Mud in District 12 race continues to fly with Anderson mailer

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012 11:41 AM
Last updated Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012 10:26 PM

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Mud – or in Grovetown state Rep. Lee Anderson’s case – manure – continues to fly in the 12th Congressional District race as Tuesday’s Republican primary runoff between Anderson and Augusta businessman Rick W. Allen grows closer.

A mailer from Lee Anderson for Congress goes too far in accusing Allen of contributing money to incumbent Democrat John Barrow, said Allen’s campaign manager, Scott Paradise.

“It’s a flat-out lie,” Paradise said. “This piece is a last-minute piece, and maybe they thought ‘let’s send it out and hope we don’t get caught.’ But they slipped up.”

The mailer, which features “Rick Allen’s Democrat Dream Team” with photos of Charles “Champ” Walker, Barrow and President Obama, says Allen gave money to Democrats in hopes of securing lucrative government construction contracts.

It cites a Federal Elections Commis­sion filing as the source of information about Allen’s donation to Barrow. The filing, accessible at, shows an April 11, 2006, donation of $250 to Barrow from “Richard E. Allen,” which is the name of an Augusta lawyer, although it lists the donor’s address as the Augusta home of Rick W. Allen, Anderson’s opponent.

In an e-mail Tuesday, Anderson’s political director, Scott Knittle, said “none of our materials ever referenced a donation from Rick E. Allen.”

The money instead came from Associated General Contractors, a political action committee in which Allen has held leadership roles in Georgia and made contributions.

Anderson, a well-funded farmer with a television ad showing manure splattering on Allen’s face, has not agreed to any debates Allen has requested. He also declined an invitation, which Allen accepted, to debate at the Atlanta Press Club today.

Paradise dismissed the other allegations on the mailer – that Allen gave to Walker in 2001 and to a political action committee that supported Obama’s stimulus plan.

Allen briefly supported Walker, a Democrat running for the District 12 seat in 2001, with whom he had a Bible study group, before the emergence of Max Burns as the Republican congressional candidate, according to Paradise.

Associated General Contractors, the source of the PAC donations, gives almost 90 percent of its money to Republican candidates, he said.

Since the primary, Anderson and Allen have exchanged barbs mostly over the new transportation sales tax that Anderson helped authorize in the Legislature, which Allen calls the largest tax increase in Georgia history.

The exchange continued Wednesday with Anderson pointing to a July
debate in Statesboro when Allen was videotaped saying, among other things, the sales tax is “the right kind of tax,” even though his construction com­-
pany builds government buildings funded through a similar 1 percent sales tax.

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itsanotherday1 08/14/12 - 01:53 pm
Sad, but true. Gone are days

Sad, but true. Gone are days where the ordinary guy can make it to Washington. I'm sure Lee is a fine person, but he doesn't have the "gravitas" required in this age to properly represent us in DC.

faithson 08/14/12 - 05:40 pm
beg to disagree

Sorry, but Erickson's comments aside.. Lee is the best man for the job, period. Anyone who thinks as we used to call him 'pretty boy Rick' can beat Barrow will be sorely disappointed come Nov. The 12th district is for the most part rural and I don't see all those south of Augusta being very motivated to vote for 'pretty boy'.

JRE 08/14/12 - 08:04 pm
The man has never met two syllables without tripping over them

pretty good analysis of how unqualified Anderson is

brendadale 08/14/12 - 09:09 pm
Lee is the man for the job

I have seen all the previous debates, and Rick Allen is the one that can't handle it. Why would Lee want to waste his precious time before the runoff debating a person that has no business entering politics.
I would rather see an experienced, honest, down to earth, person represent us in Washington. That person is Lee Anderson. He is someone that the average person can talk to without being looked down on. Rick has snubbed his nose one time too many at people.

lw9474 08/14/12 - 10:11 pm
Really Susan, CNN!?

