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Augusta Commission committee tweaks administator's job description

Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 9:22 PM
Last updated 10:23 PM
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A committee of Augusta Commission members on Friday tweaked the job description being used to solicit applications for the consolidated government’s next administrator.

The title will be just “administrator,” not city administrator or county administrator, after Commissioner Alvin Mason said it leads to confusion, especially when dealing with residents in Hephzibah or Blythe.

“It gives the impression, or perception, that we’re only dealing with Au­gusta,” Mason said.

The consolidation of city and county governments in 1996 abolished the city charter but retained the county government, and the consolidated government was formally renamed “Augusta, Georgia” in 1997, General Coun­sel Andrew MacKenzie said.

The group of four commissioners – Ma­son, Mary Davis, Wayne Guilfoyle and Bill Lockett – agreed that the listed job responsibilities should include the presentation of “a proposed annual balanced budget.”

Former administrator Fred Russell’s fall presentation of an unbalanced
budget, which he then asked commissioners to balance, was a sticking point for several who voted Dec. 9 to fire him.

Guilfoyle told Human Resources Di­rec­tor Tanika Bryant to ensure candidates had adequate experience with a government of Augusta’s size and a thorough background check to limit applicants and avoid embarrassment later.
Candidates will be required to have experience with budgets of more than $600 million. They will need a master’s degree in business, public administration or a related field and the highest available government manager certification. They also must have a decade in government management, including seven years in local government.

Bryant said the commission will meet with a recruiting firm to discuss the position’s salary range before the firm begins the search.

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Little Lamb
Little Lamb 01/17/14 - 10:47 pm
Wrong Track

Come on, guys. You do not need to tweak. (You do not even need to twerk.) You need to realize that the administrator's job is to do whatever the commissioners ask him to do as long as it is within the law. Make his job description that simple.

Pops 01/17/14 - 11:01 pm
Too bad they

don't "tweak" the requirements for commissioners. It would be insulting to me to have the qualifications they are requiring the administrator to have, be hired and then have to sit and listen to the posturing and disjointed logic these "gentlemen" put out. Not to mention the mutilation of the English language by some of them.

Graymare 01/17/14 - 11:08 pm
Yeah Pops, and one of the

Yeah Pops, and one of the requirements for commissioners should be not to fire an employee ready to retire thereby giving him a huge severance package! And good luck to the poor soul who accepts the "administrator" job.

my.voice 01/17/14 - 11:17 pm
The confusion is that on

The confusion is that on behalf of the citizens. They had thought commissioners would LEAD, not act like a bunch of first graders.

raul 01/18/14 - 12:01 am
You are screening out some

You are screening out some potentially great candidates with the graduate education requirement and 10 years experience. The Masters degree should be a desired qualification, not mandatory and experience should be minimum of 5 years experience. The recruitment process is to be contracted out as I understand. Has this gone out for bid? I would predict 35-50K. Not counting relocation expenses.

Riverman1 01/18/14 - 06:09 am
When Will City Attorney Be Fired?

Are they going to fire the city attorney before or after they hire a new administrator to replace the fired one?

nocnoc 01/18/14 - 09:23 am
Name Change does not change where the $$$$ is spent

Quoting “It gives the impression, or perception, that we’re only dealing with Au­gusta...,”

If you ask The South Residents, many will tell you ARC sure ain't dealing with the County, when it comes to spending Property Tax $$$$ where it comes from.

Official Question:
Is it,

Augusta, GA.
Augusta-Richmond County Ga.?

Watch Out Columbia Co. for the Political and Media push, in years to come, to merge ARC/CC into a Unified Cess pool.

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