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Agreement reached to continue Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage at MCG

Thursday, Aug 16, 2012 6:14 PM
Last updated 10:16 PM
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Patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance can continue using Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics after long negotiations ended with a new agreement reached Thursday.

The multiyear contract, of which the terms were not made public, is effective immediately, according to a joint news release from MCG and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

A standoff began several months ago because MCG said rates had been unchanged since 2003, but Blue Cross contended that the health system’s doctors received higher than market rates.

The health system, which set an initial termination date for the contract in January, extended it several times while trying to reach an agreement. The final extension came in the past two days.

Blue Cross Blue Shield representatives traveled on Thursday to Augusta, where the final negotiations were made.

The new agreement “provides incentives for quality improvements aimed at reducing readmission rates,” according to the release.

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Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 08/16/12 - 08:55 pm
Told y'all. Just like a few

Told y'all. Just like a few years ago with St. Joseph Hospital (or was it Trinity?). Glad they've come to an agreement.

Fiat_Lux 08/16/12 - 09:04 pm
These people are jerks.

And, because they are jerks, they have no problem jerking vulnerable people around by the throat. They deserve to have very bad things happen to them for the anxiety they eggregiously caused so many people. Heartless creeps.

soapy_725 08/17/12 - 10:04 am
BC/BS is a for profit business.....

MCG Health is the CSRA leader in "over charging for services". What is a reasonable charge for a medical service? This is a game that providers and insurance companies play all the time.Are we threatened by that phrase? We would speculate that some do not have issues with for profit businesses reducing the "ounces in the package" of cookies or crackers and keeping the price the same. Or a for profit business using a half gallon package with 48 ounces inside and charging the same. Selective logic. We are all guilty of creating our own villains.

We wish our government would look for "reasonable charges", negotiated, when they buy from contractors with our money.

CryoCyberTronics 08/17/12 - 10:21 am
GRU Hospital at MCG

Do you think that by "Branding" Dr. Ozy at MCG is talking about trying to make theCH Hospital into Corporation The way University Hospital left The Richmond County Government and tax payers? I still have a copy of the Southern Bell Yellow Pages Phone Book from 1972 with the newly completed University Hospital on the cover. A Hospital Building in which The Augusta-Rochmond Coundy Tax Payers paid for with a Bond Issue. Every since than after the new University Houspital Building opened it has been on a run away coloration building new Medical Centers with its own funds in Coulmbia County one in Martinez One in Evens one in Aiken South Carolina, and this year Bought The McDuffie County Hospital in Thomson Georgia. All with it own money. The Ga BoR seeing how this was done sees An opportunity take over MCG and make it a State owned Hospital Medical Centers in all major Georgia cities with MCG no longer having any ties or connection to Augusta Georgia or the now named GRU. All association with these medical centers will be associated will the University of Georgia at Athens medical school...!

Hope Blue Cross Blue Shiled hearth care did not over pay MCG and try to pass the higher rate fee to the police holders. The would only be the big inning of the end as we know MCG Medical Center.

CryoCyberTronics 08/17/12 - 11:25 am
Great Hearth Care System Make Great Hospitals

Just a thought I wonder how many members of the Georgia board of regents would like to be a University Hospital Board of trustee here in Augustine Georgia as with great power comes great responsibility

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