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Governor Deal submits request to Obama for disaster relief

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 6:10 PM
Last updated Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 1:59 AM
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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Wednesday submitted a request to President Obama for federal disaster relief for 48 Georgia counties impacted by the recent winter storm.

The counties, which include all Georgia counties in the Augusta metro area, together have combined damage estimates exceeding $48 million, more than three times the state’s threshold for seeking federal assistance.

“The storm brought destructive levels of ice that far exceeded anything we’ve seen in decades, and state and local agencies had to mobilize significant resources to protect lives and property and get Georgia back to normal as quickly as possible,” Deal said in a statement.

Deal has designated GEMA Director Charley English as the State Coordinating Officer for this request. English will work with FEMA to assess any further damages and provide additional justification if need be.

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nocnoc 02/26/14 - 08:11 pm
Now I am wondering how the Politics will play out?

What will GA have to promise or concede to get the funds released.

Will it be as simple a hiring some hand picked Liberal groups to do a "special" study for a few extra $$$million$$$. That if past example hold true, about 70% will get funneled back into DNC donations with some for payroll and the remaining for PAC funds?

Or will there be more serious demands with EPA/FEMA implied threats.

I am sorry,
but this administration has proven time and time again they are about CHANGE, despite the US Constitution and US LAW.

teaparty 02/26/14 - 09:34 pm
"Or will there be more

"Or will there be more serious demands with EPA/FEMA implied threats."
nocnoc, you are correct. The lying, racist America hating communist will do anything to achieve his goal of 'Social Justice..

augusta citizen
augusta citizen 02/26/14 - 10:37 pm
No pork please!

No, stop the pork please!

rebellious 02/27/14 - 12:52 am
And to think

yesterday we were all "hot and bothered" over $12,000 spent on some helicopters. What a difference a day makes.

And as far as Richmond County, we are going to turn around and give it all to a couple of contractors. You know, like sailors on payday (apologies to those in the U.S. Navy).

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