Solicitor candidates Chuck Evans, Kellie Kenner McIntyre bring experience with judicial system

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The two attorneys campaigning for the title of state court solicitor gained a deep understanding of the criminal justice system even before they passed the bar exam.

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Chuck Evans, was appointed as Richmond County's solicitor-general in 2010, is running against Kellie Kenner McIntyre to maintain the office.  MICHAEL HOLAHAN/STAFF
Chuck Evans, was appointed as Richmond County's solicitor-general in 2010, is running against Kellie Kenner McIntyre to maintain the office.

Republican incumbent Chuck Evans’ experience dates back to his days as a state probation officer.

His Democratic challenger, Kellie Kenner McIntyre, counts her time as a victim’s advocate and social worker in Fulton County as instrumental in shaping her career. Both are now intent on making the most of a second career in the legal field.

Evans’ opportunity came when he was called out of private practice in May 2010 and appointed solicitor general.

“I enjoy the ability to be the day-to-day administrator, then get down on the single-case level and help an attorney,” Evans said. Acting as both a lawyer and a boss “challenges me.”

McIntyre said her varied background, including a stint as an assistant solicitor general, gives her “a good perspective on what needs to be done to make it a better office.”

Generally, the solicitor is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanors in state court, including DUI. The caseload also includes tickets for traffic offenses and citations for offenses such as fishing without a license. In 2011, the office opened and closed roughly 20,000 cases.

Evans points to several achievements during his tenure as solicitor general, particularly in the area of streamlining the prosecution process. In traffic, for instance, he’s changed it so that clerks work more in an assembly line format.

“I’ve matched talent to task, and it’s making a big difference,” he said.

He’s also developed a system to whittle down the cases on the trial calendar. The idea is to sit down with his assistants early in the prosecution process to weed out the cases that can best be settled with a plea bargain. This avoids unnecessary subpoenas and adding hundreds of names to the trial calendar months later, Evans said.

He’s also noticed an improvement in morale because of this method.

“Historically it’s been difficult for attorneys to apply their skills when they spend so much time in court shuffling paper,” Evans said.

McIntyre counts her judicial experience and work with crime victims as her greatest assets. Her career path after graduating from Glenn Hills High School took her to Emory University, then Fulton County Superior Court.

In Fulton County, she served as a domestic violence counselor and social services coordinator. In that capacity, she learned how a case should flow through the system and the impact the outcome has on victims. McIntyre describes herself as someone who is always looking to grow professionally, so she took on the challenge of earning her law degree.

In 2004, she became a staff attorney for Fulton County Superior Court, before moving back home to Augusta to become an assistant solicitor general.

McIntyre said her background as an advocate gives her the advantage of considering all sides of a case.

“I definitely want to be firm but fair in my prosecutorial decisions,” she said.

Chuck Evans (incumbent)

Age: 46

Family: Wife LeAnn; one son

Political experience: Appointed as solicitor general in 2010; first election

Education: Mercer University, law degree

Why are you running for office? To continue with the progress made as solicitor general

Kellie Kenner McIntyre

Age: 43

Family: Husband Marlow McIntyre, two children

Political experience: First run for office

Education: Emory University, bachelor’s in psychology; University of Georgia, master of social work; Georgia State University College of Law, Juris Doctor

Why are you running for office? Would like to bring fairness, compassion and accessibility to the office

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OpenCurtain 10/28/12 - 07:06 pm
Have met both canidates

Both are extremely great to listen to.
Both articulate,
Both have the brains to run the office.

However, we decided on Mr. Evans after he explained the details of the Solicitors office. He was clear, if Mr. Roundtree was elected A-RC will need a seasoned person in place to handle the legal issues of catch and release with a 2nd Chance.

Mr. Evans was very clear on a few points.
Once a Person is arrested ONLY Solicitors Office can decide when not to prosecute.

To "un-arrest" a person can result in serious liability issues.

daviddunagan 10/28/12 - 07:48 pm
Ask those who work in and around the Solicitor's office.

He saves time, money and aggravation by using a streamline system of whittling cases down for those who are willing to accept a plea bargain early on therefore leaving ample time and resources for those cases that truly need to go through the trial calendar process. Why would you vote someone out of office with a proven track record? DD

The Bean
The Bean 10/28/12 - 10:41 pm
Mr. Evans' leadership has

Mr. Evans' leadership has made all the difference in my dealings with the Solicitor's Office. I implore the good people of Richmond County to allow him to continue to serve.

ginah1288 10/29/12 - 04:50 pm
Most Knowledgeable

I know both candidates also, but experience is the key. Mr. Evans has gained experience since being appointed, not elected to this position, but Mrs. McIntyre has extensive experience. I have visited this office on many occasions, professionally and personally and NO the morale in this office is not good. I have spoken to many who work in this office and they feel Mr. Evans to be unfair to the employees in the office, so how would he be willing to be fair to the citizens of this county. I have nothing to gain from these statements but when dealing with peoples lives you have to have the ability to look at both sides of the story and then make a progressive decision, Mrs. McIntyre's goal is to bring fairness to not only the Solicitors office but to all the citizens of this community. Mrs. McIntyre is the BEST candidate for this office. Just because someone is in the position does not make them the best candidate. Background and experience is important but fairness should also be included in chosing an appropriate candidate and Mrs. McIntyre meets all the criteria.

rcandrews 10/31/12 - 01:00 pm
Yea um

I like most am weary of lawyers but like cops when we need them we want the ones who "know the law" to be there.

We need a seasoned attorney in this position not a social worker from Fulton County.

RandomReader 11/05/12 - 09:24 pm
Ginah1288 making stuff up

Yeah. . .unless ginah1288 has actually WORKED in the office, then she really has no clue what the morale is within the office. I can understand wanting to root for one side over the other, but at the very LEAST be knowledgeable before posting blind comments.

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