Stone files complaint about Yu's finances

ATLANTA — Republican U.S. House candidate John Stone filed a complaint with the Federal Elec­tion Com­mis­sion on Friday about the campaign finances of rival Eu­gene Yu, whose spokesman denies any wrongdoing.

Stone relied on a story from Morris News Service that reported on questions about the source of more than $700,000 in loans Yu has made to his campaign. The questions arose because his personal financial disclosure did not include that much income, cash or liquid assets.

“If Mr. Yu can provide a satisfactory explanation of where these funds originated, we will withdraw the complaint,” said Megan Seda, Stone’s campaign manager.

Yu’s campaign spokesman, Brandon Phillips, said any political newcomer can struggle with complex federal paperwork.

“Any errors the campaign committed in filing reports early on in the campaign were self-reported and corrected with the FEC,” Phil­lips said. “However, it doesn’t help when a novice candidate is not being served well by consultants trying to make a quick buck as opposed to making sure all the nuances of federal campaign-finance law are followed.”

One of Yu’s original consultants and his campaign administrator are heading to jail for lying to police in relation to a separate campaign in Cherokee County.

“Those people are no longer with the campaign,” Phil­lips said. “Any forms currently with the FEC are accurate and comply with the law.”

Stone asks the commission to act urgently out of concern that Yu might use illegal funds to bankroll a last-minute ad blitz. “The magnitude of these violations are such that could alter the results of the May 20 Republican primary elections if allowed to stand,” Stone wrote.

Stone also pointed to reports about a donation by a corporation owned by Yu’s campaign chairman, Wayne Brown of Augusta. Federal candidates cannot accept corporate donations, and the campaign took months to issue a refund.

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Navy Gary
Navy Gary 05/16/14 - 10:46 pm
Or Maybe...

LOL...Stone asks the commission to act urgently out of concern that Yu might use illegal funds to bankroll a last-minute ad blitz" ??

Or Maybe...Stone is using a clerical error/oversight for a pre-election smear campaign. ??

I think Mr. Stone should wait until AFTER he loses to start

dickworth1 05/17/14 - 04:56 am
No stone!

It appears to me that Mr. Stone is worried about his chances of winning when he goes after an opponent at the last minute. I do not know either of these two candidates, but it like a witch hunt at the last minute. This happen to Helen Adams-Blocker but nothing has been said about mason jar and his troubles with domestic problems. Richmond county has major problems with all their candidates and with their personnel in leadership positions. It is time to elect non professional politicians to office and get these clowns out of office.

Riverman1 05/17/14 - 06:55 am
$740,000 And Still Counting

$740,000 was mentioned in the other story I believe. No matter where he got it, that's a lot of money for such an outside chance of winning. If that's the kind of money it takes to run for public office, I couldn't run for the library book selection committee.

JRC2024 05/17/14 - 09:55 am
RM, nor would I ever want to

RM, nor would I ever want to spend that much of my own money for election to any office. I bet Rick Allen has spent tripple that much.

nocnoc 05/17/14 - 10:03 am
Early on the YU camp looked very promising

But the campaign has had one major screw up after another.

*The $$$$$ problem with Socialist/Communist Venezuela.
*Changing a run from Senate to the House .....
* $700k+ of out pocket campaign financing after a recent bankruptcy?

and etc....

I just don't see a worthy/organized candidate anymore in Mr. YU.

He should go low tone in his campaign, garner what votes he can for his future political leverage/power base.

Reorganize and run again sometime in the future.

Above all, MINUS some of his Current Key, yet less than inciteful, upper level campaign core staff.

Navy Gary
Navy Gary 05/17/14 - 10:57 am
When candidates spend..

When candidates spend $740,000 of their own money for a job that pays around $174,000 per year, people should take notice. Who can afford to do that? How can they afford to do it and why would they do it? It gives the appearance that these "government positions" yield much more in monetary benefits than just the salary.

rmwhitley 05/17/14 - 05:53 pm
If you

make "financial errors" as a rookie running for office, you can be assured of that rookie's "errors" after being elected and you having to pay the tab. You're facing the same problem in Richmond county as you elect a mayor.

SRD 05/17/14 - 09:45 pm
Politics and the definition

Poly (Many) tics (Blood Suckers) If Mr. Yu having gone to such extreme measures to bring in cash it makes me concerned. I've met John Stone and I remember him from the old WBBQ days. He was always a straight up guy. He experience working for Charlie Norwood and others in DC is invaluable. Mr. Yu, if you can't take the heat get out of the fire.

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