Changes to Augusta tax digest OK'd

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There is no huge break for property owners coming from Augusta's tax digest. Neither does the digest now under consideration reflect the huge drops seen in metro Atlanta counties such as DeKalb, where a steep decline in property values is driving a proposed property tax increase.

On Monday, the Richmond County Board of Assessors agreed to about $11 million in decreases to the total value of business, industrial and personal property such as boats and planes.

Among the largest single losses was that of a multimillion-dollar jet formerly housed in Augusta by Electrolux, said Melanie Oglesby, the deputy chief appraiser for personal property. The company moved its corporate headquarters from Augusta last year.

Cushioning the decreases, however, is Augusta's addition of about $153 million in new or higher-valued real estate coming onto the digest, Chief Appraiser Alveno Ross said. The board approved the real estate revaluations last month.

The digest, or total value of all property in the county for tax purposes, can't be completed until the value of vehicles collected by the tax commissioner is added in. Only then, after exempted property is removed, can elected officials determine the tax rate to apply.

A recent state-mandated countywide reassessment of all 81,303 parcels of real estate saw just a 6 percent decline in value, with 87 percent of properties remaining unchanged.

Since the tax notices went out, appeals have been filed on 279 parcels, leaving $21.2 million of their value in dispute.

Will Augusta see a higher digest this year?

"By the hair of my chinny-chin-chin," Ross said, although he said he doubted that the increase would be anything significant.

The value of Augusta's tax digest grew by 6 percent in 2006 and 5 percent in 2007, then shrunk by 0.35 percent in 2008.

Growth that added $51.3 million to the 2009 digest prompted the Augusta Commission to roll back the tax rate last year by 0.1 percent.

The millage is multiplied by a property's taxable value, usually 40 percent, to calculate taxes owed. About 60 percent of the taxes collected go toward the operation of Richmond County schools.

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countyman 06/07/11 - 03:09 am
''$153 million in new or

''$153 million in new or higher-valued real estate coming onto the digest''

The national economy is struggling while the tax digest in Augusta is still growing since 2006.. The tax digest grew by 5% in 2007 when the recession started.. There's construction projects taking place all over Richmond County.. The commercial construction will be coming to Blythe and Mcbean after a while..

Downtown- Broad street cameras/lights/sidewalks, 34 condos underway and tantra lounge opening at the Whites Building, 3rd level of the canal rewatering next to the Judicial Center, Soy Noodle House expansion, TEE center, parking deck(1st level commercial/retail space), etc..

West Augusta- Village at Riverwatch, Cherry Street shopping center, Electrolux, Buffalo Wild Wings, Alexander rd, etc..

East Augusta- PCS Nitrogen 80k sq. ft. office building and 5k sq. ft. building, Walton Oaks, etc

South Augusta- Algae facility, Vocational magnet high school, Hampton Inn, Morgan rd,

Inner city- Kroc Center, Eve street row, Broad Mill Village, Martha Lester school, 5 acre park on the Augusta Canal, First Stop Village, First Stop Center, Laney Walker/Bethlehem redevelopment, etc

Medical District- Dental school, etc

Hephzibah(actual city limits south of willis foreman rd) IGA, etc

countyman 06/07/11 - 03:27 am
If things go along as planned

If things go along as planned and the 25 acre shopping center on Jimmie Dyess Pkwy, Flowing Wells Business Park, Hyatt Place, Four Points by Sheraton, another upscale hotel next to Four Points, Holiday Inn Express, buildings constructed at Highland Ridge retail/office park, Crane Creek, etc start construction this year... The tax digest might do better than expected..

We need to have one of the mega developments in South Augusta to break ground. The $100 million Bottle Tek facility, $50 mix-use waterfront project, or the Target/Chick Fil A/Ruby Tuesday shopping center.. Construction starting in the Wheeler Town Park(Carmax area) in West Augusta would be icing on the cake.. Don't forget Augusta is still listed on the Basspro website.. They've only announced they won't locate to the Village at Riverwatch..

With the CRAZY amount of growth happening around Belair rd, Jimmie Dyess Pkwy, and Gordon Hwy between Jimmie Dyess and Harlem.. The city will have to build a new elementary, middle, and high school in the near future... The 25 acre shopping center represents one of many signs of growth..

A large mix-use development(Dyess park) is planned for Jimmie Dyess Pkwy..

The city of Augusta is widening Belair road this summer from Wrightsboro rd to Jimmie Dyess pkwy... New homes are under construction in the Granite Hill, Aylesbury Commons, Elderberry, and Willhaven subdivisions..

The 200 acre Haynes Station subdivision should start construction very soon..

The neighborhood Cushendal started construction around 2 months ago...

I think the subdivision Mccoys Creek is the neighborhood being describe in the planning agenda below... The 62 acre neighborhood includes almost 1 acre of commercial development..

A petition by R. Lionel Prather, on behalf of Walker Hill, LLC, requesting a change of zoning from Zone A (Agriculture) to Zone R-1C (One-family Residential) affecting property containing approximately 62 acres is presently eleven tax parcels known as 3027-3059 Gordon Highway.

A petition by R. Lionel Prather, on behalf of Walker Hill, LLC requesting a change of zoning from Zone A (Agriculture) to Zone B-2 (General Business) affecting property containing approximately .8 acres and is part of 3027 Gordon Highway.

paulwheeler 06/07/11 - 07:42 am
Wow, all that's great. Now

Wow, all that's great. Now if they could just clean up some of the trash and fix a few of the existing roads...

Brad Owens
Brad Owens 06/07/11 - 08:28 am
countryman, So you consider a


So you consider a raise in assessments as proof of progress? Just because the city rised the assessments doesn't mean they are worth that.

So you look at things like this, "business, industrial and personal property such as boats and planes" are given a reduction while taxes are raised on property owners based on what?

I always see working class folks worried about their planes' and boats' assessment. Funny thing is, their employer will be getting breaks on their property taxes ("business, industrial and personal property such as boats and planes") while they get told that they have to pay taxes on an assessment of their house that is 30% more than they could ever sell it for.

Gotta love Augusta,


countyman 06/07/11 - 01:03 pm
Dichotomy.... Why would

Dichotomy.... Why would anybody from South Augusta drive to Columbia County before West Augusta?? People who live in Columbia County don't even do most of their shopping in Columbia County.. The poll showed over 80% said they shop outside the county.. The Augusta Exchange, Augusta Mall, Surrey Center, Carmax area, Village at Riverwatch etc are located in West Augusta...

I found a job posting for the new Algae facility in South Augusta(initial $10 million investment; renovating 200k sq. ft. building)... The salary for the jobs starts at $80k...

Denny's is opening a 24 hour restaurant on Peach Orchard rd... USA Discounters opened in the old Goodys building next to Walmart.. A-Town wings is opening in the Walmart plaza next to Game Stop... The new 7k sq. ft. retail center on Windsor Spring near Checkers has two to three businesses.. The city is building a new boat ramp at the Lock & Dam park near the airport..

countyman 06/07/11 - 01:12 pm
Brad.. The tax digest grew by

Brad.. The tax digest grew by 5% in 2007 when the recession started.. The tax digest added $51.3 million in 2009 during the recession.. The city also rolled back the tax rate in 2010.

Nothing can change those three overwhelmingly positive facts..

There are working class people who own their home in the Augusta area..

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