How ironic that Susan chose to quote CNN. Another font of knowledge. Shoveling out the same stuff she is. One thing I do know is that the truth is a 100% defense to slander. The donation to Barrow came from Rick's home address. He briefly supported Walker. Sounds like John , I was for it before I was against it, Kerry. Oh and the AGC those good ole contractors. You know, the same ones that supported TSPLOST. Just because he is not a member of the Augusta Country Club with Rick and Billy does not mean that he is not qualified. Lee is a successful small business man. Oh, I forgot Rick's friends Barack and John gave him that. Maybe Soledad O'Brien can loan you her bumper sticker.

BillyBobTalksPolitics 08/15/12 - 08:41 am
Hey folks, Billy Bob here

Hey folks, Billy Bob here ready to bring in a reality check! First of all, I have never seen such biased reporting in many, many years! I mean is Susan REALLY going to accuse Lee Anderson of mudslinging? As opposed to Rick W. Allen? REALLY? Folks, Allen just loaned his campaign an additional $250,000 for the sole purpose of dominating the air waves with grossly distorted negative ads against Lee – attempting to characterize the old farmer as a tax hiker! If Rick has the audacity to criticize Lee’s voting record as a state representative, then in fact he is criticizing the majority of all republican state reps. in the Georgia House. Allen forgets to mention the many laws that Anderson voted for that constitute as major TAX CUTS! NO CANDIDATE in this race has thrown more mud, deceit, distortion, and flat out silliness against any other candidate more than Rick W. Allen! Lastly, it is obvious in Lee’ mailer that it is referring to Rick W. Allen donating to the AGC PAC, which in turn has donated to John Barrow’s campaign and has supported Obama’s Stimulus. So, it appears Ms. SUSAN is working hard to get a democrat elected as the Republican nominee to face Barrow in the general election. Allen is only focused on himself, attempting to buy this election and hopefully kickbacks to benefit his large construction business. Allen has donated to democrats hoping for government favors, voted for democrats, and has stayed out of the realm of politics most of his life, putting himself in a precarious position of uncertainty and unreliability. He’s just another big-government liberal who exploits crony-capitalism and leaches off of taxpayer money to make his millions. Allen is simply disguising himself as a conservative Republican – just another fella’ who can talk the talk, but has never walked the walk. Hey Susan, how about you do your job and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothin’ but the TRUTH. Peace out folks!

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 08/15/12 - 09:21 am
Not So Fast

lw9474 posted:

The donation to Barrow came from Rick's home address.

The wrong address for attorney Richard E. Allen could very likely have come from a clerical error of a Barrow staffer. When they get contributions, they very often get incomplete information. In the case of campaign contributions, they need name, address, employer, and occupation. If the donor does not provide some of the information, the campaign staffers merely fill in the rest so they don't get into trouble with the FEC for omissions on the forms.

Petaltothemetal 08/15/12 - 09:38 am
Rick Allen's paycheck is funded by TSPLOST

It's funny how people are knocking Lee Anderson for supporting TSPLOST, when all he did while in Atlanta was allow the citizens the option to vote on it themselves! On the other hand, Rick Allen has made MILLIONS from taxpayer funded SPLOST projects!! His contracts build SPLOST projects, so essentially, he has supported this tax increase all of his career! As a contractor, Allen needs to build a better way to work himself into politics. Bias reporter? Maybe. Glorified construction boss turned Congressman? No.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 08/15/12 - 11:49 am
Successful Businessman

I wish we would get more people with business background in Congress. Goodness knows we've got plenty of ex-lawyers up there now. Let's replace some of them with business owners.

wildman 08/16/12 - 04:48 am

No matter who you vote for in the runoff we will get the lesser of two evils. I am disappointed two men would "sling mud" like they have, grow up. Anderson helped me make my decision when I met him, he walked off when he found out where I worked. Sorry Lee, you had my support until then.

avidreader 08/16/12 - 05:56 am
The Usual Stuff!

I hate politics! Allen or Anderson? Neither have The Right Stuff; they're simply full of the Usual Stuff. Until next Tuesday they will both attempt to distract us with wit and whimsy and a trustful smile.

I will not vote for Barrow, but I have to say, at least he's laid his cards on the table, and he and his dem followers know exactly what kind of stuff he's full of.

Lord, please let November go away as soon as possible.

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