Ga. PSC candidate ducks debate

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012 12:07 PM
Last updated 6:56 PM
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ATLANTA -- The longest-serving member of the Georgia Public Service Commission will not participate in the only televised debate scheduled for that utility-oversight panel during the general election, the Atlanta Press Club announced Tuesday.

Republican Stan Wise declined the club’s invitation for the Oct. 21 event. His only comment when asked was, “I regretted.”

The club invited Wise and his opponent, Libertarian David Staples, who has already accepted. In keeping with the club’s long-standing practice when candidates decline, an empty lectern will show their absence, and the remaining candidates will field questions from a panel of journalists from across the state.

Over the decades, the club’s debates are often the most spirited and usually the only ones broadcast statewide on Georgia Public Broadcasting. The format also permits the candidates to ask each other questions, which often gets simmering campaign issues to the surface.

This summer, Wise also declined the club’s primary debate. The club read a statement from him saying recent eye surgery prevented him from participating then.

There are only two statewide races this year, both for seats on the Public Service Commission that regulates utilities. With the commission overseeing the construction of the country’s first two commercial, nuclear reactors in thirty years at Plant Vogtle and with Georgia Power’s electricity bills rising as a result, there are plenty of issues for the candidates to debate.

All of the candidates for the other seat on the commission have agreed to participate, including incumbent Republican Chuck Eaton, Democrat Steve Oppenheimer and Libertarian Brad Ploeger.

The same night, the club is hosting debates for the 9th and 12th congressional districts and a forum on the charter-school amendment to the constitution that’s on this fall’s ballot.

In the 12th, incumbent Democrat John Barrow has accepted the club’s invitation, but Republican challenger Lee Anderson declined. Anderson has received considerable criticism for his decision in what is a closely watched race by political observers from across the country since Barrow is the only white Democrat from the deep South.

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Techfan 10/02/12 - 01:52 pm
A Libertarian running for a

A Libertarian running for a seat on a regulatory commission? Isn't that sort of like an atheist pushing to be voted as a deacon of a church?

resident 10/02/12 - 02:59 pm
He is afraid

He does not want to answer for their lack of representing the public as their name implies. Just like them ever so conveniently allowing Georgia Power to do Solar stuff when an independent company not part of their lobyist paid for monolpoly Georgia Power tries to enter as a competing party for meeting Georgia's energy needs. The Southern Company can't stand competition so they loby to squelch it by using some sort of loophole or whatever means necessary instead those of us consumers are stuck with Rising Electric bills...

Insider Information
Insider Information 10/02/12 - 03:21 pm
"I regretted"

I regretted what?

I regretted running for office?

I regretted wearing boxers instead of briefs?

I regretted voting for Obama?

I regretted waking up on Bourbon Street wearing women's under garments, holding a Kazoo and laying beside a host of zoo animals?

Anti-cronyist 10/02/12 - 04:52 pm
What better place for a Libertarian to start...

than an unncecessary regulatory agency rife with corrupt members? Stan Wise is a rubber stamp of a statist, made arrogant by 17 years of cozying up to the utility monopolists who pay his so-called "campaign" bills.

soapy_725 10/02/12 - 04:55 pm
We will not cast a WISE vote

in November. Accountability to the public is absolute. Kick all the bums out!! Give another bum a chance!! Rotate our stock of self serving public servants.

Techfan 10/02/12 - 09:55 pm
Did the AC headline read,

Did the AC headline read, "Lee Anderson ducks debate"?

Retired Army
Retired Army 10/03/12 - 12:04 am
Techfan10/02/12 - 09:55 pm

It could have read "Another Republican Ducks Debate" and been correct.

With a boat anchor like Romney, these guys are ducking anything that denotes them as being in the same party. Of course if I were Romney, I'd darn sure return the favor.

Ah, what good fun!

Oh,and this proud 47%er does in fact pay taxes. Saw it on my bill at the golf course( Billy Goat Golf up and down the hills at Tara, 41-45 thank you) the gas station and the burger joint. There was even taxes deducted from my paycheck at my part-time job on last weeks pay stub.

What's up with all that? I thought I wasn't supposed to be paying any taxes according to soooooooooooo many of the posters here.

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