Survey: GOP sweep in Ga. still rolling

ATLANTA -- Georgia voters are favoring Republicans this fall all down the ballot, according to a survey released Thursday.
In the poll, 56 percent of those responding said they were either voting for only Republicans or mostly Republicans. Those voting strictly straight party favored the GOP 38 percent to 27. The division showed 51 percent of whites sticking with a solid GOP ballot while 69 percent of blacks were only considering Democrats.
If voter preference is predictable according to race, it may be less so by gender. The two women on the statewide partisan ballot are each trailing among women voters, but then they are both Democrats.
The survey was conducted for Landmark Communications, a consulting firm working primarily with Republican legislative candidates. It was conducted Tuesday by computerized telephone calls to 3,277 likely voters and has a calculated margin of error of 1.7 percent.
Even though Landmark works with Republican candidates, some GOP campaign officials say their own internal polls consistently show them winning by higher margins.
Landmark did not release results for the labor commissioner, public service commissioner or attorney general races.

Nathan Deal, R 47
Roy Barnes, D 39
John Monds, L 4
Undecided 10

U.S. Senate
Johnny Isakson, R 56
Mike Thurmond, D 35
Chuck Donovan, L 2
Undecided 7

Lieutenant governor

Casey Cagle, R 50
Carol Porter, D 34
Dan Barber, L 2
Undecided 13

Insurance commissioner

Ralph Hudgens, R 54
Mary Squires, D 28
Shane Bruce, L 4
Undecided 14

Agriculture commissioner

Gary Black, R 48
JB Powell, D. 32
Kevin Cherry, L 3
Undecided 17

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Little Lamb
Little Lamb 10/21/10 - 07:47 pm
Gasoline prices have risen

Gasoline prices have risen almost 20 cents a gallon in the past two weeks. If George Bush were still president, Democrats in Congress would be screaming that the price increases were scandalous and that Bush was the cause. But since there is a Democrat in the White House, all is silent. Even the media cannot comment on rising gas prices. But we, the people, know that inflation is eroding our purchasing power.

The Obama administration is on the verge of pumping $250 billion more into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the coming weeks. The purpose is to float cheap mortgages to housing speculators (flippers) to buy up distressed forclosed properties to try and make a quick buck on the backs of unsophisticated consumers.

These may be some reasons why many voters are not voting Democrat on Nov. 2.

Pennywise 10/21/10 - 11:59 pm
But since there is a Democrat

But since there is a Democrat in the White House, all is silent.


Really? Wow....apparently you've missed the constant barrage of criticism Obama receives on a daily basis.

I am so saddened by the collective ignorance in America. Imagine returning to power the very people who created our problems - and who have proved time and again that they do not even understand America's sinking place in the New World Order and the desperate need for progressive actions in order for us to even remain viable in the 21st Century. Goodnight America - the "move backward" folks are sure to put the final nail in our coffin.

How did FDR get us out of the Great Depression? He got us out with huge public work projects, that conservatives would have deemed socialist.

Recent history for children:

See Republicans light house on fire.
See Obama use fire hose to put it out.
See Owner (uneducated Beck watchers) show up saying ‘Why the hell is my house all wet’?

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