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Georgia Senate votes to ban Obamacare abortions

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 7:48 AM
Last updated 7:52 PM
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Senate voted 35-18 on Monday to prohibit health plans offered under the federal Affordable Care Act to cover abortion except in medical emergencies.

Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, said Senate Bill 98 matches longstanding federal law which prohibits federal tax funds from going toward abortion. Many Georgians consider abortion murder, he said, and do not want the taxes they are forced by government to pay going toward premium subsidies for policies that cover elective abortions.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, provides subsidies from federal taxes to people with lower incomes to help them pay premiums.

“The decision not to use subsidized tax dollars on abortion places no obstacle on a woman who chooses an abortion,” he said.

Although federal taxes subsidize Obamacare policies, state law governs most of the features of health insurance sold in Georgia.

Democrats objected to the all-male committee that approved the bill, arguing that only women should decide reproductive issues.

“Once again we are back on this war on women. I don’t know why we keep going there,” said Sen. Horacena Tate, D-Atlanta.

Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell, countered, “The war has been on innocent babies.”

Sen. Valencia Seay, D-Riverdale, held a coat hanger while she spoke in the well against the bill.

“This is the tool that so many used before (abortion) became legal,” she said.

Earlier, the Senate voted 40-13 for SB 281 which requires state employees and teachers be offered a high-deductible option in the State Health Benefit Plan.

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lovingthesouth72 03/04/14 - 09:44 am
Good for GA!!

For all the pro-choice crowd out there: If it's your body and it's your choice then you should pay for your own abortions!! Smart move by GA!!

DanK 03/04/14 - 11:53 am
McKoon is wrong

The Georgia law is nothing like the Hyde Amendment rider that limits federal funding of abortions. The McKoon bill would allow abortions only in cases of "medical emergencies." The Hyde rider, which governs federal coverage of abortion, allows federally funded abortions in cases of rape and incest.

McKoon's bill is another attempt to further reduce the right of women to abortions, especially the poor who are exposed to more violence and are thus at higher risk of pregnancy due to rape and incest.

The term "medical emergencies" is so vague as to be undefinable. So, if the law were passed, it would be immediately knocked down by the courts.

whozit 03/04/14 - 12:55 pm
How come?

How come Republicans claim to be all about improving the economy, yet the only things they pass are laws governing social issues like abortion? They claim to be against social engineering, but it seems the only thing they are really for is right wing Evangelical social engineering.

corgimom 03/04/14 - 02:02 pm
This is another pointless

This is another pointless waste of time, all a woman has to do is say "I will kill myself if I have to have this baby" and that's a medical emergency.

That's the way it was before Roe v. Wade, that's another reason why the law was changed, it was ridiculous.

rmwhitley 03/04/14 - 03:09 pm
War on

women, my ---! More like a War on Mooching, shiftless vagabonds! democrats are shameless sluts.

myfather15 03/04/14 - 04:07 pm
There is a difference in

There is a difference in MEDICAL emergencie and MENTAL health emergencies. Treated completely different!!

Why shouldn't men have any say so in the abortion issue? It DOES take a man to make a baby, right? I mean, a woman can't just decide to have one by herself!! Also, men are human beings last I checked, capable of rational thought and emotions.

Just got to LOVE the word games of the left, "WAR on women". Like there is a literal war on women!! Anyone whose been through War, should..........well, I can't say what they should do, because sensitive people will flag me and have the comment pulled!!

Bottom line is there is no war on women!! It's just differing opinions on LIFE!! But "War on women" is just another left wing political WMD, used to silence their opposition!!

TrukinRanger 03/05/14 - 07:27 am
round and round we go...

round and round we go... republican states keep passing illegal laws

seenitB4 03/05/14 - 09:14 am
Abortions won't stop

held a coat hanger while she spoke in the well against the bill.

Some are very naive to think they will.

nocnoc 03/05/14 - 09:31 am
GA House is doing what Obama and his side kicks promised

Well SOME of the time and Some of the Public repeatedly.

It just depends when and where he was speaking about Obamacare and Abortion.

In His Own Words, nd His Own Statements

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