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Frying pans kill more than some guns, lawmaker says

Monday, Feb. 11, 2013 3:51 PM
Last updated 7:25 PM
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ATLANTA – An Augusta area lawmaker criticized tougher gun laws Monday, saying hammers and frying pans kill more people than some guns do.

Sen. Bill Jackson, R-Appling, addressed his legislative colleagues during discussion of a mental-health bill that the sponsor said would do more to prevent mass shootings than gun control. Jackson picked up on that theme.

“More murders were committed last year with hammers than with shotguns, rifles or AK-47s,” he said.

He also mentioned a murder he read about where the victim was bludgeoned with a frying pan.

After the Senate passed the bill with his support, he said he doesn’t recall where he read the statistic about the frequency of murder weapons.

“It might have even been twice as many,” he told a reporter. “I’ll try and come up with it.”

His point, he said, was that no one is worried about regulating hammers and frying pans.

“If they’re going to take the guns, let’s take the frying pans and the hammers,” he said. “It’s crazy. That frying pan wasn’t going to go and get up out of the kitchen and kill nobody, now, until that varmint got a hold of it.”

His Augusta colleague, Democrat Hardie Davis, joked, “Thank goodness it wasn’t my wife.”

Jackson endured some friendly ribbing by other senators at a committee meeting later in the day. But his folksiness is generally appreciated.

Friday, he sang a gospel hymn to the whole Senate at the urging of Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

Davis was one of two senators who opposed the bill during debate. As a gun owner with a family member who struggled with mental illness, he said he was offended at the notion of an association between mental illness and murder.

“To talk about this in the context of gun legislation is unfair to those of us who are gun carriers,” he said.

The bill, Senate Bill 65, authorizes licensed counselors to order the involuntary commitment to a hospital for 72 hours in cases where a person is threatening to harm himself or others. It now goes to the House for consideration.

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studmuffin1533 02/11/13 - 11:25 pm
Frying Pans??

Mr. Jackson, you have some facts to back that up? Hard to believe that hammers are deadlier than handguns.

specsta 02/12/13 - 03:19 am

Yep, these are our elected officials. God help us...

d1zmljqg 02/12/13 - 07:03 am
But let's just read some of today's news items

Although Jackson does use specific firearms, he wants us to take our minds off of guns, but the violence just does not go away. For example, three different news items included in today's Chronicle:

Second suspect arrested in Aiken shooting (note shooting, not frying pan or hammer)

Robbers wanted in two counties (note in the picture the robber is pointing a gun toward the clerk, not frying pan or hammer used)

Trial begins for teen accused of firing at deputy (note the word firing.)

Tomorrow I'll bet there will be more news items involving gun violence.

soapy_725 02/12/13 - 10:46 am
Bill Jackson is a career politician.

Politicians speaketh to foster more politics. He is trying to make a point of popular reasoning before his constituents. Preaching to the choir. What he fails to address is the TRUTH. He can't handle the truth and neither can the vast majority of Christian America. Which Mr Jackson knows full well. Murderers kill other humans. Drunkards kill other humans. The root cause of homicide goes back to Cain and Abel. No gun, no frying pay, no knife. Just a stone or tree limb or hands. Just one evil heart. Devoid of empathy for another life. Abel was an inconvenient life form to Cain. Abel was a problem for Cain and he did away with the problem. SIN Mr Jackson is the root cause of all homicide by whatever means.

Acknowledge sin and apply the cure one heart at a time.

gaj265 02/12/13 - 10:57 am
Don't be so literal. Mr.

Don't be so literal. Mr. Jackson is trying to make a point, a valid one. Guns do not kill people. People kill people, and not only with guns. Anything can be a weapon if you use it that way. Thousands of people are killed in auto accidents every year, but we don't ban motorized vehicles. People drown every year, but we don't ban water. People die from stabbings every year, but we don't ban knives. The guns are not the problem. Human beings and their lack of respect for human life are the problem. Kudos to Mr. Jackson for standing up for his beliefs. We need more representatives with good old fashioned country values in the government.

d1zmljqg 02/12/13 - 11:22 am

In tomorrow's paper list the crimes in the categories you have cited; list the gun crimes. I have to agree with specsta who indicates a disappointing opinion of elected officials who can not come up with something better to which they devote their time.

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