Lee Anderson calls John Barrow's accusations untrue

With one week to go before the election, 12th Congressional District candidate Lee Anderson spent Tuesday making campaign stops with veteran South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson. His message – no cuts to the defense budget.

Lee Anderson listens as Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina endorses him during a news conference at Anderson's headquarters.  JIM BLAYLOCK/STAFF
Lee Anderson listens as Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina endorses him during a news conference at Anderson's headquarters.

Speaking at a news conference at his campaign headquarters after a visit to the Columbia County American Legion, Anderson said that any cuts he approved in Congress would not include the defense budget.

“The main thing we can do is get Mitt Romney in the White House,” Anderson said. “Then, with Joe Wilson’s leadership, we can make sure that our defense is the strongest defense department ever. We are totally opposite to what Obama and John Barrow want to do. We want to make the defense department stronger.”

When pressed on his incumbent opponent’s stance against the looming economic sequestration and the effect it would have on defense spending, Anderson responded that to support the president was to support sequestration.

“He’s right,” Wilson said, “He (Barrow) supports Obama, the leader in the White House, the man who wants to cut our defense department. That’s the difference right there.”

Anderson also used the news conference to respond to ads Barrow has run questioning his stance on Medicare and Social Security. He said the accusations are unfair and untrue.

“I want people to know clearly that the ads that John Barrow is running on me are lies,” he said. “I will not cut Medicare or Social Security to our senior citizens. I’m here to make sure that the American people create jobs, not the government. We must get back to the basics.”

When asked what message he had for voters, more specifically, voters in Columbia and Richmond counties, Anderson touted his qualifications as a native son.

“I believe in the family home,” he said. “I believe the family home is the bedrock of our country and I believe in running from the family home. The people here know Lee Anderson. They know that they can count on Lee Anderson and that Lee Anderson is accessible.”

He said he believed that in the end, his reputation would precede him and that people would be drawn to not only Lee Anderson the candidate, but Lee Anderson the man and neighbor.

“The people here, the people in Richmond and Columbia County, they know that I’m a servant and not a politician. I’m here to serve and make sure we get back to the basics.”

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Retired Army
Retired Army 10/30/12 - 08:37 pm
Out of Date Photo

Dadgum Chronicle. Here you had Lee in your photographers sights and you're still running that 20 year old profile picture of him.

Don't you guys ever get embarrassed by editorial screwups like that?

Retired Army
Retired Army 10/30/12 - 08:39 pm
Ah, come to think of it, that

Ah, come to think of it, that photo could be what he looked like the last time he debated

fedex227 10/30/12 - 08:57 pm
Sounds pretty silly when you see it in print, doesn't it? ...

'I will make no cuts to social security, no cuts to medicare, no cuts that fund job growth, and especially no cuts to defense spending.' Please tell us Mr. Wizard, just how would you balance the budget and reduce the deficit? For some reason that part of the article seems to be missing.

Tullie 10/31/12 - 06:27 am
Retired Army said:

Ah, come to think of it, that photo could be what he looked like the last time he debated

LOL, good one. He deserved that :o)

He needs to get out there and let us know what he is going to do and not just an endorsement at his headquarters.

He acts like everyone knows Lee Anderson..well, I don't. I need more information than just people speaking for him, crappy fliers that I don't want in the mail, and the dumb ads on TV.

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