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University name to take back seat at commission meeting

Vote to be held on university's name

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A parking deck – with an elevated crosswalk – might upstage Georgia Regents University at today’s Augusta Commission meeting.

Susan McCord
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At its regular 5 p.m. meeting, the commission will vote on whether to ask the University System of Geor­gia Board of Regents to include “Au­gusta” in the name of the consolidated university; but first, general coun­sel Andrew MacKenzie has requested a meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Two new downtown convention center parking facilities have been the subject of months of public commission debate and argument.

At the Aug. 7 meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Joe Bowles pointed to aspects of the draft agreements that he said cost the city revenue, and commissioners asked Mayor Deke Copen­­haver to call a work session to review possible changes.

That work session “would have been helpful” but hasn’t happened, Bowles said.

Only Bowles or Copenhaver can call a meeting. Bowles said he did not request Tuesday’s meeting, and Copen­haver did not return a call seeking comment.

Bowles said the changes he wants incorporated into the parking deck management agreements will net the city an additional $80,000 annually.

“I pretty much made it clear; I wanted a 70-30 split” of profits with deck manager Augusta Riverfront LLC, he said.

Other changes up for approval include a pedestrian bridge to connect the Rey­nolds Street parking deck with the new convention center, Bowles said. The crosswalk is “something I wanted,” he said.

“I don’t think we need another judicial center without a parking lot,” he said, referring to insufficient parking at the courthouse.

Attorney Jim Plunkett, the special city counsel for the parking deck and convention center deals, said that the documents remain “in flux” and that potential revisions to be presented today incorporate Bowles’ and Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle’s concerns.

Guilfoyle said he was waiting to see a parking deck procedure manual and annual plan before voting to approve the agreements. Commissioner Jerry Brigham said he was taking a class and might miss the 4:30 p.m. gathering, where the agreements need six commission votes to pass.

A speaking appearance by Paul Simon, the president of Augusta Riverfront, was moved from 5 p.m. to the 4:30 p.m. session.

Augusta Riverfront shares management with Morris Communications Co., the owner of The Augusta Chron­icle.


WHAT: Augusta Commission called and regular meetings

WHEN: 4:30 p.m. Tuesday

WHERE: Eighth floor, municipal building, 530 Greene St.

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single parent
single parent 08/20/12 - 07:31 pm

We need to cut the darn grass around the city and pick up some trash before we build a deck! Did all of that BJ Expressway work and DO NOT keep it clean? We also need to do something about the adolescents commiting crimes and driving up tax dollars to defend them; afterwards housing them, just to slap them on the wrist! All the while saying they are just kids and do not know better. Address these issues before spending this money on those items! ! To much backdoor stuff going on that is NOT HELPING the CITY! Matter of fact my neighbors and I have called 12 times to get this smelly, bug infested, over run ditch cleaned. Three clean guys in white shirts show up look at it and still no ditch done. That was the end of Feb its now Aug.

Insider Information
Insider Information 08/20/12 - 07:54 pm
I have asked a hundred times,

I have asked a hundred times, but what a parking deck management company actually "do"?

Riverman1 08/20/12 - 09:23 pm

Insider Information...LOL...Beats me.

David Parker
David Parker 08/20/12 - 10:05 pm
wait on the pedestrian

wait on the pedestrian connector. Just let people see Reynolds from ground level and save the dough.

countyman 08/21/12 - 01:53 am
The GA DOT is responsible for

The GA DOT is responsible for cleaning up I-520.... Everything in life comes down to choice, and you either can become unique or remain average...

1. The extension of the Riverwalk into East Augusta(new residential, recreation, retail, etc)
2. Rail connecting the CBD/Medical District/Paine College and then years later extending into the ASU Summerville campus
3. Regency Mall turning into soccer fields/basketball courts/volleyball courts/walking trails/running tracks/tennis court/ bmx & skateboard parks/ football fields, etc.. Those amenities would compliment the future lake at Regency Mall. The city could also build some kind of city related building on the property.
4. Local precincts in Harrisburg, East Augusta, CBD, Medical District, and Laney Walker/Bethlehem.. Start of with 4-5 people, two walking/two riding bikes/one patrolling...
5 a. New buses(color, design, electric), expanded routes(airport, fort gordon,) expanded times( end around 1-2 am & then become 24 hr)
5. b. Medium size LED screen located in the CBD(advertise local events/festivals/ concerts, charge businesses to advertise, traffic updates, weather alerts, etc)

The only leap of faith is really number two on the list.. But with the 17 acres sitting at the GGHF site in the CBD, new cancer center opening on 15th street, new medical commons coming to the Medical District, and proposed dorms/parking decks for the ASU main campus(maybe even the academic building slated for the West Campus).. I think we should become proactive instead of spending multiple years trying to fix traffic issues by widening/building roads..

Tullie 08/21/12 - 07:03 am
Parking Deck Management

I certainly hope before anything is agreed upon or approved that the commissioners have a parking deck procedure manual and annual plan.

I would assume it would include some form of ticketing system that would need maintenance and upkeep and someone will have to put the tickets in it and when it jams, fix that. Or they could plan on having actual bodies work the gate.

The deck needs electricity and water; someone has to pick up all the trash that people seem to through out of their car every chance they get. Trashcans need to be emptied, cigerette butts, all that good stuff need to be taken care of by someone.

And depending what the deck looks like you will have the homeless wandering in and out and possibly taking up residence at times in certain corners and out of the way places.

If they have special events usually parking spaces are allocated for that, someone has to mark off those areas..see to all that.

That is just a few of the things I can think of off the top of my head.

Riverman1 08/21/12 - 07:23 am
Tullie, the city will pay the electricity.

The city is paying for the electricity for the parking deck just like they will pay the utilities at the TEE Center. I'm not sure a ticket machine or person is even needed. Anyone coming to the Marriott or the TEE Center, plus employees of the LLC all park for free. So does all the parking management do is shoo away the rest of us from parking there?

Tullie 08/21/12 - 09:50 am

That is why I said I hope before anything is agreed upon or approved that the commissioners have a parking deck procedure manual and annual plan.

I missed that part about the city paying the utilities at the the TEE center and I didn't know the city was planning on paying the utilities at the parking deck.

Interesting info, I will have to check out. Usually employees have to pay for their parking down town..but who knows I guess a lot of things have changed.

Lori Davis
Lori Davis 08/21/12 - 10:25 am
Wow, Countyman! Impressive.

Wow, Countyman! Impressive. I agree with you for once! Well done!

allhans 08/21/12 - 04:22 pm
The first presidential debate will be held at:

University of Denver..Not Colorado Regents, not even University of Colorado ).

BUT! University of Denver. See how easy it is to use a name that had some meaning such as : UNIVERSITY OF AUGUSTA.

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