Pastors endorse Evans in House District 127 runoff

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013 5:12 PM
Last updated 8:44 PM
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A handful of area pastors have thrown their support behind Jefferson County candidate Diane Evans in her runoff Tuesday for House District 127 with Brian Prince, a retired Army lieutenant colonel.

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Sara Caldwell

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Evans’ campaign released a letter of support Tuesday signed by the Revs. K.B. Martin, Clarence Moore, Karlton Howard and Chavas Boyd; the Rev. Willie Jones, of Stapleton; the Rev. Carl Simmons, of Louisville; and the Rev. Isaac Culbreath, of Louisville.

Martin and Howard, the brother of Augusta legislator Rep. Wayne Howard, D-Augusta, are affiliated with the Baptist Ministers Conference of Augusta, a black activist pastors group that has sued the city over matters related to consolidation, the city administrator’s authority and redistricting.

Evans, a retired educator, pastor and Georgia delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention, “wants to keep the power of our mayor in check” and stands behind President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to the letter.

“She is correct on all of our issues,” it said.

Evans’ campaign manager, Eric Gray, said she hoped to debate Prince about the issues, including any plans he might have for changing Augusta’s charter or the structure of local government, as members of the legislative delegation have tried to do in years past, but no debate has been scheduled.

Prince responded Tuesday with a few new high-profile endorsements of his own, including the Richmond County Association of Educators and Pastors Charles Goodman and Herman Mason.

The former Glenn Hills sports standout has out-raised Evans 4 to 1, according to the latest campaign filings, but Gray said he hoped her recent inclusion on the Georgia WIN List, a statewide network of support for female Democratic candidates, would change that.

Prince, whose big financial backers include recent University System Board of Regents appointee James Hull, entrepreneur Keith Brown and former Augusta Commission candidate and Hardie Davis campaign manager Ed Enoch, said that although he told The Chronicle he was interested in increasing the Augusta mayor’s authority, he is “against changing anything in the consolidation packet right now,” because the commission-weak mayor system established in the charter “is basically to ensure fairness and compromise.”

Prince added that he, too, supports “Obamacare.”

Early voting is underway at the Board of Elections offices in the two counties, and 13 polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.


WHAT: House District 127 runoff election
WHEN: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday
WHERE: Richmond County Board of Elections office, 530 Greene St.; Jefferson County Board of Elections office, 415 Green St. in Louisville


DIANE EVANS (Democrat)


AGE: 52

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Ran for Georgia Senate District 23 in 2010

PROFESSION: Pastor, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Sylvania; retired educator

FAMILY: Widowed; son Michael; daughter Kelsey



AGE: 49

PROFESSION: Retired lieutenant colonel, U.S. Army; former consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton


FAMILY: Wife Lori; son Phillip; daughters Lauren, Lydia and Leah

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Riverman1 11/27/13 - 07:32 pm
No offense to anyone, but the

No offense to anyone, but the more I hear the more I like Brian Prince.

Pops 11/27/13 - 07:41 pm
Enough said

"Evans, a retired educator, pastor and Georgia delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention, “wants to keep the power of our mayor in check” and stands behind President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to the letter.
“She is correct on all of our issues,” it said."

Jon Benson
Jon Benson 11/27/13 - 11:17 pm

Prince was against Obamacare, now he's for it. He wanted to give the mayor more power, now he's against it...guy will say anything to get elected.

just an opinion
just an opinion 11/27/13 - 11:31 pm
Glad my pastor stays out of it

I really don't like Church's supporting candidates. It's not their place and it alienates church members who support other candidates. And doesn't this jepordize their tax exempt status?

GiantsAllDay 11/28/13 - 01:04 am
JAO, You would think

You would think

nocnoc 11/28/13 - 07:18 am
Personally I would call the IRS

and have them yank the 501c# accreditation's for every church.

OH That's right...
What was I thinking, these are OBAMA Supporters,
so that means the DOJ and the IRS are not interested.

wishtofish 11/28/13 - 08:11 am
Affordable care act

Really? For it? All of it? As it stands?
Wow, you are a woman of faith.

Bodhisattva 11/28/13 - 08:26 am
Why do right wingers have a lack of reading comprehension?

Churches didn't and can't endorse anyone. The pastors, just as all other citizens, are free to endorse whichever candidates they choose. If they do if from the pulpits, it does, and should jeopardize the churches' tax free status. If you notice in the article, it says they are members of a separate group, not speaking for any churches.

TrukinRanger 11/28/13 - 09:37 am
If a pastor of a church is

If a pastor of a church is endorsing something political, then to me that's the the church endorsing it. They are the figureheads of these institutions and tax exempt status should be investigated. Religion should NOT be in politics.

