King said. A DNA sample taken from Allen after a Florida conviction connected him to the break-in, King said.

27-year-old charged with child molestation

An Augusta man was arrested Tuesday and charged in connection with a child molestation that occurred in 2004.

James Stanley Terrell Jr., 27, of the 1000 block of Kent Street, was charged with aggravated child molestation, according to Richmond County jail records.

The arrest was made after a child told investigators that Terrell forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2004, according to a Richmond County sheriff's report. The child was 6 years old at the time the incident occurred, according to the report.

Woman is indicted in Nov. 27 slaying

An Augusta woman was indicted on murder charges Tuesday.

The Richmond County grand jury issued the indictment against Anna M. Barrett, 45, in connection with the Nov. 27 slaying of Jimmy Finley Jackson, 44.

Jackson was found bleeding from stab wounds in front of the Augusta Super Inn. He later died at Medical College of Georgia Hospital.

Augusta settles in Fort Discovery fall

City officials have agreed to pay $40,000 to settle a 2004 claim filed by a woman who tripped over a space left by a missing brick near the helicopter display at Fort Discovery.

Marilyn Brown, 58, broke her hip and became permanently disabled because of the fall in 2002, according to her lawsuit, which names both Augusta and the riverfront science museum.

A city committee agreed to terms of the settlement Monday.

Jury indicts man, 53, in armed robberies

The Richmond County grand jury indicted a 53-year-old man Tuesday in a series of armed robberies.

Gregory Johnson is accused of robbing or attempting to rob restaurants and businesses on Washington Road, Windsor Spring Road, Wrightsboro Road and Georgetown Drive in November and December.

Police arrest man in Sears TV scam

Authorities have arrested a man accused of scamming people at Augusta Mall.

Emanuel Randolph Bing, 36, was charged Wednesday night with theft by deception and theft by taking, according to Richmond County jail records.

Bing is accused of tricking shoppers at the Sears store into giving him cash by telling them he could purchase TVs for them at discounted prices.

Bing is charged with keeping the money and fleeing the store.

Mistakenly released man facing charges

A man charged in a series of attacks on area women, who was   mistakenly freed from a state prison , should be back in Augusta to face charges within 10 days, said District Attorney Ashley Wright.

Charles "Tony" James, 34, also is accused of going on a three-state crime spree after his Nov. 27 release from Valdosta State Prison. He was arrested in Springfield, Ill., in January.

James was released from prison after completing a sentence for violating parole, when  a paperwork glitch made it appear that he  didn't have any outstanding charges. James faces aggravated sodomy, armed robbery and kidnapping charges in Richmond County Superior Court.

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Petey Aitchess
Petey Aitchess 02/25/10 - 02:55 am
Armed robbers hit Rhinehart's

Armed robbers hit Rhinehart's on Washington Rd about 12:15am. At least 1 shot was fired from a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. There is a twist to the suspect descriptions on this one though. 2 young blacks of course, both wearing blue jeans and dark jackets, both armed with handguns, both had their faces covered with black shirts/doo rags. Here is the twist - one is male about 6'2" tall with a medium build, the other is approx 5'4" tall with a thin build and is possibly FEMALE! I suppose the couple that robs together .....

msgret92 02/25/10 - 06:42 am
It's a shame that the twist

It's a shame that the twist wasn't that one had a 9mm hole through his skull.

Notreally 02/25/10 - 08:54 am
I wonder how many more days

I wonder how many more days will the Kronicle report and promote the KKK rally. This is day 2.

deekster 02/25/10 - 09:28 am
I thought that "surviving

I thought that "surviving the obstacle course" called the River Walk was the purpose of visiting same. God thing she wasn't there when they dropped the "construction crane" on the River Walk during a "flood training exercise". Arnie's statue even moved to avoid damage. The upper level was fine until they started "driving trucks and heavy commercial vans" up and down for events. Those brick pavers were now designed to support "TV trucks, beer trucks, construction vehicles. Maybe a golf cart. Many of the "pavers" were not even in cement in the beginning. No maintenance Augusta Project. Let's tear it down and build something else. Tear the whole levee down. Move into the 21st century.

deekster 02/25/10 - 09:31 am
"Beyond casual". LOL

"Beyond casual". LOL Shootings at the "wing place". Where once we were in danger of second hand smoke, we now dodge bullets. What "zone" is that location? I think it is in the Old Waynesboro Rd. Zone.

Aliyah 02/25/10 - 12:19 pm
just because the kkk wants to

just because the kkk wants to rally don't mean they can't.But I have a Right not to Go.I don't want to nor care too.Just like the gay pride parade they have there right to parade.Will not attend that one either.I just stay away. That is the freedoms we currently have.But to keep protesting these rights just makes people courious and they will regret supporting these events.Because both of these events are not really needed.

JoeWillie 02/25/10 - 05:58 pm
Apparently the Confederate

Apparently the Confederate johnny-rebels who live in Aiken, South Carolina doesn't care about their city's well being very much... If they really cared about Aiken, they would not place their city in jeopardy and at risk by inviting the Ku Klu Klan to hold a rally there. The people of Aiken must learn the facts that everything they do will have its consequences.

Forethought 02/25/10 - 06:35 pm
I understand the different

I understand the different opinions posted here. However, with the KKK rally it is very simple. The law gives that organization the freedom to assemble regardless of the type of group it is. The people of that city/county also have the right to apply for permits to hold an anti-KKK rally, if you will, to show their distain for the group's image/trademark etc.

mefirst 02/26/10 - 12:19 am
Where is that righteous

Where is that righteous indignation that is so evident when any Black commits a crime when The Chronicle blares out information on Klan marches for two days? I lived in Augusta when it was Jim Crow and I can tell you it was common to see Blacks and Jews killed.You are strangely silent about a group that openly espouses racial intolerance and hatred for any none white citizen of America. I can take it when I read all the garbage you people write about Blacks needing to have holes shot in their heads
for the admittedly awful crimes some of us commit,but this tacit approval of Klan activity is purely disgusting. I understand that some of you will never accept that Blacks are just as deserving of the freedoms granted all Americans constitutionally, but you just don't get it...What the Klan represents is EVIL, plain and simple EVIL! "You People" need to grow up...go to church, and Pay Attention while you're there. You need Jesus in your lives, people. That you can condone by your silence this awful group is appalling, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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