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Improvements ahead for hated intersection

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:43 PM
Last updated 9:31 PM
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With a purchase of three parcels of land Tuesday, one of Columbia County’s most-hated intersections is a little closer to being fixed.

Commissioners approved spending $178,410 for three pieces of property along Lewiston Road to allow installation of a traffic signal at William Few Parkway.

Close to the Grovetown exit of Interstate 20 and on the route to Grovetown High School, the intersection causes routine backups during rush hour as motorists are stuck waiting to make turns.

County officials will hold a “prebid” meeting with potential contractors to spell out what they’re expecting to relieve the traffic, said Columbia County Construction and Maintenance Division Director Matt Schlacter.

Construction bids will be awarded next month for the project to widen and add turning lanes to Lewiston and William Few and install traffic signals. Construction probably won’t start until the end of the school year, Schlacter added.

“By the time school is out we’ll have everything lined up,” he said. “We hope to have it up and running before school is back in.”

Engineers also are evaluating William Few’s nearby intersection at Chamblin Road to decide whether to build a roundabout or install turn lanes and a traffic signal, Schlachter said. Construction on that project could begin later this year.

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fedex227 04/16/13 - 09:30 pm

It's about time ...

What amazes me about Columbia County planners is that they always wait until the cluster$#^ happens before they take action. A fly on the wall at the planning meeting - "We're going to establish a major feed, one that dumps traffic onto a major thoroughfare less than a 1/4 mile from a school zone and within 100 yards of a major interstate entrance/exit. Anyone think this will cause a disruption in traffic flow? Nobody? Thank you gentlemen from Stratford, Jones Creek, and West Lake, the nays have it. Next item on the agenda... "

soapy_725 04/17/13 - 09:36 am

Each time they have to redo


their previous error in judgement or lack of proactive planning for infrastructure, it involves more and more construction money for their friends. Construction money rules in CC.

The examples are too numerous to actually count the cost.

The realignment of a natural flow of water that flooded private property and resulted in a law suit and the rain tax.

Soon to come will be the need for another courthouse and government center in the Harlem area of the county. Popularization growth seems to determine the center of the county.

The endless effort of constructing a new "three lane bridge" on Columbia Rd. with the full knowledge of the housing and school development plans for same thoroughfare. Now we need a "four lane bridge" and a four lane road. Surprise, Surprise.

CC cannot tout enough the massive population growth. CC planning seems to ignore the fact that these new people need a way to travel with their 2.5 vehicles per household.

The construction of single lane traffic circle that can with yield signs that create, four way stops. Traffic circles that are not wide enough for large school buses, semi tractors or moving vans.

To know the logic of CC planning , you have to be a land developer or controlled by a land developer. Either is suffice in CC. You have to understand that speeding money for infrastructure must come at the end of land development. You have to know how to pass as many charges on to the buyers of your development and maximize your profits. Take a visit up to CC P&D offices. Workers in that place look at you as if you were about to arrest them for something. "Who is this stranger? What questions will he ask? Does he already know the answer and will know I am lying?"

ReinerMichael 04/17/13 - 10:00 am

Belair Rd.

Belair rd. off of wrightsborough road needs to be opened up. Or maybe Augusta just has the worst drivers in the United states.

itsanotherday1 04/17/13 - 10:29 am


I heartily agree; but it isn't just Columbia County. Washington Rd. is a state highway, and it is beyond my comprehension that they invested in 4 laning it several years ago without putting in a center turn lane. The additional cost of doing it during the widening process is fractional to what it costs to go back and add it.

itsanotherday1 04/17/13 - 10:38 am

I might add; I sure hope

I might add; I sure hope there is some smart programming for the lights at WFP and Lewiston. We live fairly close to the Lewiston/Columbia Rd intersection and I normally access I-20 to go towards downtown from that exit. If it is during the afternoon commute though, I'm better off going all the way down Columbia Rd to Washington Rd because the traffic backs up so far on Lewiston. Sometimes it is halfway or more, to Columbia Rd.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 04/17/13 - 11:38 am


If they want to improve traffic backups at Lewiston and WFP, they should install a roundabout or traffic circle instead of a traffic signal.

And speaking of those "adaptive signals" with the banks of cameras pointed every which-a-way; I think the ones installed so far make the situations worse rather than better. The one at Bobby Jones/Old Evans Road and Washington Road is bad enough, but the one at Baston Rd. and Riverwatch/Old Petersburg is atrocious. I have seen traffic backed up on Riverwatch and Old Petersburg while the Baston Road side is completely empty of traffic. I have seen the left turn arrows and the straight ahead green cycle twice before the Riverwatch/Old Petersburg folks get to go. It's a mess there.

I say the magnetic strips in the pavement are way better than those cameras.

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