Bizkit 11/28/13 - 11:13 am
What happened to separation

What happened to separation of church and state. Pastors should be neutral as a "pastor"-course they can support who they want as a citizen. Now if these pastors are preaching from the pulpit their political support then they broke federal law and the justice dept should swoop down and they lose their exemption status.

Bizkit 11/28/13 - 11:17 am
My bet they do endorse from

My bet they do endorse from the pulpit too because the church is where historically african-americans have discussed politics. I've seen it first hand. I should add not just once but years of it.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 11/28/13 - 11:58 am
Any Pastor who feels they

Any Pastor who feels they have an obligation to announce who they are politically backing is mistaking their position in society. If they want to distinguish themselves by their title, then they should only publicly announce their feelings as they pertain to their title. In other words, "Pastors" should only be letting people know their thoughts/attitudes/opinions on religious or morale matters. Medical doctors should only be publicly expressing their views on medical matters. People with doctorates of education should only be publicly expressing their thoughts on educational issues. You don't seek out a medical doctor to teach you about religion! You don't seek out Pastors for medical advice! Why would someone give a rat's tail about what a rapper or an actor thinks about Obamacare or foreign relations??? If you're smart, you WOULDN'T!
These Pastors need to remember their place and keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics. HOWEVER, if they want to let people know how they feel, then drop the Pastor moniker and announce it as a regular citizen and not as a person that feels they have some sort of prominent place in this society!
All this goes waaaaaaaay back to when blacks were, for the most part, ignorant and uneducated about politics, and the local Pastors wanted to lead their church to vote along a certain way. Usually, this was okay because the black Pastors tended to be more educated. However, this practice was often criticized because the Pastors were accused of being self-serving in having their "flock" vote in ways that would benefit him.
Those days are over. The church members are not fools, and are certainly intelligent enough to vote their own way.
If the Pastor of my church were to stand up in the pulpit on Sunday morning and tell me how to vote and why I should vote that way, I'd have a serious talk with him...after I got up and walked out on his "sermon".

carcraft 11/28/13 - 12:33 pm
I really don't care who

I really don't care who promotes who we have free speach PERIOD. My period means period, there are no caveats,hidden meanings or lies entended as expressed by the current president. This just exposes the ignorance she posses about economics, health care and the damage it is going to do to people, businesses, the health care system and the economy.

dichotomy 11/28/13 - 01:30 pm
"Evans, a retired educator,

"Evans, a retired educator, pastor and Georgia delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention, “wants to keep the power of our mayor in check” and stands behind President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to the letter."

That's all I needed to know. I would not vote for her even if she was the only one running. Her resume is a recipe for disaster...just like Obamacare.

And if Prince supports Obamacare......Well, we are screwed either way since both of them seem to be blind running socialist liberals. I would not vote for either.

I love it when both candidates in a runoff say "I support this Obamacare disaster". You know, the disaster that even the people who passed the law are running away from like rats deserting a sinking ship. Shows you how bright these two ding dongs are.

rmwhitley 11/28/13 - 05:23 pm
If this isn't

proof that democrats who refuse to separate church, state and the ultra left naacp who will do anything possible to advance the cause of their financial benefactors, the democratic party.

nocnoc 11/28/13 - 07:55 pm
Bodhisattva - Pastors endorsements

Went a Pastor speaks as a Pastor, he is speaking as the leader of his church and his congregation. Just as, lets say a County Fire Chief was to endorsed a New Politician over another. Both statements are made with the expectations of having those they lead will follow their advice.

Had the preachers not wanted to include their LEADERSHIP title/position they "might" have been able to argue they were only speaking privately/personally.

But speaking as PASTOR's they have 1000's of people that listen or sleep in front of them each week. So whether they stand on the Pulpit, in front of it, behind it, or just using the Title of the CHURCH LEADER to pimp for a candidate they have done wrong.

They have brought politics into religion by supporting a particular person or party instead presenting a set of religious ideas to follow in making a choice. Such open displays split churches up.

The Democrat Party supports many issues that are in direct conflict with the Bible.

So how can any preacher endorse any Democrat candidate that openly accepts the DNC platform and agenda? Then turn around on Sunday and preach the Bible is GODS word to man, and we must accept it is as Infallible?

How can they maintain credibility at the same time they themselves, support people that have chosen to practice, accept, or support acts or practices in conflict with the word of GOD?

Such preachers use to puzzle me?

But I was pointed to a Bible verse that explains it: Deuteronomy 18:20

carcraft 11/28/13 - 10:29 pm
Well Obama lied about being

Well Obama lied about being able to keep your health insurance. Obama lied about being able to keep your Doctor. Obama lied about reduced premiums. In short Obama lied about Obama care to win the election. Now these pastors are indorsing a lier and the product of those lies?

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