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Commission to discuss Fort Gordon bus route

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 11:22 PM
Last updated Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 12:57 AM
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City Administrator Fred Russell will present a “plan of action” for connecting Fort Gordon to the city bus system at today’s Augusta Commission committee meeting.

The commission tasked Russell with meeting with post and Augusta Public Transit officials Friday to determine how to establish the route, which several commissioners have made a priority.

Adding the hourlong, Monday-through-Saturday route that would include Augusta Mall if approved would cost the city about $321,444 a year, but would give soldiers and others without cars an alternative to taking a taxi.

The bus would make four stops on federal property, but passengers without permission to access Fort Gordon would have to exit at the post visitor center.

The presentation is one of numerous agenda items going for city committee approval today before a 3 p.m. work session on the 2014 budget, which shows an $8 million shortfall.

Russell and some commissioners were at odds last week over whether to cut programs and salaries or raise taxes.

The raise would be either through a property tax increase, new excise tax on manufacturers or both.

Also going for committee approval today is amending the city’s Tax Allocation District 1 to remove downtown parcels to create Tax Allocation District 4, with a public hearing Dec. 3. A TAD, similar to Tax Increment Financing, uses tax increments to fund infrastructure improvements.

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Little Lamb
Little Lamb 11/24/13 - 03:09 pm

This is typical Fred Russell strategy — bring the committee members together during a holiday week with all its distractions and lay out an hour-long presentation to lull them to sleep, then try to get a decision out of them when they are at their weakest.

Likewise, he will lull them to sleep with that Tax Allocation District minutiae — something not one of them understands. They'll vote yes just to get the meeting over with.

Riverman1 11/25/13 - 06:10 am
Military Bus

Ft. Gordon used to provide a military bus to take people to the mall and downtown. Has that avenue been explored?

nocnoc 11/25/13 - 08:43 am
3 sides to this NEW Budget Item (TAX)

1. The Taxi companies don't want it because it will cut into their profits.

2. The Mall and surrounding stores want the extra Military revenue stream and $$$.

3. Want bet it connects with all the Projects headed down Gordon Hwy and then works its way down Tobacco Rd (gate5) in the years to come?

Historical Question
Anyone remember the GORDON BUS LINE?
It used to run from Camp Gordon to Town non-stop in the 1960 & 1970's, that I know of. It was on the corner of 6th Board St.

What caused this Privately owned Business to go belly up?

Was it operational costs vs. what riders were willing to pay?

Will the TAXPAYERS this time be underwriting the operational costs vs. what riders were willing to pay?

BTW: Who seriously believes the quoted $321K a year figure.
Went was the last time any CITY provided service was provided within the budgeted estimates ?

itsanotherday1 11/25/13 - 10:06 am
It would be cheaper to

It would be cheaper to subsidize the taxi.

Brad Owens
Brad Owens 11/25/13 - 01:46 pm
Nice idea...

Seems like I have heard this before except the buses were going to run an express service from FG to downtown to Robert C. Daniels "Target" area and back to the fort.

Only Fred could take an idea meant to help the small business downtown and make it about helping the mall out.

Here's a hint; WE had downtown merchants ready to PAY for the routes and the DDA and APT were against it. I wonder why?

I don't mind my idea being stolen, I just am REALLY mad they are not stealing the entire idea.


P.S. I have been working on this since about 1999, no one seems to want to do anything about this until now.

dickworth1 11/26/13 - 06:40 am
Taxpayers alert

This lame idea about busing to fort gordon and the mall is a complete waste of taxpayers money. If the riders of the buses can not afford an automobile or pay taxi rates, then how much revenue is the mall going to receive from this venture? How are the taxpayers of this idea going to sit back and allow this city government to spend money without any chance of recovering the lost revenue except by raising property tax. This money should be use for citizens that pay taxes!

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